His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 83

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 83 – “Make it stop, make it stop,” she cried before she screamed, and I heard her back cracking. Gripping her arms, I yanked her on top of me. Her skin was so hot she was burning me. Her feet scratched down my legs.

“Ivy, let me help,” I told her, and she screamed, her spine breaking and realigning under my palms. I tug her shirt off. Ivy pants, her nails digging into my chest, and I feel her feet changing, her toenails turning to claws as they raked down my flesh, tearing me to pieces.

“Ivy, let me help,” she writhes but nods her head, and l flood her with the calling just as her fingers break, her claws sinking deeply into my chest like hooks. My blood runs down my side. At this rate, she would bleed me out if I remained in this flimsy skinsuit. The sound of her femur breaking and her scream would always haunt me.

I turn her head so her ear is flat against my chest so she can listen to my heartbeat and feel the vibration of the calling; she calms some but was still in agony when her claws dig in deeper, and I could feel them grating across bone, they were in that deep. Pulling her hands off my chest, her claws slip out.

Longer than a werewolf’s claws and about three inches long. Blood gushed out of me where she got me, so I shifted beneath her, my bones breaking quickly and just in time before she clenched her hands, her claws raking down my chest, only this skin was more durable. My hand moved up and down her back as I tried to calm her down when the door opened. I knew everyone was worried; her screams were deafening.

“Get out!” I ordered at whoever it was, and the door quickly shut just as her bones started breaking again. The shift was going back and forth, prolonging her transformation, and I couldn’t get her to mark me; she was entirely out of her mind with the pain.

“Shh, breathe, Ivy,” I whispered, hugging her close, using my temperature to bring hers down as l absorbed what I could through the bond.

“K**l me, k**l me,” she begged, and I shook my head, hugging her closer.

“Please, just k**l me,” she cried.

“I can make you shift, Ivy. But it will hurt like h**l; it would be quick,” I tell her as her spine ridges against my hand and her legs lengthen, her feet touching mine, fur sprouting along her n***d flesh as she sobbed. “Make it stop,” she cried, and I clutched her face in my hands, tilting her face up toward mine. I gasp at the sight of her eyes. There was no doubt she was my Azalea.

“I will make it stop, love,” I tell her as tears spill down her cheeks. I couldn’t let her remain like this longer than necessary when I could command her to shift.

I flood her with the calling, numbing her best I could before kissing her lips. “Shift!” I command. Her lips part, and her face reddens as if she is choking before every bone breaks simultaneously.

Fur replacing her soft skin, clawed hands replacing her petite one, and the sound was horrendous as she shifted in my arms. Her scream chilled me to the bone, but within seconds, she was lying on my chest, only she wasn’t Ivy. Her fur was a deep gray; it was almost blue, and her eyes glowed like jewels as l turned her face in my hands to mine to look at her. A sob left my lips when I saw the Landeena bloodline eyes staring back at me.

The Landeena’s all shared one quality. Their eyes remained the same color, blending into their natural eye color while most Lycan eyes bleed black. Ivy turned her head to look at her hand, turning it over to find it wasn’t a paw before looking at me in shock that I was right.

“I am a Lycan?” she murmured, flexing her fingers before tilting her head at the sound of her voice in this form. I chuckle, tears streaking down my face as I play with her ear sticking upright on her head. A purr leaves me as I pull her higher, burying my face in her neck.

“You’re home, Azalea,” I whispered to her, sitting upright and pulling her in my lap so she could see herself, her long bushy tail wagging from side to side, and I grabbed it, showing her and she grabbed it with two hands tugging on it before she giggled. She let it go and looked down at herself and gasped.

“I’m not hers,” she sobbed, and I knew she meant Marissa’s. Relief flooded her, but also sadness that her life was a lie.

“No, you are the missing Princess, Azalea Ivy-Rose Landeena, now Queen of the Landeena Kingdom,” I whispered to her while running my nose across her face, her fur tickling my nose as I try to stop my emotions from choking me.

“My Lost Lycan Luna,” I tell her with a chuckle, hugging her tighter and purring.

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