His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 208

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 208 – Azalea POV

It took me only a few minutes to dress before following Kyson out of our bedroom and down the stairs. Our ears were alerted to the commotion as soon as we entered the corridor on the bottom floor of the castle. I know what Kyson is going to say before he says it, and I was prepared for it before he said it, when he growls furiously. A sigh escapes my lips as Kyson stops in front of me.

“You want me to wait here until you see what is going on?” I tell him before I exhale. I heard a loud bang from the end of the corridor to the main doors as voices from the end of the corridor began to grow louder. When Kyson glances over his shoulder, I recognize one of the angry voices instantly as Damian, who can be heard shouting in frustration.

“Just let me go ahead; you can…” He growls but sighs. “You can come with me, but stay back with Dustin until I know it is safe. Please,” he says, almost pleading with me. It is not until I look past him to the doors that I see guards rushing out of those doors. When I nod my head, he lets out a sigh and grabs my face in his hands before kissing the top of my head as he lets out a breath.

I’m trying here. I just don’t want to put you in unnecessary danger,” Kyson whispers as he lets me go and turns on his heel before stalking toward the main doors. He growls, stalking after the guards rushing out the doors. As they flatten themselves against the walls to get out of his way, I watch him slip outside and I turn to Dustin, who twists his arm and extends it to me.

“You did the right thing. I know technically you overrule him, but you have powers that are only just awakening and aren’t sure how to use yet,” Dustin tells me.

“Kyson has been ruling for decades. He is a good King, and you can learn a lot from him, Azzy, if you pay attention. I know you are done being a pushover; that much is apparent, but he is your mate and a King,” Dustin reminds me. However, I was done arguing with Kyson. We would be fine if he stuck to his word and gave me the same trust I gave him.

“I know, and I don’t want to overrule him. I rather have him in charge because I don’t know what I am doing, but I don’t want to be shut out either. I can’t learn if he doesn’t let me,” I tell Dustin.

“He is trying,” Dustin says, and I nod in agreement, and so was I.

“And that is why I agreed. It would be foolish if I ran through those doors and into an ambush,” I tell him, and Dustin smiles. I was so glad to finally have Dustin back by my side. Gosh, how I missed him.

“I sent Liam to get Cedric for you,” Dustin tells me, and the arguing outside goes quiet when I hear a feral growl tear out of my mate, his aura rippling through the air, almost vibrating with his fury.

“Kyson?” I mind link, not wanting to step out there without letting him know.

“You can come out. He is alone,” he replies, and Dustin and I step outside the doors. Larkin was at the King’s feet. His lip was bleeding, his clothes all wrinkled, and a cut below his left eye was healing, and his face was swollen. In addition, Damian had a split eyebrow, and it could be seen by the marks on his uniform that they had had a scuffle before.

The only thing I want to do is see my son! You can’t just f*****g take him!” Larkin snarls at Damian.

“No! You don’t deserve him. And you sure aren’t going near my f*****g mate,” Damian snaps at him.

“He’s my son! I’m a good father,” Larkin growls, and Damian steps toward him. When Kyson raises his hand, Damian stops, and his fist clench tight by his sides.

“Stand down. You, shut up.” Kyson snaps at him as Larkin sits up, leaning against his car tire. My brows furrow when Kyson turns to Dustin behind me. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting Cedric?”

“I sent Liam,” he says just as Trey comes out the door and stepping in front of me, his shoulder brushing mine and Kyson nods to him and I feel him relax a little more with Trey nearby with Dustin. Though jealousy coursed through Kyson as Trey brushed against me.

“Dustin, go get Tandi,”

“What? No. Definitely not!” Damian snaps.

“Yes, get Tandi. She will tell you I am a good father. I would never hurt my son,” Larkin snarls.

“Damian! I want to sort this out,” Kyson tells Damian before glaring at Larkin, “and you will cooperate. Larkin, Tandi had some fascinating information about the council cooperating with the hunters!” Kyson snapped at him, yet Larkin genuinely looked confused by Kyson’s words.

“Hunters? The council has never worked with the hunters,” Larkin states. “I hate them more than anyone. You should know this, Kyson. They wiped out my home Kingdom! K****d my parents! No way am I working with f*****g putrid hunters!” he snarls, the words leaving his lips venomously. He looked outraged by the accusation.

Kyson looks at me, and I watch Larkin for a second, whose gaze settles on me; Larkin bares his neck to me. “Sorry, my Queen. I never wished to disturb you,” he says before dropping his gaze to the ground.

“Which was your home Kingdom?” I ask him, curious and also trying to break the strange tension. I hated the man, but I would not solely base him on past behaviors. He wasn’t the ringleader; that much was obvious. Or maybe I was being naïve and too complacent. Kyson would let me know his thoughts or, no doubt, step in if he believes he needs to refute anything.

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