His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 53

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 53 – Kyson POV

Gannon never returned all night. I waited for the mind link to open up and tell me she started shifting, but once midnight came and went and the sun rose, I peered out toward the stables in the distance through my window. Gannon stood out front, and I saw Abbie rushing down the dirt path toward her.

It angered me that Abbie would defy orders and go to her. I told everyone to steer clear of the stables.

Opening the mind link, I felt for Gannon’s tether when my door opened and Damian stepped in. “She never shifted,” he stated.

“I figured that much out already,” I told him, my tone clipped. Damian glanced around the room and shook his head.

“You’re drunk and clearly haven’t slept,” he snapped disapprovingly.

“I was waiting for her to shift,”

“And the bottles?” He asks, picking up an empty one and tossing it at the fireplace.

“I don’t need your scolding, Damian,” I answered, walking over to my bed and lying down.

“She never shifted,” Damian stated again.

“I am aware,”

“Gannon said all night she was fretting, trying to nest with the d**n horses. You are delaying her,” Damian yelled at me. His anger was beginning to bother me and it was getting to the point, I would have to put him in his place.

“I am doing no such thing; I had her put outside where the d**n moon is, so don’t blame me for her not shifting. She is probably the oddity that gets the traits and does not shift,” Damian growled at my words though deep down, I knew it was because of me. I could feel her distress, just couldn’t bring myself to go to her.

“At least f*****g heal her hand and stop being a j**k,” he snarled, storming off to my closet. He comes out with some of my clothes in his arms.

“We are moving her to the east wing, your old room. That’s where she will be when you get over yourself.” Damian tells me.

“I don’t want her in the castle,”

“Too bad, I am not having my Queen in the f*****g stables like some farm animal,” Damian snapped before walking out and slamming the door. I sighed before glaring at the picture of my sister on top of the bedside table drawer.

Maybe he was right, and I was being irrational, yet I couldn’t get the picture of her mother from my head, the state of my sister, and the way her stomach was torn into and my nephew mutilated in her womb. I was stuck in that thought pattern when his voice invaded my head causing me to growl.

“They found more bodies,” Trey says through the link.


“two days from here,” he answered.

“Get a car ready,” I tell him.

I changed quickly, stumbling around the room. Maybe I overdid it. Walking out, Dustin stared vacantly ahead.

“Tell Gannon and Damian to meet me at the cars. You are to remain with me. Send Trey to watch over Ivy for me” I told him. He nodded, and I stumbled down the steps trying to find my feet.

Dustin gripped my arm as I lost my footing, and I nodded to him. “My King, I don’t think Trey is a good choice to watch the Queen,” he says, and I look at him. He dropped his head, and I noticed his s*****w as I glared at him.

“He is part of my guard; he will do the job he is asked” I told him, continuing down the steps.

Losing my footing again, I stumbled on the bottom step and nearly hit the ground. Guards rushed toward me when I collided with someone. They prevented my fall, and I shook my head as I gripped their shoulder.

“You okay, my king?” Ester asked, and I waved the other men off.

“Fine, just help me to my office,”

“Of course,” she said a little too willingly. I held back my swear, letting her steer me to my office. I flopped into my chair.

“I will retrieve some water,” she said, and I waved her off.

“My King,” Dustin started, and I growled.

“Leave me, tell Damian to get me when he is ready to leave,” I snapped at him, dismissing him. I close my eyes, trying to catch a little sleep before having to leave, which no doubt would be soon when the mind-link opened up.

“Roads are closed over the bridge. We need to wait,” Damian tells me.

“Wake me when it opens,” I tell him.

“Yes, my King. What about lvy?” I press my lips together before sighing and pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Put her in my old quarters, ensure she has what she needs,” I tell him not happy with her being here but if it got them off my back and settled my d**n instincts, I would allow it.

“She needs you, my king,” Damian tells me.

“And I can’t be near her right now,” I replied with a growl.

“Kyson, you leave, what happens when she shifts?” he asked.

“What do you expect me to do?”

“I expect you to stay,” I growl.

“We will talk about when you wake me,” I tell him, cutting him off before he could say more.

Forcing myself to my feet, I stagger over to my chaise, falling heavily into it and welcoming the oblivion when sleep finally takes me. However, I tossed and turned the bond, calling me to go to her, her distress waking me constantly. Trying to get comfortable, I blocked everyone out. Damian would find me when it was time to leave. Though I didn’t remain asleep for long when I felt someone touch me.

The feeling of someone tugging on my belt made me stir, and I blinked up at the ceiling, confused before feeling a hand reach into my pants. I jumped, lurching upright and looking at the intruder. Her vile scent wafting to my nose.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, my King,” Ester’s voice came like someone was drilling into my ears.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I growled at her before rubbing my eyes and peering at her. I blink again when I see she is n***d.

“Where are your goddamn clothes?” I tell her, averting my gaze to anything other than her.

“You were having trouble sleeping; I have been watching you. Let me help,” she says while leaning down and tugging at my pants. I gripped her hand and growled at her.

“I don’t need your help, Ester; I suggest you leave,” I warn her. She jerks her hand from my grip, and her eyes well with tears.

“My king?” She cries.

“I am not yours, nor will you ever be mine. Now get out before I have you whipped,” I snarled at her.

“Oh, my king, you must be tired; it’s me, Ester,” she says, trying to climb onto my lap. I grip her throat. Disgusted, she dared to think she could touch me, touch what does not belong to her.

“I said get out, you are not Ivy. You do not touch me,” I told her before realizing what I said. She stumbles backward when I let her go. I watch as she snatches up her clothes before looking at me. I growl at her, and she runs out the door, opening it just as Damian is about to walk in.

“Have you completely lost it?” Damian snarled, entering, slamming the door behind him.

“I woke up to her touching me,”

“Please tell me you didn’t,” he snarled.

“What, of course not. What do you take me for?” He sighed, and I re-buttoned my pants before sniffing my clothes. Her stench was all over me.

I tug my shirt off, toss it in the trash, with a growl.

“I want her away from my side of the castle. I don’t want to see Ester’s face here again.”

“Will it have it arranged? What about what Dustin told us about her?” he asked. I had completely forgotten about that.

“Banish her,”

“My King, she is a Lycan,”

“Then banish her from the castle,” I tell him and he nods.

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