My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 292

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Elliot stroked her long hair, and he comforted her heart that had just recovered from the nightmare. “Don’t be afraid. I am here.” Anastasia’s fear slowly began to subside then. It was only when she returned to reality that she realized how tightly she was holding onto him. Her pale face immediately blossomed like a red rose, and she quickly let go of him. “Sorry…” she mumbled, embarrassed.

“For you to push me away after you have had your fill, you really have no conscience!” he complained. As he sat on the edge of the bed, he looked at the big bed she was in and asked, “It was very uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa just now. Do you mind if I join you in bed?”

Her face turned pink again at that. Thinking that the sofa did look like it wouldn’t fit his frame, she couldn’t help scooting to the side to the point where she was about to fall off. She had now left a big part of the bed to him.

“Please go ahead!”

He lifted the blanket off the bed, and with his long arms, he tyrannically pulled the woman who was hanging on the edge of the bed back. “Why are you running away? What do you suppose I will do to you when you are in such a state?”

With a tug, she was now pressed against his chest. It was already the darkest hour of the night then, and she didn’t make a sound to break the surrounding silence.

Just like that, they slept in the same bed.

Anastasia, who had just had a good rest, found it difficult to fall asleep again. She raised her head, and from the angle she was looking up from, she had the prime seat to the man’s attractive jawline and sharp collarbone…

Undoubtedly, it was impossible to stay in this man’s arms without thinking about this and that.

“Sleep.” As soon as the light was turned off, and her vision went dark, a big palm held her by the back of her head and pressed her into the man’s chest.

“D—did you give me CPR in front of all the guests?” She had thought about it after the incident, and this seemed like a plausible guess.

“Mhm. Do you mind?” His rough voice came from above her head.

Her face warmed slightly after his nonchalant reply. “I don’t,” she answered. “You did that to save me…”

However, she was still a little embarrassed to think how he did it in front of so many people.

“You don’t seem like you can sleep anymore,” he suddenly asked again, his voice somewhat enticing and dangerous.

His tone didn’t go unnoticed by her, and she quickly shut her eyes and said, “I can sleep! I am sleeping now.”

Wanting to share his feelings then, he randomly threw a question at her. “Anastasia, do you know how flustered and scared I was when I performed CPR on you?”

Her heart tightened when she heard his words. If she were to imagine that it was him lying there instead, she was sure she would feel the same as he did!

“I know,” she knowingly replied. Her words had just fallen when the hand on the back of her head suddenly pulled her in. In the dark of the room, her lips were sealed by the man the next moment.

A punishment for her was overdue since she made him such a mess when the incident happened.


Her sensitivity seemed to have heightened when she couldn’t see in the dark.

But in the end, the man didn’t really do anything else, and only punished her with a kiss. Their bodies, however, were clinging to each other. They could feel every inch of each other’s warmth. She was so startled that she immediately pretended to sleep.

She was afraid that he would ‘help’ her again if she stayed awake.

Eventually, she unconsciously fell asleep in his arms.

Elliot’s side of the bed was already empty when Anastasia opened her eyes the next morning. She lightly touched it, and upon feeling the lingering warmth, she started to blush. They had slept together last night, after all.

An attendant soon quietly brought in clean clothes, and they left as soon as they placed the laundry.

Anastasia also got up at this time to take a shower, and she then put on a clean long dress. She pushed open the door and came out to find her phone, where she eventually found both it and her bag in the living room. She proceeded to take her phone, and as soon as the screen lit up, she noticed that she had gotten a few missed calls from Francis and a text message from Erica. With a frown on her face, she clicked into the message.

It was a video that showed Elliot carrying Hayley down before she was going to jump out of the window, and also him putting her on the bed.

Even though Anastasia knew that Elliot was only looking out for Hayley, it still hurt her to see their interaction.

She took out her bag, and it was only after she gave her father a call to tell him that she was all right that Francis could heave a sigh of relief. “You really scared Dad this time.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I am alright.”

He then abruptly asked an unexpected question. “Erica said that you pushed Hayley. Did you really do that?”

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