My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 293

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 293 – I Thought We Could Drag It On

“I didn’t push her. She fell in herself.” This was something Anastasia would never admit to. “Alright. Dad trusts you. It is fortunate that no lives were lost. Don’t cause this kind of trouble again.” She too knew that she had worried her father, and so she meekly replied, “Thanks Dad.” She reminded herself to watch out for Hayley in the future because Hayley was more scary and vicious than she ever imagined. She would rather watch her drown than save her if it wasn’t because she didn’t know she could swim last night.

However, it was for a fact that harm had been done to Anastasia’s good reputation last night. Not only did the whole of the Presgrave Family know that she had pushed someone into the water, she also refused to apologize, and even beat someone up.

Erica had also chosen the perfect time to reveal what Anastasia had done 5 years ago. After all that had happened, the relatives and friends of the Presgraves probably thought that she was an evil woman.

It wouldn’t have mattered if she didn’t marry into the Presgrave Family. She wouldn’t associate with those people anyway.But still, she was concerned at this moment.

“What are you running around for?” She was in the midst of zoning out in the garden when a low male voice called out from behind.

Upon hearing that, she turned back to look at the person, only to see that it was Elliot sauntering toward her. At this moment, the man looked like a god as the morning sunlight shone on him.

He was very good-looking on top of being tall and intimidating. Him being an attractive male was a fact that she had to admit despite how reluctant she was.

In fear of her heart beating irregularly from staring at him, she hurriedly lowered her gaze. “I am not running around. I want to go back.”

“I will take you home. Jensen will be back later,” he informed her.

Not wanting to take up his time, she immediately rejected his offer. “You can have someone else send me back if you are busy!”

“There is nothing more important than you.” After he finished speaking, he reached out his hand to hold her. “Have breakfast before you go. Don’t starve yourself out.”

“I am not hungry,” she bluntly told him. She had no appetite.

However, the man was used to being overbearing. “You still have to eat,” he demanded, leaving no room for her to argue.

After she conceded and had her breakfast, she received a call from Harriet again. The older woman was concerned about her condition.

In order to not worry her, Anastasia kept telling her that she was fine. She hung up the call soon after. After Anastasia was brought home by Elliot, he went to pick up young Jensen in the afternoon.

She received a call from Elliot after that. He called to let her know that he wasn’t going to have dinner at home, and that the servant would prepare dinner for them.

She was glad that Jensen had no clue about what had happened last night. She was afraid of scaring her son.

When it was time for bed, she unconsciously fell asleep when she was keeping her son company. She was so deep in her sleep that she slept through even when Elliot had come to check in on Jared.

He didn’t disturb them, and only went back to his room.

The next afternoon, Anastasia sent the finished draft of the drawing to Felicia. It was the necklace she designed for Elliot that was ready for production.

Elliot was in the president’s office of Presgrave Corporation when an anxious frown appeared on his face after he read a notification on the screen. “How did he get in so quickly?” he asked.

Rey couldn’t help but walk to his front to take a look. He then laughed out loud. “You personally went and showed your face, Young Master Elliot. How can it not be quick?”

Elliot placed his arms on the armrests as he leaned into his seat. “I thought we could drag it on for at least a few months! We probably can’t take this kind of news down, can we?”

“It won’t be easy. It is a good thing that brings light to good and evil, after all,” Rey answered, embarrassed. It might not bring them the result they were looking for if Rey was the one who handled it.

Hearing that, Elliot could only exasperate, “I hope she doesn’t see this.”

“President Presgrave, you can totally ask Miss Tillman to live with you. I am sure she would agree to it.”

Not having the least bit of confidence, Elliot shook his head left and right. “Not necessarily. She isn’t as easy to persuade as she appears.”

Anastasia was in Elliot’s villa’s garden swiping on the screen of her phone as she read the news. A familiar name in one of the headlines suddenly caught her eyes, stopping her in her tracks.

‘The Crackdown on a Malicious Social Incident Has Come to an End. Lawrence Clavell—the Main Culprit Involved in the Loss of Two Lives—Has Been Arrested and Jailed. All Involved Perpetrators Have Been Dealt With by the Law.’

Seeing that, Anastasia immediately jumped up in joy as she muttered to herself, “So this thug was arrested, huh?”

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