His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 23

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 23 – Gentle hands moved across my skin; tingles rushed over me, and the warmth from King’s chest spread across my back. Opening my eyes, light filtered into the room but not much, and I could tell it was only early morning. The sun is just rising and chasing the shadows in the room away.

His wandering hand was beneath the shirt I wore as he caressed my skin. His touch reminded me of last night, and I felt the blood rush to my face at the memory. His purr was deep and resonating from the center of his chest and vibrating against my back as his light touch moved higher. The King moves behind me, and I roll back into him to find him propped up on one elbow staring down at me.

He smiles that breathtaking smile he has before, leaning his face toward mine. “Morning,” he growls before his lips capture mine.

His tongue traced over the seam of my lips, and his hand trailed higher underneath my shirt before he cupped my b****t in large hands, his thumb flicking over my hardened n****e as he toys with it. I gasp and pull away, unsure of his touch, and he chuckles, n*****g at my chin and jaw to my ear.

“My king,” I murmur. My voice sounded breathy even to my own ears. What was this insane man doing now? Yet he ignored my words; his only answer was in a low growl that made me jump as his hands continued to squeeze and play with my b****t.

My entire body felt warm at his touch as his lips moved back to mine, s********g any words I may have wanted to say. My body felt foreign as his touch made everything tingle and heat. The King pressed his knee between my legs as he forced me onto my back. His leg pushed between my t****s, and a new sensation moved through my abdomen, between my legs. A pulse I had never felt before, it made me uncomfortable, and I jerked away, breaking the kiss. The space between my t****s felt wet and pulsated.

“Ky- son,” I stuttered out, feeling flustered as his hand trailed across my lower stomach.

His hand stopped, and he pulled back to look down at me. His eyes trailed over me, and he growled, the sound made my pulse quicken, and my legs tried to snap shut, but his knee prevented them from closing.

The King smirks as he looks down at my trembling legs before his eyes move back to mine. His hand moved across my stomach before his fingertips snuck beneath the waistband, and my hand moved quickly to grip his wrist.

“Am I making you flustered? You feel warmer?” He chuckles, leaning closer, brushing his nose across my cheek, and inhaling my scent He purrs, making my grip tighten on his wrist as the throbbing between my legs worsens.

“You smell good enough to eat,” He growls before pressing his face into my neck; his tongue tastes my skin before he s***s on the same spot. A purr tore out of me, and my face turned away, offering him more of my neck like it was suddenly commanded to.

“That’s it, Ivy, let your body tell you what it wants,”

But that was the thing; it didn’t feel like my body; it felt foreign. I couldn’t explain any of the things he was making me feel as he kept n*****g and licking my skin. Only that I wanted more, but I also didn’t because I knew it was wrong. This was wrong, he is a King, and I am nothing but his servant; I shouldn’t even be in his room. The difference in titles, what we were doing, and the trouble I would be in flooded me with worry.

“My King,” I stuttered as a violent rippling shiver rushed up my spine when he s****d on the spot where my neck met my shoulder. He growled. However, the noise sounded annoyed, and the shiver turned to a chill as his aura rushed over me, crushing the air from my lungs.

“What did I say about calling me that? I let the first time slide, Ivy. Once more, and you will be punished, I will punish you if you don’t use my name,” He growled.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” I blubbered out. The mere thought of punishments from a King made my heart rate increase. My blood turned to ice in my veins as my stomach dropped somewhere deep inside of me, forming a deep pit of dread. I swallowed, and he growled again, but this time I was unsure of why as he sat up and turned away from me. His hands fisted the blankets as he sat on the edge of the bed.

My fear made worse when I saw the muscles in his back flex and tense. His spine rippled as he fought the urge to shift. I didn’t understand how me calling him by his title could anger him so much.

“I have told you not to call me that, and you still continue to,” his words came out slow, and the firmness behind them made my hands tremble when he growled. The noise sent a tremor through my entire body.

Images of memory flashed behind my eyelids with each blink. The times I have been punished, the darkness in the cupboards Mrs. Daley would lock me in. The feel of the whip on my back refreshed in my mind, the countless times I received the strap across the back of my knees, the weakness that would come from hunger when she would punish us by depriving us of anything to eat. Then the sound of the sword across the stone where it should have ended. I squeezed my eyes shut as my eyes b****d with tears that wanted to fall.

“I haven’t asked much of you, but if I ask for one thing, it would be for you to use my d**n name.” the King snarled. I could hear the anger in his voice, feel his aura pressing down on me, threateningly, promising the violence of his wrath.

“Are you listening?” He snapped, and the whimper I tried to suppress broke past my lips when I felt the sudden movement on the bed as he moved. Don’t make noise, the mantra we lived by.

“Tears won’t help you, so why waste them? Tears help nobody only make you look uglier,” Mrs. Daley’s voice boomed in my head.

“Ivy?” My entire body trembled and tensed as I tried to fight the urge to tuck tail and run as he scolded me when hands ran up my arms.

“Shh, Shh,” I was ripped across the bed, and my eyes flew open at the motion expecting to be tossed like garbage before I found myself in his lap.

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