His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 38

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 38 – Ivy POV

Kyson hovered above me. Despite staring right into the eyes of the true Lycan king. Despite his weight pressed down on me and his scary exterior, I knew he would never harm me. His hands were gentle, and his tone of voice calm, though also rougher. It reassured everything in me that made me fear him. My life could end at any time, but I didn’t fear d***h from the man turned beast above me. No, I couldn’t find myself to fear him; I knew it was because he didn’t want me to. He allowed me to have that trust in him because he could ideally end me.

Some instinctual part of me called out to him, to ruin or to love, yet the tenderness of his touch assured me it was just that, love. It seemed impossible to feel for someone after such a short time, or maybe I was naive in thinking it was love, and I wasn’t merely an object to him. Yet he calmed my anxiety, and the content feeling of home when around him made me roll onto my stomach as he asked.

King Kyson was home. In whatever way I could have him, I wanted him. Whether it’s at his feet or by his side, I would take it. Home was something I never felt. Even with my parents, it never existed. A sense of safety and belonging was never felt with them, either. I am a stranger to my own existence and place in this world after not having one for so long.

I always thought Abbie was my home, my safe place, and she is. However, now I wondered, if only for a while if home could be with my King. The King moved above me and, his chest rumbled against my back. I loved the noises he made, loved what he called the calling. For some reason, it felt familiar and like it was mine alone.

Kyson pressed his face into my neck and sniffed at me. His whiskers and fur tickled, a rough contrast against my skin, and I tucked my chin before feeling his tongue l**k a line across my shoulder blade. His tongue traced the lines that marred my flesh. A tingling sensation and warmth spread across my back, and I felt the tissue closing. The jagged edges sewing together again. The last remnants of my old life closing, the hole over my heart that I thought would never close, filling in. After all this time a spot left gaping from abuse and rejection, of neglect and hopelessness, didn’t ache like it used to.

The pain faded away with the memory of the countless times my skin was branded. My stomach twisted with my desire to dream of better things. What if I loved and lost it? Though how do you love when never knowing it? Sure, my parents loved me and cuddled me, but when you only felt pain for so long, warm hugs turned to the whips and chain that restrained my life. Could I break the mold they forced me into, break the chains that held me back? Take back a life that was beaten out of me and suppressed for so long? I wasn’t sure, but I was determined to find out, even if it was only brief and ended badly, I could own those moments.

For once, I would trust the words said, the intention behind them. For once, I would let myself feel free, even if only fleetingly. I remained still, except when his tongue traced down my ribs, whiskers and fur tickling.

Only then did I squirm and cringe away. The pain faded quickly, turning to desire. Despite my mind being structured to believe the worst. My heart was set, and my body was willing to be his, and his only. His tongue was hot and wet as it glided across my ribs once more. The moment he finished, I knew by the sound of his bones realigning before I felt his b**e skin pressed against mine. The rise and fall of his chest as his breathing timed in with mine.

The King pressed himself against me, his t****s pressing against mine, and his e******n dug into m lower back. He purred, the sound, bringing forth my own as his nose trailed across my cheek. He kissed the side of my mouth before n*****g at my ear, and I felt the slickness between my t****s. The foreign feeling of desire that only he brought forth, a desire I anticipated and feared because despite my body craving something, it had no idea how to explain. It felt right. How had I not noticed it before, the complete feeling he induced, like a half to another, making me feel whole, as the pieces of the puzzle aligned in perfect synchronization.

He groaned, and I shivered at the sound. Goosebumps rose on my flesh before he flicked my ear with his tongue. “As much as I want to remain and ravage your body, we have to leave,” he whispered, before flicking my ear again. Despite my brain trying to override the sound from escaping past my lips, my whine was audible.

The King chuckled. “I promise later, Ivy. When we get back home, you can have me all to yourself, but we must leave,” he said before pecking my cheek. His weight lifted off me and the chill of the room drifted over my skin with him gone. I rolled onto my side and sat up while the King placed his pants back on.

“How much further is it?” I asked him.

“Couple of hours, you can sleep in the car,” he said while placing a suitcase beside me. He opened it before grabbing the other, which he got his pants out of.

“Are you going to get dressed?” he asked, and I looked in the suitcase. All the clothes were brand new, and I looked at him, wondering when he had time to get them.


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