His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 92

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 92 – Kyson POV

Ivy was furious, and I could feel Damian sneaking closer, worried I would lose control. Honestly, I was on the verge of snapping and dragging her back to the room and her following words nearly made me.

“Don’t forget, Kyson, I have other places I can go now,” Ivy snarled at me. Her words make me growl; how dare she think she can threaten me, threaten to leave me over something that is out of my control? I can’t force Abbie back here.

Excuse me, Ivy?” I growled, trying to keep my blistering fiery rage under control.

“You dare address the Queen of the Landeena Kingdom so casually, King Kyson,” she spat at me. The words rolling off her tongue were pure venom. Her anger was nearly as hot as mine as she glared at me.

“Is that so, Queen Ivy?” I asked her through clenched teeth. My entire body trembled, and I was on serious verge of shifting. She only just learned of her title, and she was already using it against me.

“Queen Azalea,” she snapped at me, and I lunged at her, trying to grab her, as Dustin stood horrified behind her when he suddenly ripped her back just as I shifted, losing complete control.

She dares challenge an Alpha King, her King! My hand gripped Dustin’s shirt instead of her, and my nostrils flared as I panted, trying to regain some form of control, shocked I had lost it completely. Dustin remained utterly unmoving, and I felt Damian’s hand fall on my shoulder when I heard Gannon groan behind me.

“Let him go, Kyson; you hurt him, and I will walk out those f*****g doors and your life faster than I stepped in it,” Ivy snapped at me. Her hand gripping my wrist. I could feel the tremble in it, making me look at her. Her eyes were blazing with fury. Looking at her now with her eyes burning with so much anger and fear, she honestly looked like her mother in this instance.

“We will speak in the room. Now go,” I tell her.

“No, I want to know about Ab,”

“Room Now!” I commanded, cutting her off, and I instantly felt terrible, and her anger blasted me as it slivered through me so cold and cutting like a knife’s edge. Yet she still wasn’t able to fight my Alpha aura, not yet, at least as she growled before the command forced her to turn around and storm off back to our room. It wasn’t until Dustin s****d in a wheezing breath that I realized I was choking him with his uniform. I let him go and he s****d in a deep breath.

“You know where you should be,” I tell him, and he hurries off after Ivy. Turning back to my office, Damian takes a step back just as Gannon g****s and gets to his feet. Moving around the desk, I grabbed him and shook him.

“Do you have any idea what you have just done?” I snarled.

“She had a right to know,” Gannon growled back. “You disobeyed a f*****g order; I told you not to get her involved,” I snapped at him.

“And what about Abbie? Ivy may be the only one that can make Abbie see sense. Abbie trusts her,” he says.

“That may be so, but now you have just caused me a f*****g headache. I didn’t want to deal with this right now when she is so goddamn close to going into heat, and the bond has just f*****g forged. I had to f*****g command her Gannon!.”

“You didn’t have to do anything, Kyson. You chose to command her because you don’t like being challenged, so don’t blame that on me.” Gannon spat at me.

He stunk heavily of alcohol, and I know he wasn’t in the right headspace, but that didn’t mean he could get away with disobeying me and causing issues with my mate. I get he wants to vent his anger, but he did it the wrong way. We have laws even I have to abide by, and until Abbie asks to come back, my hands were tied entirely unless I wanted a war with 80 nearby packs, and I already had enough enemies without adding them to that list.

“I know you are mad, but we can’t afford this c**p right now. You want something to do, go back to Silver Creek,” I snap at him. Gannon growls at me and tries to shake me off.

“I already got that b***h. She can’t walk, for g*d’s sake. What the f**k else could I possibly do to her?”

“Not Daley, but make sure she is d**d before you return home. But I have another job for you while we wait for Abbie to come back.”

“No, Kyson, not while he is like this?” Damian said, and I smiled. They both think this is over Mrs. Daley’s mistreatment, it is, but they still haven’t heard the worst of it yet. Looking back at Gannon.

“You want revenge, then take it out on the butcher. Daley will know his name,” I tell him.

“The butcher?” Damian asks, and I nod and look at him over my shoulder.

“Yes, he’s Abbie’s rapist,” I growled before letting Gannon go. This would distract him until I found a way to legally bring Abbie home. Gannon roared, his skin ripping off. He shifted so quickly as the monster he could become came forward. He stood and snarled, his chest pressed against mine.

“He did what to my Abbie?” Gannon snarled.

“I won’t repeat it, it wasn’t my place to say, but I was planning to tell you, anyway. Find Daley, and you will know where to find the butcher,”

“I’m not bringing him in,” Gannon warned, his eyes flickering and bleeding so hollow I knew the butcher would wish for d***h long before he would receive it.

“He’s all yours,” I tell him before turning on my heel and walking out. I was halfway down the corridor when I heard the doors opening.

G*d have mercy on his soul because Gannon wouldn’t show him any; the man was a s****t at heart and was the one I always sent when I needed information. He enjoyed their screams, their pain, and relished in their blood. This man was about to learn who the real butcher was.

Walking back to my quarters, I growled at Dustin, standing guard. The room was silent as I approached, and I should have been warier of that as I entered. Not seeing her until I shut the door, only to turn around and her hand connected with my face. Her claws slashed at me and I clutched my face. Her claws tore into my leathery Lycan skin like a hot knife through butter.

Blood gushed from my face and sprayed across the door behind me.

“You commanded me!” she snarled at me while l clutched my cheek and eye. My body rippled and my hands clenched. “You bring Abbie back here, Kyson,” she growled, and I pulled my hand from my face to look at her. She took a step back at the sight of what she did. My face wasn’t healing quickly either. It stung and b****d.

Her worry hit me like a tidal wave at what she had done and fear of how I would react. She looked at her fingertips, her claws still extended, coated with so much of my blood it dripped from her fingertips.

“I didn’t mean it, I.” she went to apologize before her anger returned.

“You should have told me about Abbie!” she said as blinked while trying to clear my vision and keep my cool. Ignoring her ranting, I walked to the bathroom and grabbed a face washer, wetting it and dabbing the gashes that were bleeding everywhere. Forcing myself to shift back, it still didn’t heal. F**k!

Ivy follows me in and gasps at the sight of my face. Her claws were still extended, and I knew she didn’t know how to retract them. It’s difficult when you’re angry and until she calms down, I doubt they will. Her body was foreign to her, and her lack of control over that form seemed as bad as mine.

“Get out!” I tell her, and she goes to say something.

“Azalea, go! Let me calm down. I don’t want to hurt you, so please go back to the room,” I tell her, gripping the bench.

She growls. But she walks back out and closes the door. I have a funny feeling Abbie was about to cause huge issues between us. But now we both just needed to calm down before one of us did something we couldn’t undo and I wasn’t about to risk the bond when I only just got it back.

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