His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 78

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 78 – “I need to teach you how to read, try and read that,” he said, and I peered at the screen. My brows furrowed. I recognized Abbie’s name this time, and I recognized the letter’s but couldn’t make sense of how they fit together.

“I can tell Abbie’s name,” I answered, my face heating up, that I couldn’t do something that was so basic to others. “Why. Isn’t. Abbie. Answering. Her. Phone.” Kyson said, pointing to the words. Kyson leans forward before reaching into his bedside drawer and pulling out a bigger phone.

“This is a tablet, like my phone, but bigger,” he said before scrolling through it. “I had some reading apps put on it for you. It will help you identify different words. Kind of like a game. I want you to use this when you aren’t doing anything. But it also has a voice to text,” he says, opening an app. He clicks on the little microphone picture in the center of the screen before speaking into the tablet.

“Kyson loves Ivy,” he spoke, and the words he spoke came across the screen before reciting them back to him in a robot voice.

“You can also type words into it, and it will read them to you. Copy the text on my phone says into it,” he says, bringing up a small keypad on the screen. He hands me his phone, and I place the tablet on my lap before copying the letters when Kyson leans over my shoulder to peer at the screen.

“You need to put spaces between the words,” he murmurs, his breath warm on my neck as it fanned over me. I shivered involuntarily, and he purred softly at my reaction.

“I don’t know how,” I tell him before he hits a long blank button on the keypad. “That one. Now redo it,” he says, deleting everything I just painstakingly typed into the screen. Remembering to use the space button this time, I typed his text message again into the tablet. When I was done, Kyson pressed the speech button, and the phone read out what I wrote, and I smiled that it said what Kyson read from his text message.

“Good, you will get the hang of it, and I will read to you of a night, so you should pick it up quickly with some help.” I glanced at the bookshelf since he finished reading Treasure Island last night. I was eager for him to read me another book.

His phone vibrated in my hand, and I glanced at the small screen. “He is going to mind-link her to get her phone. He said he isn’t with her right now,” Kyson told me, and I nodded before typing his new message into the tablet to read it to me again while the King watched behind me. A few minutes later, another message came through.

“What does it say?” I asked him.

“Says to try her now,” he answered before pulling me back against him and fiddling with his phone. It started ringing, and he turns the camera thing on, and my face popped up on the screen along with the King’s chest behind me. It rang a few times before she answered.

“Finally, you rang,” she squealed excitedly, though her face never popped up on the screen. Kyson had to talk her through how to do it before finally I got to see her. She cried excitedly, waving to me and gushing about how much she missed me.

“Where are you? You look like you’re outside?” I ask her, looking at the scenery behind her.

“At the cabin, I was hanging out washing and didn’t hear my phone. Plus, I ran out of credit. I have been trying to reach you for days; I have been so worried about you. Kade said the King caught you before you could get to the bridge.” She said.

“And someone could have told me how to hang up, too. I rang the castle phone, but it went to some message machine and ate all my credit,” she explained.

“Your mate hasn’t put credit on it for you?” Kyson asked her over my shoulder. She squinted at the screen, and her eyes went wide. “Sorry, my King. I didn’t see you in the background,” she said, becoming a little nervous now she realized he was behind me.

“It’s fine, Abbie; I’m not angry with you” Kyson told her, and she chewed her fingernail and nodded but didn’t say much, knowing he was behind me. I sighed.

“So, do you like it there?” I asked her, and she shrugged.

“Yeah, it’s not bad. But he comes during the day, but it has been two days since I saw him. He says he is always busy with work and sleeps there sometimes,” Kyson growls behind me, and I peeked over my shoulder at him, but he shakes his head, and his hand goes to my stomach, tugging me back against him.

“What about the people in his pack? Do you like them, did you make any friends?”

“I haven’t met them yet, he said soon, but I need to stay at home first. He thinks I will go into heat soon because I keep getting the worst stomach cramps. I asked him to take me to see a pack doctor because I don’t think it is that. My chest feels really tight and hurts, I actually thought I was having a heart a****k last night. It’s not just my stomach, and I feel fine of a day when he does come here,” Abbie said while she moved around. The King growls behind me again, and I peer over at him, wondering why he was becoming so angry. He said I could talk to her?

“But I like it other than that, but I am hoping he will take me to visit you soon. He promised I could,” she tells me, and excitement bubbles in my stomach at the idea of seeing her.

“If he can’t, Abbie, I will send Gannon to come and pick you up to bring you here,” Kyson tells her.

“Really? I never got to say goodbye to Gannon; he walked off,” she said excitedly before her face fell when she mentioned Gannon’s name.

“Yes, if he can’t bring you here, I will send Gannon. I will put your phone on my plan, so you don’t run out of credit too. That way, you can ring ivy whenever you like” Kyson tells her.

“Oh, oh, I hear a car. I think he is here.” Abbie babbled excitedly. “I love you, but I have to go,” she said.

“Love you too,” I tell her.

“More than life,” she says.

“More than life,” I reply before she hangs up. With a sigh, I handed the phone back to him, and he glared at it.

“Everything okay?” I asked him, wondering why he was angry.

“Yes, it will be,” he says before kissing my shoulder.

“I need to go speak with Gannon,” He says abruptly, and I hop up, wanting to get out of the room myself.

“What are you doing?” the king asked when I also climbed off the bed.

“Going to help Peter,” I tell him.

“No, you aren’t leaving…” He paused before pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Just stay away from the water and take Dustin with you, please.” he then says, coming over to me and pressing his lips to my forehead before he grips my chin forcing me to look up at him.

“Don’t wander off,” he says and I nod. Not like I had anywhere to go anyway.

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