His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 49 – After the strange fiasco this morning, once I stepped out of the room. The strange fogginess and the territorial behavior diminished, and I was fine. I walked the castle grounds with Abbie by my side most of the day. It was peaceful, yet I felt different. Everything felt more enhanced, even my sight, sense of taste, touch. It felt more intense. Even color had changed a little. Everything appeared different yet . also the same.

Abbie looked at me strangely when I tried to explain it to her. She appeared worried like she was expecting me to return to the mess I was in last night. I know I must have scared her. It scared me too. The last couple of days had been bizarre.

I tried to remain away from the bedroom all day, only going up there if it was vital. Dustin didn’t seem to mind following me around and appeared to be enjoying the sunset as we headed back toward the castle from the rear gardens.

King Kyson still hadn’t returned, and no one had heard from him. Beta Damian had been on edge all day because he couldn’t get a hold of him or any of the King’s guards. He had left to contact the old Alpha to see if he had left yet. Nearly back to the castle, I heard car tires on the gravel and the shouts of men. My heart sped up as I listened to the doors closing in the distance, and I knew he was back.

“That would be your King, Miss Ivy,” Dustin told me, and I felt giddy knowing I was about to see him. I had missed him so much and one night away felt like a lifetime.

“Go on. I know you want to see your future husband,” Abbie giggled. I slapped her arm, and she gave me a hug. “I have to go help Clarice with the upcoming celebrations.”

“What celebrations?” I asked her. She shrugged and smiled.

“Oh, nothing you need to worry about, now go see the King. I bet he missed you just as much as you missed him,” she said as we approached the front of the castle.

Abbie went toward the kitchens and i Moved toward the stairs. I raced up them. Taking them two at a time. Though I became puffed out by the time I reached the top, Dustin chuckled as he walked ahead before taking his usual spot outside our door.

My entire world stood still the moment I stepped in the corridor and spotted the King at the other end. A gasp escaped me, and the same giddy feeling I had all day whenever I went into his room returned but a million times more potent. My chest restricted, and my heart swelled with happiness as I stared at him.

Every particle of me wanting to race toward him, my soul yearning for him, for my mate. The King was my mate. I felt my lips tug up as excitement bubbled within me.

Dreams came true; and I couldn’t ask for a better mate. I loved him before I even knew he was my mate. So this was just the topping on the cake. He was truly mine, and my eyes lit up when I realized. Dustin, I noticed smiled at my excitement at seeing him.

My feet moved before I could stifle down my excitement, my footsteps loud on the floors. My King, my mate, was standing talking to his Beta. They seemed deep in conversation as I got closer.

“Kyson!” I shrieked excitedly and rushed toward him. I had never been so happy. It explained so much. Did he know? He had to of known, and he kept it to himself. Did he want me to figure it out on my own? My heart leaped in my chest as I raced toward him. My stomach filled with butterflies; I was that excited.

His entire body tensed, his posture straightened, and he stole the air from my lungs when he turned around to face me.

“Mate,” I whispered, trying to contain my excitement as I rushed toward him when suddenly my entire body seized mid-stride. Everything in me locked up painfully, and I felt like I was punched in the stomach.

“Halt,” one word, one full-blown command, and it was given by my mate. My entire body became immobile as his aura rushed over me and weighed on me heavily. So heavy I found it difficult to breathe, and I finally took in his expression.

A m*******s glare pinned me. The look he gave me made my chest hurt. Pain rippled through me as l tried to move; only my limbs were p*******d. What did I do? Did I interrupt? I didn’t understand. He was all happy and cuddly when he left yesterday. Did I do something wrong?


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