His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 94

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 94 – Kyson dials his number, and I crawl onto the bed when he pats his chest. With a sigh, I lay down, placing my head on his chest. I listen to the phone ring, and it doesn’t take long before Kade answers it, and Kyson puts it on the loudspeaker, so I can hear better without straining my ears.

“Good afternoon, my King,” Kade answers, his voice rather chirpy, and I growled when Kyson’s hand clamped over my mouth.

“Kade. Abbie isn’t answering her phone,” Kyson says.

“Oh, yes, she dropped it in the sink by accident. It got wet; I have ordered a new phone for her,” Kade replies.

“Are you with her now?”

“Ah no, I am working. She is at the packhouse with my Cassandra,”

“So you told her about Cassandra?” Kyson asks.

“Of course, she was shocked but accepting since we have 3 kids together, they have been getting on great.” My brows furrowed, and the growl that left me was loud and unable to be stifled with just his hand as I reached for the phone, wanting to demand to speak with her. Kyson moves, rolling on top of me and n*****g at my neck, the calling seeping into me louder, forcing me to relax beneath him.

“You seem to have your hands full, my King,” Kade says with a laugh.

“Hmm, well, I want Abbie to ring this number as soon as possible. I have a mate missing her friend and very concerned after learning you were already married, and with them being so close, I am sure you can imagine how upset Ivy was to learn her friend ran off with a married man.”

“Oh, Cassandra was fine with it. They will be like sister wives in no time,”

“My mate’s concern is for Abbie, not your wife. Have Abbie call us, or I will be coming down with Ivy to see her.”

“Oh, no need. Abbie is perfectly fine. I will have her ring you in the morning when I return home.”

“Video call,” I mouth to Kyson, who presses his lips in a line.

“Get her to video call, or we will come to visit,” Kyson tells him.

“Certainly, my King. First thing after the ladies get the kids ready for school, I will ensure she calls,” Kade says, and I glare at the phone, wanting to snatch it off him and yell at Kade. I didn’t like his tone of voice, something off, or maybe I was just too angry with the man because he tricked Abbie.

“Very well, speak soon,” Kyson says, hanging up. He leans over and places the phone on the bedside table before looking down at me. I push on his chest, and he exhales, but rolls off me.

“You will speak to her tomorrow, okay? He wouldn’t put her on if something was wrong, and she is now aware; he said she was okay with it,”

“I know Abbie, and there is no way she would be okay sharing her mate or being lied to.”

“Well, we’ll see tomorrow, won’t we?” Kyson says. I growl, and he rolls on his side, tugging me closer.

Just as he went to turn me to face him, a knock was heard on the door, making him look at it, and the door opened a crack.

“My King, it is Trey. Clarice sent me up with your dinner.” Trey answers and Kyson sighs.

“Just put it on the coffee table,” Kyson says, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He pats my hip with his hand.

“You should eat,” he says. I glare at the wall, much too upset to eat.

“Thank you, Trey,” the King says, and I hear Trey leave as the King climbs off the bed.

“Ivy, up and eat, or am I to call you Azalea from now on?” he says. I roll my eyes, knowing he will keep nagging and force myself out of bed. I walked over to where Kyson was sitting by the fire and sat next to him.

“Azalea, I don’t want to be Ivy no more,” I tell him, and he nods, sliding my plate over to me.

“Azalea, it is then. I will tell the staff too of the correction. Now eat,” he says, pointing to my plate. I picked up my knife and fork to dig into the steak and salad. Whereas Kyson just had a different assortment of raw meat.

“You never eat salad?” I asked him, noticing how usually he only ate meat.

“I do, but rarely. Lycans are carnivores. Our sense of taste changes after a while,” he says with a shrug.

“So I won’t like salad and vegetables after a while?” he chews his food and seems thoughtful for a second.

“No, you still like all food. You will just prefer certain things over others, but if it makes you feel any better, Dustin is vegetarian,”

“Huh? But everyone here is Lycan. How could he be a vegetarian?” Kyson nods.

“Yes, but he chooses to be vegetarian, and I still like fruit, et cetera; I just prefer meat,”

“I can’t believe Dustin is a vegetarian?” I tell him, a little stunned. Kyson chuckles, but it explains why large had never seen him eating meat now that I think about it.

“Huh, I never noticed,” I tell him.

“I suppose you also never noticed that he is g*y then?” Kyson says.

“He is g*y?” I asked, shocked once again. I don’t know what I thought a g*y man would look like, but I always pictured them more feminine, and there was nothing remotely feminine about the man.

“Yep, which is why I assigned him your guard, plus he asked to be placed as your guard when you came… When I woke up to myself,” Kyson says.

“Why are the good-looking ones always g*y?” I mutter. The King growls.

“Excuse me?”

“What? You said it yourself; he is g*y. I was just making an observation,” I laughed.

“I don’t want you checking out my guard, Azalea,” Kyson growls.

“I wasn’t, but come to think of it, Damian is nice looking too,” I tease, seeing him become jealous. I had no interest in any of them. And none were as gorgeous as Kyson.

“Oh, and…” Kyson growls, and I laugh.

“Say one more, and I will put you over my knee,” the King growls, yet his words didn’t scare me, though they sent a thrill through me, wondering if he actually would.

“Gannon’s alright, too. I can see why Abbie likes him,” I snickered. He leaped over the table, his growl ripping through the air as he landed on top of me, making me laugh.

“Are you teasing, my Queen, because if you’re not, I may have to k**l my entire guard to stop your wandering eyes,” he says, pinning my hands to the floor while he n**s at my lips and rolls his hips against me.

“You can’t k**l your guard because they don’t just belong to you. Besides, Dustin is my guard, not yours, so you can’t k**l him,” I tell him.

“So not only are you claiming your title back, you are now claiming my guard? Anything else, my Queen?” he asks, and I purse my lips.

“Hmm, I am yet to claim my King. I think I will claim him too,” I tell him. The King growls, and his lips press against mine hungrily.

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