His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 24

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 24 – “I won’t hurt you; I would never hurt you, Ivy. I didn’t mean-” The King whispered next to my ear. He sighed heavily, dropping his face in my neck as he tucked me against him. I was rigid in his arms. My entire body screamed to run, and I started to itch. My fingers niggled to claw at my skin to stop the tremors rattling my nerves.

“You’re not in trouble, my love,” The King whispered before he started purring, the sound vibrating against my side, and I felt my heart rate slowing. I found it odd his purr had that effect on me, like an instant muscle relaxant. My entire body turned in lax as I melted against him. The thrum lulling away my shakes.

“That’s it, Ivy. I need to remember to watch what I say,” He murmurs.

“I forget where you come from. You never have to fear me, Ivy,”

I tried to listen to his words, but my eyes were growing heavy. I blinked, trying to fight the urge to let them close. Each blink made it harder to open my eyes. I felt funny, like the time he gave me whiskey. The jostling of my body as he stood made my eyes open as his purring stopped. I tried to lift my head when it started again, the sound making me heavy and my head foggy as it fell back on his shoulder.

I could hear running water and feel his hands on my body, caressing and touching, becoming lost in the sensation when hot water lapped at my skin. The deep resonating purr quieted to a soft whisper, and he moved behind me, the water swished around my waist and my eyes no longer felt glued shut and opened as the King turned me on his lap. I look around to find I am in the bath. The King sat behind me with his legs on either side of mine.

“Lift your arms, Ivy,” The King says, but I was trying to figure out when he ran a bath and how I got in it.

His hands gripped the hem of my shirt before lifting it, and my arms rose above my head at the soft command as he tugged it off. My waking mind trying to figure out what was going on.

“I feel strange,” I murmured to myself.

“It’s the calling, something Lycan’s can do; you were upset,” I tried to process his words, but nothing came to mind at what he said. Maybe I heard wrong. The water moves as he grabs my hands placing them on his t****s, and I look down to see he has no pants on before looking at my n***d chest.


“Kyson,” He cuts me off.

“How… Why… I um… I have no shirt,” I blurt, confused at the change in the situation, my mind excessively cloudy like a fog had clouded my waking thoughts as I tried to process everything.

“You’re about to have no panties, too,” he whispers before I see his claws slip from his fingertips under the water. I went to grab his hands when he purrs again, my hands dropping back on his legs as if he had placed a command; he pressed his lips on my shoulder. My underwear reduced to tatters before hearing a wet slap as he tossed them from the bath onto the tile. He pulls me against him before moving my hair over my other shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you, Ivy. That was never my intention,” he whispered against my skin as his lips traveled up my neck to my jaw.

Wet fingers touched my chin as he turned my face up and toward his. His mouth covered mine as he l****d my lips before s*****g the bottom one into his mouth. He groaned, the sound making my legs tremble. I tried to pull away, but his hand on my neck and thumb on my jaw kept my face where he wanted. His legs moved underneath mine; he bent his knees, pulling my legs up and over his and spreading them apart.

His other hand on my stomach dragged me closer while deepening the kiss, his tongue tangling with mine. His hand moved higher, palming my b****t before plucking at my n****e. When I felt his e******n dig into my lower back.

His hand moved lower, caressing over my skin and moving between my legs. My legs trembled as l tried to shut them, but he pressed them against the walls of the bathtub trapping them. He purred against my lips before n*****g them as his hand cupped my p***y when he growled. The aching pulse returned with a vengeance, and I was sure he could feel it.

My mind screamed he shouldn’t be touching me there, yet my body demanded his touch as he squeezed firmly, his fingers rubbing my tender flesh, and I pulled my lips from his. His purr grew louder, his silver watching my face. My face heats under his watchful gaze as he tilts his head.

My skin felt hot; every part of me felt extremely hot when one of his fingers slid between the seam of my lips before brushing against c**t. My hips jerked at the sensation, and he smiled. The point of canines poked out between his lips, and his eyes flashed to black at the movement. His finger moved lower, rubbing around my entrance as his thumb brushed over the same spot earning the same reaction and a m**n escaped my lips, while my eyes fluttered at the foreign sensation.

He growled softly before his lips crashed against mine hungrily, and I answered his kiss. My body aching for his touch despite being wholly aware it was wrong. My legs trembled as he kept brushing the same spot with his thumb while his finger pressed against my entrance, the water moved, lapping at my skin as his other hand gripped my b****t and squeezed hard, making an audible whiny sound escape me.

I had no idea why I was allowing him to touch me this way, not that I had much choice. He was a King. Yet the feeling building in my stomach and the heat ravaging through me made me putty in his hands. And my eyes fell shut, my lips pulling from his as my head fell back on his shoulder. My hips rolled against his playful fingers and played me; they did like a well-tuned musical instrument.

His thumb brushed my c**t, rubbing and flicking when I felt his finger force its way inside me. My eyes squeezed tighter at the intrusion, and my hips jerked back when I felt the hardness of him dig into my back. My heart rate spiked at the realization, and my eyes flew open.

“Shh, Ivy, it’s because I am touching you, doesn’t mean I will use it,” The King says, pressing his lips to my shoulder. He forced his finger in deeper, and I squirmed as I felt my walls try to stretch around it, clamping tightly around him. Open mouth kisses trail over my shoulder and neck as he withdraws it before pushing back in.

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