His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 206

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 206 – Azalea

As nothingness crept through me and I gave myself to the oblivion of sleep. What I wasn’t expecting was to wake up in a different reality or a nightmare. I couldn’t be sure but it felt off, surreal and out of place.

I couldn’t figure out where I was or why I was here as I was placed down on something soft before a woman walked away. The woman stood by the door, peering out the crack in a lavender colored robe that swept the floor, her dark hair braided down her back as she peered out.

At first I thought I was dreaming of losing my child, the sounds of wailing children echoed around me. The room was dim, orange hues cast the walls in shadows and illuminated what appeared to be a nursery.

Sloping mountains covered in snow, and blue skies and forest covered the walls, soft beige and pinks covered the crib in which I sat in. The loud noises coming from beyond the door had me clutching my ears, and I screamed. And that is when I recognized where I was. I was in the Landeena Castle. I was at home, and this was my room, therefore this was no nightmare, it was a memory, one I found myself trapped in.

The banging outside made the woman rush back in and shut the door, my screams grew louder when the banging stopped. The woman turned, pressing her back against the door and bracing her arms on the wall. That is when I looked into the eyes of a petrified mother, my petrified mother. Queen Tatiana.

“Tatty, it’s me, open up,” Came a voice I had grown up with, a voice I never thought I would hear again before my mother stepped aside and let her in and the woman burst in brandishing a sword.

“We are under a****k. Garret, where is Garret?” Marissa asked, clutching my mother’s arms.

“I don’t know, he was in bed. I heard her wake and came to check, then as I was leaving I heard gunfire,” my mother says before looking over her shoulder at me. Marissa also does before rushing to the wardrobe, she grabs blankets out, her maids uniform covered in blood. She thrust the pink blanket at my mother.

“Go. Take her out the window. I will find Garret,” Marissa tells her before rushing over and plucking me from my crib, she thrusts me toward my mother who backs away.

“Who are they?” my mother asks her and Marissa shakes her head.

“You need to run,” Marissa tells her but my mother shakes her head and grits her teeth.

“Who are they, Marissa?” Marissa whimpers and tears flood down her cheeks, my tiny hands wipe her face before patting her cheek. “Ma Ma, don’t cry.”

“Marrissa answer me! Have they come for us?” my mother asks and Marrissa sniffles.

“You need to run, you’re wasting time,” Marrissa says trying to pass me off to my mother. My mother backs away from me.

“They don’t know she exists. I run, they will hunt me and find her. Go, I will hold them off,”

“Tatty no!” Marrissa says, grabbing her robe when she turns to run out the door.

“Take her to the Valkyrie Kingdom. If it is safe, give her to her mate,” my mother says before rushing out the door only to stop. “Tatty, no!”

“Keep her safe,” my mother says and Marrissa jolts as my mother’s command rolls over her.

“Don’t you fight it. You owe me this much.” my mother says and Marrissa shakes her head. Tears streamed down her face yet she halted in her efforts to stop her.

“What about Trey?”Marrissa asks and my mother freezes. She looks over her shoulder and smiles sadly.

“He will look for you. He will find her,” my mother says before disappearing out the door.

“Mummy! Mummy!” I scream, watching her leave me when Marrissa hushes me trying to quiet my cries for my mother. She sets me back down in my crib before looking for a bag and jamming whatever her hands reach inside before tossing the window open.

As she does the door bursts open and a hunter rushes in. Marrissa and him square off when she dives for her sword, and slashes through the air. The sword bites into the man’s shoulder and he falls to the ground before she brings the sword down again, spraying the room in blood. When she is done she drops the sword before rushing over to me where I stood clutching the railing of my crib screaming.

“Hush, Ivy. Hush,” she murmurs and I quiet down watching as she goes to the window before cursing and slamming it shut, she looks around nervously before looking at the man on the floor. She quickly rushes over shutting the door before ripping at his clothes and pulling them on before she tugs my nightie off and places new clothes on me and tucks a blanket around me.

“Ma Ma, where is mummy?” I whine. My little hands shook as I gripped her shoulders.

“She went to get daddy, she’ll be okay. Daddy is strong. Daddy will protect her,” she says, kissing my cheek. She opens the door peering out into the hall where bodies lay, and blood stained the windows and roof.

“Close your eyes princess, and hands on your ears,” she whispers and I nod, tucking my face in her neck and placing my hands over my ears.

Darkness overwhelmed me and I sobbed, my tiny hands not enough to stop the horrendous screams that rang through the castle halls when Marrissa started running.

She ran before I heard her shoes screeching on the tiled floors, jostling me in her arms. I open my eyes and peer over her shoulder as she turns a corner only to stop again. Men come up behind her and she turns and I see men down the other end of the corridor.

She twists and turns trying to watch them before jumping off the balcony with me to the floor below, I land on her chest and I hear the air expel from her lungs as she cries out before she stops. She took a few moments to get up while I banged on her chest and her eyes flew open and she rolled with me in her arms. She staggers clutching anything she could to remain standing before looking to the bottom floor. Men fought and a massacre was happening before our eyes when she turned.

“I need you to be really quiet for me,” she says and I nod. She looks around before her eyes stare at something when I hear men scream that she was on the floor below. Marrissa rushes to the wall and opens a laundry shoot. She stuffs me inside.

“Close your eyes Ivy, hands over your ears. Ma ma will be back,” she says before shutting the door. I stare into the darkness of the laundry shoot before hearing Marrissa’s voice.

“Cedric, it’s not what you think. Listen to me,” Marrissa pleads.

“You k****d the Queen! My Queen!” he roared.

“No! Listen to me,” Marrissa says, and I clench my eyes shut when I hear the fighting begin. The snarls and growls are horrendous.

Time slips by, I don’t know how long passes yet the noises grow louder the screams more tortured when finally the door opens and Marrissa is reaching in for me. My heart lurches in my chest and my breathing sounded loud to my ears. Marrissa was covered in blood, even her face, and I backed away into the corner scared of her.

“Come on, it’s me.” she coaxes.

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