My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 291

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 291 – No One Else Can Ever Find Out

Riley let out a scornful huff after hearing Aliona’s words. “Anastasia Tillman? Could it be that policewoman’s daughter? Interesting…” A dangerous glint flashed through his eyes the next moment, and through clenched teeth, he growled, “The mother is already a hindrance. I didn’t think she would have an even more annoying daughter.” Riley was the one who orchestrated the kidnapping that happened to Elliot when he was 6. It was a pity he didn’t manage to get rid of Elliot when a female police officer had sacrificed herself to save the young boy.

He had a feeling the reason Elliot kept repaying the Tillmans was because Anastasia was the policewoman’s 2-year-old daughter when that incident happened. He even guessed Elliot had the intention of marrying Anastasia. The Tillman Family only had their luck to blame for getting involved with him again.

Aliona tilted her gorgeous face upward to look at him. “Father, I have decided to strike. I am confident I can win Elliot’s heart.” As the foster daughter who grew up under Riley’s care, she was also trying her best to repay him.

“Okay. Don’t disappoint me. I will investigate Anastasia.” It was hard for Riley to get over his resentment when he recalled how Elliot had kicked him out today.

What’s more, the enormous Presgrave Group was still in his hands. And even though he had the blood of the Presgraves flowing in his veins, he couldn’t get even a cent.

Harriet went into the quiet villa room for a quick visit, and seeing that Anastasia had fallen asleep, Harriet could only inform her grandson to take good care of Anastasia.

Harriet then went to Hayley. The young lady kept crying as she desperately explained herself out of fear that Anastasia almost drowning would be her responsibility.

Harriet finally went to rest when it had gotten late. Hayley sat on the bed while Daniel gently massaged her shoulders.

“Daniel, how else do you think I can get Elliot’s attention?”

Hearing that, Daniel tried to persuade her, “Why do you agonize yourself like this, Hayley? You will still live a good life even if you leave President Presgrave. He won’t let you suffer.”

She rolled her eyes at him and stood up asking, “What do you know?”

Of course, there was no way Daniel would understand her anxiety.

If there ever came a day when Anastasia became Elliot’s wife, Hayley’s happy days would come to an end, especially after the incident tonight which would definitely have made Anastasia hate her even more.

Therefore, even if she knew that it was beyond her power, Hayley was determined to destroy the relationship between Elliot and Anastasia with her own hands by any means.

“Hayley, I actually…” Daniel seemed to speak with great difficulty as he looked at her back.

She turned her head to look into his eyes, and just from his gaze alone, her instincts alone told her that the man must have fallen in love with her after they shared 2 nights together!

After she found out that she was rich, she had gained a lot of charms that made people like Daniel fall in love with her. Unfortunately, even if Daniel was going to do well in the future, she could neither wait nor fall for him.

“Just do what you should and don’t overthink the rest. You can go out now!” She then walked over and patted him. “Elliot is the only man for me.”

“But we—”

She harshly cut him off and warned, “Don’t talk about it. You and I are the only ones who know about this. No one else can ever find out, understand?”

He could only let out a sigh as he reluctantly pushed the door open, and left.

Anastasia had a nightmare halfway through her sleep. As if she had sunk into the sea, she struggled against the suffocation that felt like death.

She unknowingly waved her hand in the air as she panted for air with a painful expression on her face.

Elliot was in the midst of resting with his eyes closed on the sofa beside him when he heard the voice coming from the bed. He rushed over immediately, and pressed her outstretched hands down before leaning over. “Anastasia, Anastasia…”

As he continuously called out to her, she eventually broke free from the dream and opened her eyes. As soon as she saw his face, she sat up and tightly wrapped her arms around his neck as if she was grabbing the last piece of driftwood when she was on the verge of death in the water. She then buried herself in his chest and pulled him in for a tight hug.

“Don’t leave me… I am scared.”

Caught by surprise, he froze for a second before a smile tugged on the corners of his mouth. He also reached out to hug her tight, his eyes glowing with joy. “Don’t worry!” he reassured her. “I won’t leave you, I am not going anywhere.”

Anastasia’s face leaned against his heart pounding hot and fast, and it felt oh-so strong and reliable.

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