My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 294

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 294 – Hunger

Anastasia clicked into the image which also had a video embedded below it. The man who was arrested was definitely Lawrence, the thug who used to be so arrogant. Now that he had been detained, she wouldn’t have to constantly be on edge about her and Francis’ safety anymore. Moreover, the nature of his crime for having 2 lives lost by his hands was so terrible that Lawrence probably wouldn’t be able to get out of prison in this lifetime. Anastasia immediately called her father and told him the good news. Francis just so happened to have just seen it as well, and he cheered, “Yes! What goes around comes around.”

“Dad, if this is the case, I might go home and stay there for the next two days,” she informed Francis.

“Why don’t you stay at Young Master Elliot’s place for a while longer?”

“I am not thick-skinned enough to keep staying here, Dad. I will be bringing Jared home.” She had always been someone who didn’t like causing people trouble.

“Alright! Move back here with Jared, then. It will be more comfortable for you at home! I will come pay and visit little Jared these 2 days.”

“Okay!” she answered before hanging up.

I have to mention this to Elliot tonight.

It was Erica’s first time visiting Hayley’s villa. When she saw this luxury villa that stood alone, her eyes almost fell out in envy.

Like someone who had just seen the big city for the first time after living her whole life in a village, Erica started walking around the bungalow and into the cloakroom and master bedroom. “Hayley, you are so lucky!” she exclaimed. “The Presgraves have given you such a good life. You get to spend the rest of your life indulging in wealth and prosperity.”

“Let’s go! I have prepared 2 gifts for you. Erica, I want you to handle Anastasia with me from now on. I will share whatever good stuff I have with you,” Hayley declared as she tried to get on Erica’s good side.

Erica, in return, hummed agreeably. “Alright! I will definitely help you deal with Anastasia. She happens to be the person my mother and I hate the most.” Erica was more than eager to do it. With Hayley’s help, she would have a better chance to get her father’s property in the future.

Hayley then gave her 2 pieces of jewelry that she herself didn’t like very much, but Erica was overjoyed just to receive the gifts. The duo started chatting about last night as they enjoyed afternoon tea.

Hayley”s eyes were filled with hatred as they spoke. Elliot used to at least show her patience and care to a certain extent, but ever since Anastasia had seduced him, his heart had completely been taken away..

“Hayley, I have a question. Exactly who was the guy who slept with Anastasia back then? We can find him and have him snatch Anastasia’s son away!” Erica also thought of this.

Hayley let out a frown upon hearing her suggestion. “Let’s not talk about that for now. She won’t take this lying down. I will be in trouble if she decides to bite back.”

Unbeknownst to Erica, the reason Hayley didn’t dare do this was because the man who shared a bed with Anastasia that night was Elliot. It was a good thing that Anastasia had been avoiding talking about what happened that night. She would definitely trace it back to Elliot if she were to investigate further into it.

Anastasia would definitely know that her son was also Elliot’s. That would only bring them closer when the time came.

Erica then nodded. “Okay!! We will find another way to deal with her.”

Hayley had actually already thought of a way that she was sure would get her Elliot’s attention.

Erica and Hayley soon left for dinner in Hayley’s sports car when evening came, where Erica started yearning more for the life of a rich person. She knew that her father’s inheritance was what would make her rich, and she had to make sure that it would not be taken away by Anastasia.

Francis’ listed company was worth more than 1 billion dollars! Even if she didn’t want to run the business in the future, she could still be a rich woman if she were to sell it off for a few hundred million.

Erica was getting more and more hungry for the rich life Hayley showed her.

As night fell, the servants in Elliot’s villa had begun to prepare dinner. Anastasia and Jared had played soccer for half an hour, and both of them had gone back to their room to take a shower.

At that moment, two beams of headlights shone over the yard outside the villa. The owner of the place had returned.

Elliot, dressed in black from head to toe, stepped into the brightly lit hall.

“Young Master Elliot,” the servants respectfully greeted him.

“Where are they?”

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