His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 210

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 210 – Larkin seemed to relax a little once everyone was seated, though Damian lingers behind him and remained standing, keeping himself between Larkin and Tandi. I went to sit beside Larkin in the spare chair when Kyson growled, and I fought the urge to roll my eyes but moved to sit in a chair off the other side of his desk by the bookcases.

Kyson reached over and dragged it beside him, and I sighed. At least he didn’t want me sitting on his lap. That always feels awkward in the presence of other people. Larkin smoothed his suit out best he could and undid his cufflinks.

“So, you’re from the Credence Kingdom?” I ask him, taking my seat. Kyson drapes his arm over the back of it, his fingers fiddling with my hair.

“Yes, elders used to comprise with a member of every Kingdom, except the human one, of course. They are long d**d,” Larkin answers.

“My mother’s Kingdom?” I ask when the door opens, and Liam and Cedric walk in. Cedric, with an arm full of old leather-bound books, takes in the scene in front of him, moving into the room while glaring at Larkin, sensing the obvious tension in the room.

Trey and Liam walk back out when they see there are no chairs, dragging in two from the corridor before closing the door behind them. Thank g*d Kyson’s office was huge because there were so many of us in here.

“No. Queen Tatiana was from Azure,” Larkin says, and I nod.

“I meant my other mother, Marissa,” I tell him as Cedric drags a chair from beside Larkin and sits down, placing the books on the edge of the desk.

“Marissa, I’m not sure. I know she was part of the hunters,” Larkin answers, turning his head to look at Kyson.

“She was King Garret’s mate. We found out recently, and Garret kept her on the side like Tatiana kept Trey, who was the Queen’s mate. Garret turned Marissa,” Kyson clarifies for him, and Larkin genuinely looked confused by that information. He glances at Trey, who neither agrees nor denies. He just glares daggers at Larkin.

“I didn’t know any of that. Queen Tatiana and King Garret were very secretive people and paranoid. The only person allowed in from the Council was Crux since he was Garret’s nephew.” Larkin states.

“That is true, and half the Kingdom didn’t even know of your existence, my Queen. Only those inside the castle walls did.” Cedric states, and I look at Trey, who nods.

“Not even my twin knew you existed. It was kept secret. He didn’t know until I raced back to get to you and Tatty,” Trey says. His use of the nickname I dreamed Marissa spoke of made my brows furrow.

“Tatty?” I whisper. Cedric chuckles.

“Yes, it was her nickname. Garret used to call her it, and she hated it until most referred to her by it and she got used to it,” Cedric laughs. Trey smiles sadly and looks away, but we are getting off-topic, so I turn back to Larkin.

“Tandi said you held council meetings at the b*****l? That you drank blood at these meetings?” I asked him when I felt a nudge through the bond. Kyson’s aura slips over me, and I blink, shocked at the sensation rippling through me.

“Don’t fight it. I am your mate. I can push your aura just as you can push and pull on mine if you let me.” Kyson mind-links me, and I sigh, letting him use it. Larkin suddenly grits his teeth, and the veins in his neck bulge when his body tenses. He gives me a pained look.

“You’ll learn to do it yourself, but our bond is strengthening. I can feel it, can’t you?” Kyson mind-links, and I look at him. I nod my head. I could feel him with every fiber of my being, like he was part of me, attached and running through my blood just as strongly as my blood flowing through my veins.

Maybe it was because we were no longer in a battle with each other, accepting and trusting each other. And I did trust him, trusted him not to control or fight me unless he deemed something unsafe. He dropped my aura, but I knew why he did it, to show me how to handle it, how much to use.

Kyson’s finger stroked the back of my neck softly, and I fought the urge to shiver as tingles spread over me. “I won’t lie to you, my Queen. It isn’t necessary,” Larkin breathes, catching his breath. Which made me realize he had no idea it was Kyson’s doing, not mine.

“Regardless, I want to be sure, and you will accept it or accept never seeing your son again,” I tell him, and he swallows nervously.

“Now answer the question,” I tell him, forcing my aura out.

“Yes, annually,” Larkin grits out when Kyson yanks my aura back when I use too much, and Larkin’s nose starts bleeding. I gasped and looked at Kyson and Cedric, who was smirking next to him. I had so many questions for him and Trey, but it would have to wait. Clearly, this was no shock to him.

“Help me. I don’t want to k**l him” I mind-link Kyson, who I feel tugging on our bond. It was a weird sensation like almost a psychic connection or frequency, and I wondered why he had never done it before, or maybe he wanted me to learn myself solely.

“Sorry, I am still learning how to use it,” I tell Larkin as he wipes his nose on the back of his hand. His eyes widen, and he gapes at me before turning to Kyson

“Can you do it? I would like to live,” Larkin says, horrified. Kyson waves his hand at him from behind the back of my head, making me glance over at it, only for his fingers to go back to the nape of my neck.

“It only works if he is touching you. And only if your bond feels safe in his hands,” Cedric answers the question I am thinking.

“You were drinking Kyson’s blood?” I ask, allowing Kyson to hold control of my aura. It would be safest that way. It would s**k if I k****d him before we got answers, plus I really don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands.

“Yes, his is the only Lycan Kingdom left,” Larkin answers. My brows furrow at his words.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“The Council is supposed to be unbiased. One from each Kingdom but never our own. We would share blood, so we couldn’t be commanded. Except for Landeena royalty, Landeena was like the wild card. They pulled rank even over the Council. Which is why you have immunity,”

“What about Crux?”

“Crux is a b*****d child, illegitmet, he has some immunity to an extent, but he never inherited the Landeen traits, Only the firstborn child holds Landeena rein. Your father was a first born and now you,”

“I still don’t get how he isn’t part of it,”

“Think of it like, your mother and father were the Adam and Eve of Lycans, Moon blessed and cursed,” Cedric answers.

“Cursed how?”

“Because power like that makes a target on your back. Azures and Landeena hated each other for centuries, the two oldest rival kingdoms, which is why your father demanded his biggest contender’s hand in marriage for the treaty between kingdoms, a treaty that created you, a moon child,” Cedric explains.

“Not that it did much once the hunters got into the kingdoms,” Trey adds. But I was caught up on what Cedric said.

“Moon Child?” I ask, and I can see Kyson listening beside me intently.

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