His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 21

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 21 – “Queen Tatiana and King Garret,” I asked. I had no idea why I said it, but I had a vague memory of overhearing my mother mention those names before she was k****d. In fact, she screamed it. Screamed it with so much hatred it must have stuck with me.

“I am surprised you know those names. You would have only been a small child,” The King said, observing me again.

“I remember hearing the names, is that where you are-” I asked before shutting my mouth and mentally cursing myself. Quiet Ivy, you don’t question the King, I reminded myself, yet he said I could ask questions but old habits made me question every little thing, whether or not it was a trick, or whether he was using it as a way to find something to punish me for.

“Why do you do that? You go to say something, then stop,” he asks before rolling and tugging me with him. My stomach lurched when he pulled me to straddle his lap as he leaned against the headboard of the bed. This new position was even more awkward than the last as I went rigid. My hands awkwardly clutched my t****s as I sat up, wanting to climb off him.

The King grabbed my hands, and I tried to tug out of his grip when he placed both on his n***d chest. His skin was hot beneath my palms, and I could feel his heart beating steadily in his chest while mine sputtered and wanted to rip free of my body.

“You never did answer?” The King said, making me remember his question.

“Why do you stop when you want to know something? Knowledge is key. You should ask questions. How else would you learn the answers? I like when you speak, I want to know everything about you. I find you fascinating,” Me fascinating? How could he? The only thing he could learn from me was changing his bedsheets and folding his towels the way he likes them. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about me that he could possibly want to know.

“And to answer your question, yes I am going there tomorrow, but I would like it if you came with me, would you like to come?”

“I can leave the castle?”

“Under guard, but yes, you can leave.” Why would l need a guard? I wondered, but the thought of leaving excited me.

“Can Abbie come?”

“She can, but I want to spend time with you, but if you would be more comfortable with her coming, I can arrange it,”

“Why?” I blurted like an idiot. It made no sense as to why he would want to spend time with his servant. It was odd. The King smiles, and I don’t think I have seen him smile as much as I have tonight.

“So you can speak your mind, and you are capable of asking the right questions,” he chuckled when his hands landed on my t****s. He ran his hands up to the apex of my legs when it hit me. I glanced down at my n***d legs. Shame washed over me. Where did my pants go? I tug tried to tug my oversized shirt down when I realized it was one of his.

“My King,” I ask, tugging on the neckline of his shirt I was wearing.

“Mmm,” He answered, his eyes on his hands as he pushed the hemline of his shirt higher, revealing my cotton panties beneath it.

“I changed your clothes; I prefer it when you smell like me,” he answers the question I needed to know. I swallowed.

“They didn’t see you; I made them turn around,” He murmurs, yet his eyes were still watching his hands when as they slid up to my hips, his thumbs brushed over my panties, and he s****d in a breath.

“I don’t want you sleeping in that room anymore. You will remain with me. I will have your things brought in here tomorrow when we are gone” Yet I was still stuck at the question of why.

His eyes darted to me. “You want to want to know why? It must be confusing,” I nodded my head.

“I have never wanted anyone the way I have wanted you, and I can’t get much sleep with you so far away; I want you close,”

“But Sir, I am your slave,” I speak slowly, hoping it would sink in.

“And I am the King, no one would dare question my intentions, Ivy,”

“What are your intentions,”

“What do you think they are?” he asked in return. Well, if I knew, I wouldn’t be asking.

“Speak freely, Ivy. You are safe with me,” I briefly wondered if I should say it, yet he kept telling me l could ask, and the burning desire to know was starting to bother me. What was the worst he could do, K**l me? At least I would d*e knowing.

“Do you have a rogue fetish?” I asked. His lips tugged up into a grin before he laughed. His whole body moved beneath me like he couldn’t contain his laughter at what I asked.

“I don’t have a Rogue fetish, Ivy. I also don’t eat people. I am not trying to have s*x with you though I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to, and I don’t want you to be my slave anymore. Does that clear up any of your odd questions, or is there more?” He laughed again.

“And what is a rogue fetish? Where did you hear that?” he asked. My face heats at his question. I didn’t think I would have to explain it to him. Shouldn’t he know?

“Um, at the orphanage,”

“At the orphanage? By who?” he asked his humor falling away quite abruptly.

“The gardener, Abbie, and I overheard him saying he had a fetish for Rogues, liked that he could do what he wanted to them and no one would care, he hoped Abbie would be sold so he could buy her,”

“He said in front of you both,”

“No, we weren’t supposed to be listening,” I scratched my neck and tried to climb off him, but his hands moved to my t****s holding me in place.

“When just before I saw you,” I shake my head.

“No, when I was 12. We didn’t understand what he meant, not until Abbie asked one of the older girls,” The King growled angrily and his eyes flickered.

“Children are off-limits, I hate how they treat the rogues,” He snarled, making me jump. Though his words confused me, wasn’t he the one that made the laws?

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