His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 80

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 80 – Kyson POV

Anxiety filled me as I approached our room, wondering if she snuck out without any of the guards. However, I was pretty surprised to walk in and find her sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. One of my books is open on the floor beside her and the tablet in her hand. Her tongue poked out the side as I watched her press her fingers to the touch screen before holding the tablet up to listen to the words.

Once she is done, she sets the tablet down to do the following sentence. Stopping behind her, she doesn’t look up until my shadow blocks out the heat from the fireplace. Only then do I realize she is shivering, and goosebumps cover her skin. I bend down and pick up my book, and she sighs. “I was going to put it back,” she said, her teeth chattering. Pride and Prejudice. I hand it back to her, and she takes it.

“You can touch whatever you like, Az” I pause, almost calling her Azalea.

“Whatever you want, just ask Ivy. What’s mine is yours,” I tell her, and she nods, taking the book from me and finding her page.

“I thought you wanted to go for a walk?” I ask her, sitting down behind her and propping my arm on my knee. I lean back against the armchair, trying to figure out how to ask her if I can not only look between her legs but also tell her she isn’t the daughter of a monster. Before she could answer, though, Clarice opened the door, bringing in our dinner.

“What chapter did you get to, my Queen?” Clarice asked her, bringing her tray over and setting it on the coffee table.

“Only page eight,” Ivy says with a frown.

“You’ll be able to read by yourself in no time,” Clarice nods; however, I did notice that Ivy never batted an eyelash at Clarice using her title. Almost as if she had come to accept it. Ivy thanked her, and I saw how she subtly sniffed the air before frowning when she realized the meat was what I class as b****d or ruined. I swap our plates, handing her mine.

“Can you ask the kitchen staff to prepare Ivy’s meals the same way as mine from now on?” I asked Clarice.

“From now on, my King,” she says, her eyes flicking to lvy, who was typing away again.

“Yes, Clarice,” I tell her, and she glances between the both of us.

“And you’re sure, my King,” Clarice asks, and I sigh. News clearly travels fast. I hadn’t been here five minutes, and the entire castle was aware, which meant I had no choice but to tell her tonight.


“Very well, my King. Enjoy your book, Ivy,” Clarice tells her, but Ivy wasn’t even paying attention too busy typing into the device. Clarice smiles before leaving. I eat watching Ivy let her food get cold before taking the tablet from her.

“Eat first. Your food is going cold,” I tell her, and she growls. Ivy folds the corner of the page and shuts the book. I internally cringed. My biggest pet hate was folded book pages, and it was the first edition, making it all the more cringe-worthy, but I remain quiet, knowing if I said anything, she would probably have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to book editions.

Ivy picks up her knife and starts cutting her meat, devouring her food hungrily. She shivers her entire body shuddered from it, and her teeth chattered, yet her skin was flushed like she was overheating. I reached over her, touched her head to find her skin blistering hot, and the moment my hand came in contact with her skin, she sighed, pressing against it. Yet her scent hadn’t changed, so it couldn’t be her going into heat. I moved my hand off her head, and she shivered again before going back to her food.

“Did you find Gannon?” she asked. I nod, watching her; she eats ravenously like she has been starved, which made me nervous; I was the same before I shifted.

“Yes, I did. What did you do today?” I asked her.

“Nothing, I couldn’t find Dustin, then I got distracted with the tablet and trying to read the book,” She shrugged. Ivy went back to her food when she was nearly finished, and she started to slow down. Chewing slowly, exceptionally slowly, and her face pales before she jumps up, running for the bathroom.

“Ivy?” I called, setting my plate aside when I heard her gag. Rushing into the bathroom, I found her head in the toilet bowl as she threw up.

“You alright?” I ask, grabbing her hair as she continued to be sick. She eventually falls backward on her butt.

“Must be the stupid fruit salad, been feeling sick since eating it,” she groaned, clutching her stomach before laying on the cool tiles. I flush the toilet before stepping over her and turning the shower on.

“The fruit salad?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think some of the fruit was off; it tasted funny?” I nod before gripping her shoulders and sitting her upright.

“I don’t think it’s the fruit salad; I think you may be going to shift soon,” I tell her.

“I can’t shift; I would have already,” she murmured.

“Well, I would say that is wrong; you are just a late bloomer since I hurt our bond,” I tell her, peeling off her jumper. “I don’t want to shift; I don’t want to shift without Abbie!” she panicked, sitting upright. I grip her shoulders, stopping her from getting to her feet.

“I am right here with you, Ivy,” I tell her, but she pushes my hands away.

“No, I want Abbie,” I grit my teeth and look away. I was angered that she would rather Abbie than me, although I know it’s my fault. Taking a deep breath, I face her, cupping her face in my hands. “Abbie isn’t here, but I am. So calm down, you won’t be alone,” I tell her, but her eyes brim with tears as she starts having a panic a****k. She started breathing rapidly and shallowly. “No, No,” she shakes her head.

“Shh Ivy, calm down. Let’s just get you in the shower first,” I tell her, but every time I went to remove more of her clothes, she would slap my hands and tell me not to touch her.

Unclipping her bra, she growls at me. “Get out!” she snaps.


“Get out, this is your fault, now get out!” she screamed at me. Her eyes blazed brightly, almost glowing as she panicked. I chew the inside of my lip, knowing it is just the shift bringing on her sudden change in emotions; it truly does bring out our monstrous side. Yet I could feel her resentment towards me and hurt that I was the reason she was delayed.

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