His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 44

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 44 – Her arousal caused my nostrils to flare, and my eyes flickered as inhaled her intoxicating scent. I wanted to f**k her, sheath myself in her tight confines. I cupped her p***y with my hand as I crawled on the bed and pressed my chest on her back. She moaned, and I could tell she was waking at my touch. My nose runs across her shoulder, and I n*p her skin. Wanting her to wake up, I squeezed her p***y. She rocks her hips against my hand.

I run my finger through her wet folds, and she whines, pushing against my finger as I tease her by circling it around her entrance, coating it in her arousal. “Ivy, wake up,” I whisper, and she m***s, pushing against my finger. I refuse to shove in her. I laugh softly, as she becomes annoyed.

“Kyson!” she growls a whine.

“Hmm,” I hum as she growls at me. I circle her c**t, and she jolts, before moving back to her tight hole and shoving my finger deep inside her. Her walls clamped around it, and I slowly withdrew it before working it back into her warm wet entrance. Ivy m***s, and I groan at the sound she made before sitting up and using my other hand, I pull her cheeks apart so I can watch my finger f**k her.

I added another, watching as her p***y stretched and clenched around them. She lifted her hips slightly, letting them slide in deeper as I picked up my pace, enjoying the way she shuddered and spasmed around them.

Loving the way my name rolled off her tongue and spilled out her lips as her pleasure grew. “F**k, you’re so wet,” I groaned as her tight walls clenched my fingers hard, her arousal spilling onto the mattress and between her milky t****s.

I pulled my fingers from her, wanting to taste her sweet nectar. Ivy cried at the loss of my fingers when I gripped her hips. She shrieked as I pulled her hips into the air. I pulled her to the edge of the bed before dropping to my knees on the floor.

“Kyson!” she shrieked, and I knew she was feeling exposed in this position. She tried to pull away when I squeezed her a*s before my mouth covered her completely, s*****g her sweet lips into my mouth. The top half of her body sank into the mattress at the feel of my tongue sliding between her folds. I chuckled as she melted into against the bed. Her legs trembled as she pushed back against my mouth as I devoured her.

Her desire overruled her embarrassment that her a*s was in my a*s. I pushed her legs further apart before tilting my face. Ivy shivered when my stubble brushed her c**t as I jammed my tongue inside her.

Her sweet taste on my tongue made me groan, and my c**k ached painfully, wanting to be buried deep inside her. My hands squeezed her t****s as I opened her up wider, s*****g and licking every crease and fold, before trailing my tongue between her cheeks and running it over her tight hole.

She jerked, feeling my tongue poke and prod around her back passage, but I gripped her t****s, not allowing her to escape as my tongue traveled back to her pink, swollen p***y. I slipped my fingers in her quickly, coating them in her j****s, then traced them up to her a*s crack.

I rasped when my finger met the tight resistance of her a*****e as I shoved my finger in. She bucked, but I s****d on her c**t harder as I worked my finger inside her, her body relaxing and her muscles relaxed as I f****d her a*s with my finger.

Ivy moaned and writhed as I tasted every part of her before working another finger into her. Stretching her tight hole while lapping at the j****s as they spilled out of her. She pushed against my face, rocked her hips in ecstasy against my mouth and fingers before she screamed and exploded on my tongue.

I l****d up her j****s, gently sliding my fingers from her as she moaned, my tongue slowing as she rode out her o****m. Her sweet nectar coated my lips and tongue when she collapsed on her stomach on the bed. I chuckled, grabbing her a*s after I stood up.

Her face was flushed and her eyes heavy. I leaned over the top of her and kissed her shoulder. Standing up, I stepped into the bathroom and washed my hands. When I came out, she had fallen back asleep, and I smirked as I crawled on the bed, tucking her body against mine, and finally, I was able to settle down enough to fall asleep for the first time in two days.

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