His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 90

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 90 – Walking into the kitchen, I grab a cup and fill it with milk, deciding to have milk and cookies. I was too tired to cook, not that I had any reason to be, and the stove was temperamental and only worked when it wanted to. Dipping my biscuit in my milk, I bite it, the sugary sweetness making me giddy.

Sugar always had that effect on me. Kade said it was because I wasn’t used to having it, and after I annoyed him with my constant talking on the way here from the bag of clouds Gannon gave me before I left, he tossed them out the window and snapped at me. I hadn’t had anything sweet since besides artificial sugar in my coffee Kade brought last time he came here. He said it was a treat for being good, but it didn’t even taste like sugar and had a funny aftertaste.

What if he came? Maybe I shouldn’t have anymore? I thought. I didn’t want to annoy my mate and make him leave, placing the half-eaten biscuit back. I would eat the other half tomorrow, just in case he did come to see me. I hoped he would.

I placed the open packet in the fridge and decided to quickly spring clean to b**n off some energy. I filled the sink with water and started cleaning the kitchen. Nothing I did improved its state, though. The place was falling apart. Washing my cup, I placed it on the sink upside down when I heard car tires. My eyes widened with excitement, and I couldn’t help the stupid smile that spread across my face. Pulling my hands out of the water, I quickly dried them and raced to the front door tossing it open, unable to contain my excitement.

I squealed when I saw Kade’s car parked out front, and he hopped out along with two of his warriors who l had met back at the castle. Kade climbed out looking gorgeous in his suit, and I rushed down the steps, almost bouncing with joy. I ran over, about to throw my arms around me. Gosh, I missed him.

Only I was greeted with his fist. My head snapped back, and I clutched my face, blood spurting out of my nose and lip where his fist connected. Blood stained my shirt and my hands as I looked at them. I didn’t understand. Lifting my head his hand reached for me before I recognized the cruel sneer on his face. He grabbed my hair, making me cry out, my neck arched back painfully. Kade said nothing, just ripped me back toward the house; I clutched his hands, my feet slipping on the loose gravel.

“Kade?” I cried as he dragged me across the ground and up the steps by my hair. My hair-tearing painfully from my scalp when he tossed me inside. I screamed in pain when I landed on the hard floor on my hip. My hands jarred as I threw them out, trying to break my fall. Kade kicks the door shut, and my eyes widen when he turns on me again.

“You f*****g w***e, who were you with?” Kade screamed at me. I scrambled back on my hands and feet when he grabbed my hair again, hauling me to my feet.

“What do you mean?” I shrieked as he hauled me into the kitchen.

“Who’s car was here? Do you think I wouldn’t notice, wouldn’t feel your infidelity,” He screamed.

“He brought me food; it was just Gannon,” I sobbed, trying to get him to let go. He does, and I stumble back into the sink when he growls, grabbing the back of my neck and plunging my face into the water. I choke and sputter on the d***y water. My hands gripped the sides as I tried to pull my face out, only he shoved my face in harder. My throat b****d and ached furiously as I began to d***n, inhaling the water making my nose b**n, but before I could d***n, he ripped my head out, and I s****d in air harsh ragged breaths.

“Did you f**k him, you w***e?” Kade screamed in my face. While I tried to s**k in air. My hair and face were drenched, my shirt soaked.

“No, why are,” he shoved my face back in the sink, and I clawed and scratched at the bench, trying to get air. Water sloshed onto the floor at my feet as I struggled against him, only for him to rip me out at the last second again.

“He brought me food, that’s all,” I tell him, wondering what he was talking about. Kade yanks my head back, ripping open the pantry and fridge. He snarls, slamming my head into the bench, pain rattled through my skull, and I saw black as my head pounded to its own beat, and I collapsed on the floor. Blood pooled in my mouth as I tried to look around through my blurry vision.

He starts ripping the canned food off the shelves, tossing them at me, and I shield my head, my body becoming bruised and battered, the bond screaming for him to stop, and my heart twisting painfully in my chest. He snarls, picking up a bag of candy.

“Did you f**k him?” Kade snarls, and I shake my head, sobbing. My hands shook as he reached for me, and put them up to shield my face. Blood trickled down the side of my head, from my nose and eyebrow. It stained the floor, my hands, and my clothes.

“Please, Please, I didn’t do anything wrong,” I shrieked when he grabbed my hair again, ripping my head back before stuffing the candy in my mouth. I try to spit it out, choking on it. “Filthy f*****g pig, you f****d him, didn’t you? Thought you could get away with sneaking around behind my back,” he roared in my face, spittle hitting my face with his words.

“You want to act like a w***e, I will treat you like one,” He growled.

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