His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 51

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 51 – Kyson POV

I had an entire speech thought out in my head, thought of what I would say to her, but that went out the window the moment I laid eyes on her, I lost it. She was their child. I couldn’t see past what they did, couldn’t see her, see my mate. The moment I looked at her, I saw that b***h that mutilated my sister and k****d her and her child. Years we hunted down the wolves that helped the hunters, f*****g years wasted to find out the ring leader was d**d all this time.

I just couldn’t fathom how she could do it, she had a child herself, and she k****d a baby, Queen Tatiana’s baby, helped wipe out an entire village of children before sending them down the river to me in a warning. She was a mother and did that to another mother, k*****g all those innocent children.

I have never hated anyone more than I hated Marissa Talbot. She took everything from me. Everything and everyone I cared about. Pacing my bed chambers, I tried to think. Her scent was everywhere in here and it was driving me insane. Grabbing the chair, I flung it at the wood, splintering and cracking against the wall. Yet the bond called for her, and I wanted her; I just was not safe to be around her.

The door opened, and Gannon walked in; my eyes flicked away at the damage I had caused him. His clothes were all torn and b****y from our fight from the night before.

“Where is Ivy?” Gannon asks, looking around the room, and I fist my hands. My hand throbbed painfully, and I know it was because the bond had awakened and was in full swing. I could feel her pain as if it were my own. The look she gave me when I tossed open the door made my stomach sink. Gannon growls before I find myself slammed against the wall.

“Where is my f*****g Queen,” Gannon roared just as the door flung open and I punched him. He grunts before I kick him, sending him flying backward into the bookshelf. Damian gets between us as he charges at me and shoves him back.

“You have made a f*****g mistake, King or not; I won’t stand by this. Now where is our Queen,” Gannon bellowed. Damian caught between us looked at us both, trying to figure out what the h**l happened. We still hadn’t told him, and I was in the process of telling him when Ivy walked up.

“Will someone tell me what happened and why you just made me put her in the f*****g stables?” Damian demanded. They both hated me. I hated myself for what I did. I just lost control, and if she was near me, I might have k****d her. The stables for some reason, were what came time, mind being the furthermost place from the castle itself.

“You f*****g b*****d, you f*****g promised, she isn’t her mother,” Gannon snarls. If he were anyone else, I would have k****d him for dare talking back to me, let alone touching me.

“Who, what in the world happened when you were gone, and who are you talking about?” Damian demanded to know.

“Fix it, I swear, Kyson, I have stuck by you for f*****g decades, never opposed anything you have asked, but you don’t fix this. I am walking, King or not, I am f*****g done,” Gannon spits at me before heading to the door.

“Where are you going?” Damian asked, trying to figure out what was going on.

“To see my Queen,” Gannon snapped, and I growled.

“Wait, just f*****g wait until I know what’s going on,” Damian snarled at us both. Gannon growled but closed the door and folded his arms across his chest.

“Now, explain,” Damian said.

“Marissa Talbot is Ivy’s mother,” I tell him.


“The werewolf hunter, the one that k****d my sister and the other Lycan bloodlines, her mother was the insider, she was the one that k****d them,” I growl, Just speaking that vile woman’s name was like ingesting poison.

“That’s what Alpha Dean had to tell you?” Damian gasped, looking between us while I wandered over to the bar to d***n my sorrows and my guilt.

“Wait, that is why you sent her to the f*****g stables, Kyson. For something her mother did?” Damian asked, outraged.

“He f*****g said he would leave it, forget it; she is innocent. She didn’t f*****g k**l your sister Kyson,”

“You think I don’t know that?” I roared. This was so f****d up; I don’t think I can be around her, not without the risk of hurting her.

“What about her father?”

“They are trying to figure out his link, but we believe it was her partner, but we also think he wasn’t aware of the crimes bestowed on his wife, we found nothing on him, thats why we are late,” Gannon explained.

“And you’re sure it’s her parents?” Damian asked, sitting down and rubbing both hands down his face. He looked just as defeated as I felt.

“He was supposed to show a picture to lvy to make sure, but instead, I come up here and find out she has been taken to the f*****g stables,” Gannon growled.

“Gannon enough, it may not be right what he did but stop. Just let me think,” Damian says. He knows better than anyone how much that woman haunted me. The horrors of finding my sister like that and what that woman did to her. How she could do that to another mother sickened me.

“Go, take a photo to lvy, verify it is her mother,” Damian says to Gannon, who nods and walks out. He was livid, but I had kicked her out long before my brain processed what I had done.

“Kyson, you could ruin her, ruin your only chance” Damian says, and I look away from him, not able to stand seeing him angry at me.

“I know” I tell him feeling sick to my stomach. I flexed my fingers which were still throbbing.

“Maybe you should go for a few days, getaway. I can bring Ivy back up here and watch her,” Damian says, and I growl.

“I do not want her in this room,” I snap at him, and he growls, shaking his head at me.

“Well, move f*****g rooms, Kyson. It’s depressing as f**k that you use your sister’s old room and that shrine of a room you have across from the hall of all Azalea things. You need to get over it, move on,” Damian snapped at me.

“What’s done is done. Ivy has paid enough for her parents’ sins. You don’t need to punish her for them, too,” Damian said, standing up. I know the horrors she has suffered very well, and now I was another one. Logically I knew that, but the burning hatred of what her parents did overshadowed the bond. I can’t let this go.

“I get it I do, but you need to find a way to look past who her parents are because you hurt her. I am with Gannon, I will walk, and I know everyone else in this castle will walk for her too, You are not the only person that has waited for the Queen. This place has been a shrine for too long. We won’t watch it go back to being a p****n of your depression. Fix it, or you are on your own, my King,”

“She isn’t of royal blood,” I tell him.

“No, but she is our rightful Queen, the person destined to rule alongside you, you are our King, and we all took the same pact when you appointed us as your guard, that when the time came, we would protect our Queen over you, if that means choosing her over you so be it,” Damian said before storming out.

My legs gave out the moment the door shut, I collapsed on the ground. My feet going from under me. I knew they were right. Knew I f****d up, yet I couldn’t control my anger.

I promised to hurt them the same way they broke me but I had no idea that the person that would be taking that punishment would be my mate. Feeling for the mind-link, I felt for Gannon. He should be with lvy by now.

He growled at me when it was opened but didn’t try to shove me out.

“How is she?” I asked.

“How do you think? She is confused, and you broke her f*****g hand,”

“It will heal when she shifts. The photo?” Gannon growls, and I could tell he didn’t want to answer me.


“Yes, Marissa Talbot is her mother, but that doesn’t mean she needs to pay for what her parents did, Kyson,”

“Just stay with her,” I tell him.

“I was planning too. You think I will leave my Queen unguarded,” I growled. She wasn’t even marked yet, and my royal guard was choosing her over me.

“You really going to make her shift on her own?” Gannon asked.

“You’re there,” I tell him.

“Kyson, you f*****g promised her,” Gannon growls, and I really needed to remember not to tell them so much.


“Tell me when she starts, and I will come down,” I sigh, cutting off the link. I worried my lips between my teeth before getting up and grabbing a few bottles from the bar. It would be best if I was too drunk to shift if I was going down there. At least until I figured out what it was, I was doing.

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