His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 60 – Ivy POV

Abbie never returned, and I woke up cold and shivering. Yet I knew the room wasn’t cold, and I was bundled beneath the blankets. So I wondered why I was awake at such a ghastly hour and freezing. Tossing the blankets back, I got up.

It was still dark outside, and I wondered why Abbie wasn’t back. Deciding to see if she fell asleep in the servant’s rooms downstairs, I stretched and yawned; I rubbed my arms, trying to warm them, and gripped the door handle only when I twisted it, weight was against it, and it flew toward me. I jumped back to see the King suddenly sprawled on the floor. His eyes flew open, and he growled, lurching forward before freezing as he turned and spotted me.

I took a step back, wondering why he was leaning against the door or why he was down here in the first place. Was he here looking for Abbie? And if he was, what for? My stomach sank with the possibilities, and before I could stop it, a whimper slipped past my lips. The King stood abruptly and scrubbed his hand down his face before looking out into the hall and back at me.

“Have you seen Damian?” he growled, looking away from me again. My brows furrowed, and I pointed to the door across from Abbie’s. He looked at it and nodded, walking over to it.

“Were you asleep?” I blurted, and he stopped as he went to grip Damian’s door handle. He didn’t answer for a second, and I stepped out Abbie’s door into the hall to find it empty.

“You aren’t supposed to be at this end of the castle. Stay on your side,” the King said before twisting the handle to Damian’s room.

“I was only looking for Abbie,” I told him, turning to head back to my room. Partway down the corridor, he called out.

“Ivy.” I stopped looking back at him, and he shrugged off his jacket before walking over to me. He draped it over my shoulders and tugged it closed. I just stared at him, and he nodded before taking a step back from me. He shook his head before clearing his throat awkwardly.

“Go back to your room,” he said, dismissing me. Not knowing what to say about his weird behavior, l turned on my heel and left. I checked the servants’ room but couldn’t find Abbie. There was no sign of her in the bathrooms either. I even asked some guards, but they shook their heads, so I went back to my enormous room. Pushing the door open, I shivered at how cold it was. The fire had gone out; I flicked a light on before wandering around and looking for matches and some kindling.

My hands shook as I tried to lit the match before using it to light the scrunched-up pieces of paper, which b****d out before the wood would catch. With a sigh, I went to see if I could find a guard and ask them to light it for me because I was having no luck actually getting it to catch onto the wood. Stepping out of the room, I navigated my way back through the halls and walked toward the stairs. Only when I turned onto them, the King was walking up toward me.

“Why aren’t you in your room? Were you trying to leave?” he snarled, and his eyes flickered black. I gasped and took a step back from him while shaking my head, wondering why he was mad all of a sudden.

“He’s great, but he asked me to leave with him. I just need to get permission from the King,”

“You’re leaving?” she nodded sadly. “Yes, in a few days, but I had a plan. Come with me?” she asked, clutching my hands.

“I will convince him. I will convince him to help get you out. We can come up with a meeting spot.” Abbie said.

“Abbie, he won’t go against the king,” I told her. She shook her head. “I will convince him. You’ll see. He will let me bring you.” I chewed my lip nervously, hoping she was right. I didn’t want to be here without Abbie.

For the next two days, I hardly saw Abbie. She spent all her time with her mate, which didn’t bother me. I know she was anxious about the King not letting her leave. However, the King also acted strangely. Every night I would wake to find the King in my room asleep, only for him to be gone when I woke back up in the morning.

At first, I thought I was going crazy. The King would be here at random hours during the night; I would always wake to his scent. Then, by morning, it was like he was never here at all. His coming and going was making it harder. If he didn’t want me, he needed to just leave me be; his coming and going was driving me insane.

He never said anything and would only stare if I caught him and accidentally woke him. Or he would ignore me completely. My heart tugged painfully for those two nights. I didn’t know what he wanted, but it was clear he didn’t want me. But as his scent began to settle in the room each night, it was like being rejected all over again. I started praying Abbie could convince her mate because I couldn’t live like this.

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