His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 46

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 46 – Kyson POV

I felt sick knowing I was leaving Ivy, but she became excited to meet up with Abbie as she changed, making me relax a little. I followed Ivy down to the kitchens, where Clarice talked to some servants and gave directions. Clarice looked up when we entered and frowned when she saw lvy.

“Ivy, dear, this is no place for our future Queen,” Clarice said. The way Ivy cringed at the title did not go unnoticed by me. “The King said-” I growled at how she addressed my title.

“Want to rephrase that, Ivy,” I asked her. I watched as she spluttered over the word, so I stepped closer to my chest brushed her back, and she visibly relaxed. “Kyson said I could help Abbie until he returned,” Ivy said, and I kissed her cheek and nodded. Confirming what she said and Clarice sighed.

“Very well, Abbie is in Beta Damian’s quarters,” Clarice answered, and Ivy turned to leave, she paused halfway between me and the door, like she was indecisive whether to go to Abbie or return to me. “Ivy, are you okay?” I asked while debating whether to change my mind about leaving today. Ivy nodded, but rushed back and hugged me, squeezing me tight, so I picked her up, letting her bury her face in my neck as she stole whiffs of my scent.

Placing her back on her feet, she looked hesitant to leave, though eventually rushed off. I turned to face Clarice, who watched her with worry as she left. She smiled warmly at me, and I motioned her to come closer.

Clarice stepped nearer; I pulled her off to the side. “I need to leave, but I won’t be back until late tomorrow, I wondered if you could organize a cake and dinner for Ivy’s 18th birthday tomorrow,”

“I thought her birthday wasn’t for a couple more weeks,”

“Damian spoke with the Alpha from her old pack. Ivy had her dates wrong. Her birthday is tomorrow, and I want to celebrate when I get back,”

“Of course, my King. I would be honored. Am I right in assuming you want this to be a surprise?” I nodded. Clarice knew me to well.

“I will organize something special for her then,” she beamed, and I gripped her arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. Turning on my heel, I left the kitchens and made my way down the corridors toward the front exit. The moment I stepped outside, my urges told me to go find my mate to make sure she was okay. Gannon was waiting for me out by the cars, and Beta Damian walked over to us.

“She will be fine, and I will ring you if anything happens.” I looked back at the castle before giving him a nod and climbing in the car. I trusted Damian with my life, so I knew I could trust him with Ivy. He would keep her safe and put her life above his own like he had done countless times for me.

The drive was long and weary. I hated that I left her back home. Yet I was also curious about what Alpha Dean had found about my little mate. I was curious about her lineage and where she came from before the orphanage.

I would have to remember visiting Mrs. Daley and showing her the error of her ways. Her back would look like Ivy’s; by the time I was done with her, she would bear the same marks she inflicted on my mate. If still in a good mood I may even let her keep her miserable life and not k**l her.

I will see though, I didn’t like making promises I can’t keep, and I can’t guarantee I won’t k**l her. The h****r stories I have heard and even the guards have overheard anger me.

Thinking of that reminded me that I needed to deal with Ester. I want her gone from the castle and away from my Queen. Feeling the mind link open up, I wished I could do it with Ivy just so I could hear her voice whenever I wanted.

“Yes, Damian,” I asked when I felt his aura bleed into the link.

“Just checking in,” he says.

“How is my mate?”

“She is okay, helping rake leaves in the garden,” I growl. I hated the idea of her working. She had done nothing but slave labor her entire life, and when given a chance to do what she pleases, she resorts back to household duties; it was Ludacris.

“Make sure she is in bed by eight. She needs sleep before tomorrow night,”

“Yes, I was going to tell her to come in soon anyway. It is getting quite overcast. How far out are you now?”

“Why, are you worried about me, Damian?”

“Always Kyson, it is my job to worry. I understand why you left me with Ivy, but that doesn’t mean l have stopped worrying about you,” he answered.

“An hour out, not much longer,” I told him.

“Good, tell Gannon to check in when you get there, and keep in touch,” I cut the mind link, and Gannon nodded to me like he already knew to check in with his Beta.

“Do you know what Alpha Dean wanted to see me for?” I asked him, and he shook his head.

“No idea, Kyson. I rang him this morning, and he only said it had to with her parents, that he thinks he found something alarming,” I nodded, wondering why it was so secretive.

“Anything on the children yet?”

“No, but I believe it has some to do with that no good son of his,” Gannon answered.

“Just remain alert. I want to get back to my mate as soon as possible, so in and out. S**t, I also need to deal with the headmistress,”

“I called ahead. I figured you would want a word with her. So the Alpha has had her strung up in the town square waiting for you,” Gannon smirked. My eyes flickered. She would pay for the pain she caused my mate, and she would pay dearly.

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