His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 209

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 209 – “The Credence Kingdom, my Queen. It was one of the first to fall. I know my brother did some despicable things but had we known who you were, we never would have come here. Landeenas have immunity. The council knows this, but honestly, we thought besides Elder Crux, none existed. They are the creators of Lycan law. We live by that law,” he says when I hear footsteps coming up behind us.

“Apparently, live by that law. The council has some serious allegations against them, especially how the council could be behind the rogue murders or the m****r of Tandi’s daughter.” Damian snarls.

“Rogue murders? And Alpha Brock took his daughter,” Larkin says, “I am not Alpha Brock!” he adds, though it was clear he thought very little of the Alpha.

“He d*****d her, tossed her off the cliff; Tandi saw him do it. She said she heard the splash, and Crux just stood there and let him,” Damian snarls.

“No, no, the council wouldn’t k**l children,” Larkin defends his eyes, going to the doors behind us.

Dustin emerges first through the huge castle doors before Tandi steps out, tears streaking down her face as she clutches her son. Larkin tries to get to his feet in a blur of motion, and Damian charges at him. Larkin doesn’t snatch his son. He merely holds his hands out for him. The baby babbles, fisting the air.

“You’re not taking him, Larkin. I won’t lose another child.” Tandi snarls, pulling her son away, and for the first time, I witness her step behind her mate, relying on him to protect her. Instead, arguing with him. Damian has no such qualms about doing so.

“You left abruptly. I told you I would never take him from you. I am not that b*****d, Alpha,” he pleads, and I truly believed I was seeing a different side of this ruthless man. He makes cooing noises at his son, smiling brightly at him and holding his hands out to him.

Damian shoves him back, and Larkin snarls but stops when his eyes go to his son.

“Tandi, please tell them. I have been good to you, haven’t I?” Larkin says, staring at her.

“Good to her? She lived in a w***e-house!” Damian growls at him.

“I tried to get her out! Crux wouldn’t allow it, said it would taint the f*****g council! Do you think I wanted my son there? Yet I couldn’t rip out of her arms either,” Larkin bellows at him, and Hudson starts wailing at the sounds of fighting.

“Hey, bubba boy, daddy didn’t mean to yell,” Larkin says, and Kyson rubs his temples, yet Tandi sniffles, her eyes bloodshot from crying and nose was red. She clutched her son, but it was clear he wanted to go to his father. Reluctantly, she looks at me.

“You won’t let him take my boy?” Tandi asks me.

“Never. And if he tries, he won’t leave here alive,” I tell him but also warn Larkin. He nods, and Tandi hands him over, kissing his cheek.

Kyson sighs, yet it was the longing through the bond that had me look at Kyson beside me to find him watching Larkin cuddle and kiss his son. I grab his hand and give it a squeeze, and he returns it before shaking his head and clearing his throat.

“It is much too cold out here for a baby. Dustin, take Hudson to Abbie to look after or ask Clarice. Tandi, Larkin, Damian, my office now,” Kyson says, leaving no room for argument.

Dustin moves to take the baby, but Larkin pulls away. “You’ll let me see him again?” he asks, almost pleading with Kyson. Kyson looks at Damian, which makes Larkin turn his gaze toward Damian.

“I mean her no harm. I just don’t want to be cut out of my son’s life,” Larkin tells him while Hudson smacks his father’s face, trying to get his attention.

“Depending on what information you’re willing to give, I will think about it. But if I believe you are a threat to my mate or your son,” Dustin takes the boy, and Damian steps closer to him.

“It won’t be Gannon and Liam you’ll fear, Larkin. Elder or not, you’ll wish they were the ones to k**l you,” Damian sneers, and I see Larkin s*****w. I was a little shocked how much fear Gannon and Liam’s names instilled, but the look on Larkin’s face as he stared at Damian had him turn white as a sheet, and he nodded quickly.

“I just want to see my son. I am not a monster,” Larkin says.

“We’ll see,” Damian says before reaching for Tandi. Beta Damian tucks her closer, under his arm, and walks inside with her. Larkin looked as if he wanted to say something but must have decided against it because he closed his mouth and followed obediently. I raise an eyebrow at this entire fiasco, yet maybe we would get some answers. I knew Tandi was telling the truth. She has no reason to lie. Larkin, though, looked confused by the allegations against him and the other council elders.

“Come on, let’s sort this mess out and then speak with Cedric when Liam brings him,” Kyson says.

“How will we know if he is telling the truth? Can I?” I look to Kyson, wanting permission to command him; either way, I would. It would just be better if we were on the same side when I did.

“You can, and I will help you,” Kyson murmurs, and I feel myself relax, knowing we would at least for sure know the truth. Hopefully, I had faith that Kyson would indeed help me if it was required. We follow them through the halls toward the office while Dustin disappears up the stairs with Hudson.

“Liam found Cedric and is on his way back to the castle with him,” Kyson tells me as we reach the door to his office, which was open. Larkin glanced around nervously while Tandi moved toward the chaise by the window. Damian pulls a chair out before pointing at it. “Sit!” Damian tells him, and Larkin presses his lips in a line yet obeys.

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