His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 40

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 40 – The drive to the castle was long, and the roads were bendy, making my stomach roll. We were stopped at the side of the road while my stomach heaved violently. Twice, Kyson has had to ask the driver to pull over so I could throw up. I wiped my mouth on a tissue, Beta Damian had ready, and the King passed me a water bottle, toothpaste, and toothbrush. As I removed the foul taste from my mouth, I welcomed the minty taste. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that egg and bacon muffin; I was now paying dearly for it.

Reaching for the bottled water, I swished it through my mouth. I felt hot and clammy. The entourage of cars circled around us, and the King’s guards had their backs to us, for which I was thankful. My stomach was becoming embarrassing, and it was definitely not ladylike to be tossing my stomach.

Made more humiliating that the King has witnessed my stomach’s upheaval multiple times since l met him. Mrs. Daley would have whipped me good. Thank G*d the King didn’t seem fazed, more concerned if anything, and I had to keep pushing him away when he kept trying to hold my hair. I was worried I would puke on his shiny shoes.

“Not much further, I promise,” Kyson said while I rinsed my mouth one last time before climbing back into the car. I crawled across the seat and laid down directly under the air-conditioning vent, feeling hot, and Kyson climbed back in before the cars pulled off and continued.

“Ivy, your seat belt,” Kyson said but ignored him, turning my face into the seat.

“Ivy!” His tone warned me, and I huffed, closing my eyes. I was too sick to care right now, my mind only thinking of how crook I felt. Meh, I had a good run. Nearly 18 is a good time of length, I thought.

“I will give you two seconds, Ivy, to place your seatbelt on,” I groaned and turned my head to face him before turning back to face the rear of the seat and curling into a ball on my side. I was not putting it on. It dug into my belly, making the sloshing worse, and I felt uncomfortable with it on.

“One.” I rolled my eyes and growled before snickering at the fact I had growled at him.

It was becoming more frequent, and, as embarrassing as it was hearing the strange noises I now made, I also liked that I could growl back at him. It was strange, like when boys hit puberty, and their voices changed. Instead, I am hitting the werewolf phase and now making animal noises. How ridiculous.

“One and half, and you did not just growl at me,” he said disapprovingly. I snickered and shook my head. Kyson growled, and I growled back at him, though his was more controlled, louder. Since I forced it that time, it came out more of a purring meow. The King clicked his tongue.

“Are you seriously disobedient over a seatbelt? You do not want me to get to three?” I rolled my eyes, but thankfully he didn’t see. “Ivy!”

“Two, I said for him, not caring for his counting. I was not placing that seatbelt on. I don’t care if I sounded like a stubborn child. He wasn’t the one with his belly churning because the d**n road there was like a roller-coaster. Not that I had been on one, but I don’t think I would after being on this road that seemed to have no end.

“Well, aren’t you in quite the mood? If I didn’t know it was your werewolf side slowly coming forward, I would have spanked you by now?” Kyson growled. I scrunched my face up at his words. He wouldn’t, would he?

“Last chance, Ivy. Put your seatbelt on,” I was near tempted to tell him to make me, but I knew he would, so I kept my mouth shut, hoping he would give up and let it slide. He growled. The noise caused goosebumps to rise on my arms, and I rolled over.

“No, it makes it worse” I whined, turning my head to face him. I huffed and glared when I realized he didn’t have his on, yet he complained about me not wearing one?

“Why do I have to wear one when you don’t?” I snapped at him, and he raised an eyebrow at my tone. Geez, my words sounded a little snarky, my mind felt like mush, and I reacted before thinking and spewed the word vomit.

“Maybe because I am more durable than you. Now put the seatbelt on Ivy.”

“Put yours on then,” I retorted. The King growled. He seemed to enjoy doing that, so I growled back at him, unable to stop myself. He pressed his lips in a line, and his eyes flickered. “Sorry,” I blurted out.

“You are lucky I am patient. If you were anyone else, Ivy, I would not put up with attitude, hormones, and werewolf instincts coming in or not,” he snapped, clicking his tongue.

He leaned forward, and his hand gripped the front of my pants. In one swift yank, he pulled me across. I thought I would hit the floor between the seats when he grabbed me. A yelp escaped me when I suddenly found myself on his lap. I pulled my pants from my a*s crack from the wedgie he gave me when he grabbed my pants. The King chuckled, watching me try to fix my pants while he held me in place.

The King then stretched his legs out and rearranged me so my back was against his chest, and my legs rested over his as he placed his feet on the seat across from us. He clipped the seatbelt across us both.

“I have my seatbelt on, happy?” I tugged on the strap around my waist when he pulled on it, placing his hand on my stomach where my shirt had risen up, exposing me.

“Now try to sleep,” he said, pulling my head against his chest. He started purring, and the sound lulled me as I blinked, trying to remain awake. Kyson moved before pushing my eyelids down with his fingers.

“I said sleep, or my guards may k**l us both if I have to ask them to pull over again,” he chuckled. His calling got stronger until I could no longer fight it, and I was forced to sleep.

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