His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 28

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by JesRead His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 2 On Alaniniz.sica Hall Chapter 28 – The cruel sneer on her face told me she was in here to cause trouble. However, before she could open her mouth to say whatever it was, she followed me in here for, her words were cut off when the guard suddenly walked in. He stood there looking between us, and I quickly washed my hands, using him as my escape. When I walked toward him Ester snorted a laugh, making me stop.

“You think the guard cares what happens to some rogue s**t?” Ester spat at me.

“Ester, I don’t know what your problem is. We are the same; I am a servant just like you,” I tell her.

“The King’s quarters was my station you f*****g b***h,” She spat before raising her hand. I saw her hand come straight for my face, and my eyes widened when the guard moved quickly and gripped her wrist. I had never seen him interfere before. I assumed he wasn’t allowed, but then again, she had never gone to hit me either. Maybe they can stop violence because it would cause a disturbance.

“Ma’am, the King is waiting for you,” The guard told me.

“Unhand me, how dare you touch me,” Ester says, but I don’t wait around; instead, I escape into the hall only to run into the Beta. I bounced off his chest, not seeing him, and he grips my arms to steady me.

“Where is your guard?” he asks, confusing me. Did he mean the guard in the bathroom? I glanced at the door when Ester suddenly rushed out. Her face streaked with tears. The guard stepped out behind her before nodding to the Beta. Beta Damian, however, was watching Ester rush down the corridor.

“Do we need to have a chat?” He asked the guard, who nodded.

“I take full responsibility, Beta. I should have said something earlier,” the guard speaks, and my brows furrow wondering what was going on with him and what he was talking about. He always followed me, but he never said anything. He occasionally smiled, and he has moved a couple of times. Once to pick up a broken piece of glass and another to point me in the right direction, but it was the first time I had heard his voice.

“Is that so,” Beta Damian asks, and the guard nods showing no emotion at all as he stands staring straight ahead.

“This way, Ivy” the Beta places his hand on my back before pushing me back the way I came in from outside. The guard followed and when I walked out, the King looked angry about something. I dropped my head. He motioned for me to get in without saying a word, and I slid into the car while he remained outside talking to his Beta.

“Find out,” I heard him say before he climbed in beside me. The driver shut the door, and I watched the guard follow Beta Damian to the black car in front before they both climbed in.

My attention pulled back to the King as he leaned over me, plugging my seatbelt in, making me look at him. His jaw was tense, and he looked angry as he stared out his window. I shouldn’t have made him wait. I wanted to apologize but didn’t want to get scolded, so I held my tongue.

The drive was awkward for the first twenty minutes as we sat in silence before the King unclipped his seatbelt and moved to the other side of the LimoLimo. He rummaged through the small cooler before grabbing two glasses and moving back toward me. He pressed on a button, and a little tray popped out between our seats.

“Have you drank wine before?” I shook my head.

“You can speak, Ivy. Your silence is maddening,” I watched as he filled a wine glass with the deep red liquid before handing it to me. I sniffed wine; it smelt fruity and sweet. I watched as he poured whiskey into his tumbler.

“Drink,” He says, nodding at the glass clutched in my hand. The command washed over me gently, yet even though he barely used it, I couldn’t fight it. I hated that being rogue, I was commanded so easy. Although I was glad, the servants never commanded Abbie and me. Clarice had, but it was almost a motherly nudge coming from her instead of an outright command. Yet the King had done it a few times but never made me do anything other than eat or drink.

The King ordered me to finish the glass before pouring another, but I felt woozy and so hot. The King watched me. He nods to the glass in my hand and I shake my head. It kind of snuck up on you, it tasted sweet, but its effects seemed to creep up slowly before taking you out.

“Drink it,” Why was he so intent on me drinking? I wanted to puke. Yet I couldn’t help myself as my hand shook while I brought the glass to my lips. I think I drank four entire glasses, each glass fuller than the last. When I emptied the glass again, he went to pour more.

“Please, my… Kyson, no more, I feel sick,” I tell him, and he raises an eyebrow at me. My belly felt extremely heavy, and my face felt so hot. My eyelids were heavy, and I didn’t understand why people drink.

How could they like feeling like this? I felt like s**t. He places the bottle down in the holder. I lost count of how many whiskeys he had, but they seemed to have little or no effect on him. Yet my words slurred as they left my lips, and the door beside me was pretty much holding me up as I leaned heavily against it, my vision blurring.

“You won’t lie to me again,” He says, and my brows pinch together, and I rested my head against the cool glass of the window. His words confused me. And why was it so hot in this car. I was sweating profusely.

“I don’t like punishing you, so don’t make me?” The King told me. My lips felt like rubber when he handed me another glass, my mouth dried out from the wine, and I shook my head.

“Drink it,” The King says. “Now!” he commands before tapping on the window where the driver was. I feel the car slow as I s*****w down the sickly sweet wine, my stomach lurching as I tried to keep it down as it attempted to rise up my throat.

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