His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 65

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 65 – Fear momentarily p*******d me and I could feel the hair on his legs brush against mine, as he trapped me beneath him, caging me in, his hands on either side of my head.

The crunch of twigs had me look up to see Damian step out of the trees in just a pair of shorts. “Leave us,” the King commanded and my eyes met Damian’s fleetingly before he disappeared within the trees leaving me with the King. His chest rumbled with his growl against my back and he buried his nose in my neck making me whimper. Tears trekked down my cheeks as I tried to claw out from under him only for him to press his chest firmly against my back forcing me to the ground. His teeth n****d my shoulder making me cry out when I tried to move.

“You would dare try to leave me, to leave your King,” he snarled next to my ear, his gravelly voice sending a shiver up my spine. My entire body shook beneath him, his aura slamming down on me, domineering and forcing another whimper to leave my lips. “You’re mine, mine lvy and you will remain with me, I will chain you to my d**n bed if needed,” he growled.

My claws slipped from my fingertips, enraged by his words although petrified at the same time. They dug into the earth and he snarled, n*****g my shoulder and making me flinch as he broke my skin.

“Submit,”” he growled in a warning and I felt my eyes flicker before my own growl slipped out of me before I could stop it. My vision changed, illuminating the darkness and making my surroundings brighter. His hand fell on my shoulder, claws sinking in as his weight lifted before he flipped me on my back with a swift yank before dropping his weight against my abdomen and legs. Trapping me once again. His aura smashed against me and he roared in my face. “I said submit,” he growled yet his words washed over me, and instead of a whimper, rage came out in the form of a growl.

“I am your f*****g King, you will submit to me, he snarled, pressing his chest against mine.

“The same King who doesn’t want me for a mate,” I snarled back and my eyes flickered, my vision making his features clearer as my eyes adapted to the darkness, making everything look different, turning a luminescent blue which made his glare harden as his eyes examined my face. He used his nose turning my face, his fur brushing against my face before he snarled “You’re mine,” he shook with rage above me and the bond flared, making me angry.

“I’m not anymore,” I growled at him and he roared in my face before punching the ground beside my face. I squeezed my eyes shut but refused to submit like his aura tried to make me, the feeling of it caressing over me made nausea build but I shoved it back, shocked at my own ability to not give in when I felt his tongue swipe across his bite marks on my shoulder and arm.

“You will submit, one way or another,” he purred and I heard his bones start snapping and rearranging before his warm skin pressed against me. I felt the calling make my skin tingle as he forced the bond to the surface and I gasped that he would use it on me.

I screamed as he awoke the stupid calling and thrashed beneath him wanting him to stop, not wanting to submit to him when I felt the weight of it start to relax me and with a last ditch effort to stop him, I started hitting him and thrashing for him to get off me. He snarled, shoving the calling on me again as I scrambled, kicking my feet and pushing away and out from under him. He snarled, flashing his canines at me and my hand moved with speed I never thought possible and connected with his face. Only after they did that I realized my claws were out, razor-sharp as they slashed down his face.

Blood spilled and sprayed across my face and I gasped at what I’d done while his head whipped to the side. The deep threatening growl that left him made my blood run cold as he slowly turned his face back to look at me. Deep claw marks streaked down his cheek, across his lips and over one of his eyelids. My bravado wore off immediately as snarled before pouncing on me and crushing me beneath him. His blood dripped on me, covering me like a leaky faucet.

I whimpered waiting for him to tear into me when he purred, the calling washing over me and I sobbed as I felt my body go lax beneath him, giving in to his demands.

“Shh, my Queen,” he whispered, burying his face in my neck.

“You’re mine now,” he purred before I felt his teeth pierce my skin. He sank them deep into my neck, through the layers of skin and tissue before I gasped as sparks rushed from head to toe, every inch of me tingling and my body felt foreign to me. Even my toes curled as immense pleasure washed through every part of my body and I felt him take something from me like he stole a piece of my soul as it embedded and transferred to him. My eyelids fluttered, heavy as the fight drained out of me before feeling his teeth slide out of my neck, and his tongue roll over my mark.

His calling got louder, taking everything, forcing me to relax while exhaustion like never before slivered through me. “Sleep my Queen, your King has got you,” he purred and my head fell back as he scooped me up into his arms, his chest vibrating against me as he continued to purr clutching me close while l was entirely limp in his arms. He started walking nuzzling my neck as I tried to fight the exhaustion. Unable, I blinked once more and everything went black.

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