Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapters List

Title: Mated To The King’s Gamma

Author: Jessica hall

Chapters: Ongoing


After the death of their parents at the hands of her Alpha, Abbie and Ivy were taken in by a pack that didn’t want them. Both of their fates remained undecided until her 18th birthday. Yet when they were both sentenced to death, King Kyson showed up and took Ivy. Only Ivy refused to leave without Abbie. If it wasn’t for Ivy begging him to save her, too, Abbie would be dead. Yet once back in the castle, Abbie discovers she has an admirer, the King’s Gamma. Gannon is a dark mystery to Abbie, yet both the horrors of each other’s lives seem to only draw them closer, forging a bond between them. Yet when Abbie’s mate turns up and takes her, Gannon must find a way to save her, not just from her mate but herself. Turns out his sweet little Abbie hides the darkest secrets of all.

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Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapters 1-100

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