My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 295

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 295 – Bubble Bath

“Miss Tillman and Young Master Tillman are having a bath upstairs.” With that, Elliot treaded upstairs with wide steps, where he went straight to Anastasia’s room. Jared had already gone to the playroom after Anastasia had washed him. It was her turn to take a shower in the bathroom now. She played with the bubbles as she soaked herself in the bathtub, her mind thinking of a way to tell Elliot soon that she was going to go home. After all, the man had brought her and her son over out of kindness. She couldn’t possibly break his heart time after time again.

Elliot thought that she was in the midst of bathing her son, and out of his intention to join them, he unthinkingly pushed open the bathroom door.

In that instant, their eyes met each other’s as one of them stood at the door, while the other lay in the bathtub.

“Ah!” Out of surprise, she let out a yelp and sat up straight.

Other than the small towel he had on that covered the important parts, Elliot had a good look of her fair and supple upper body.

Anastasia wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Even Elliot couldn’t believe that he had chosen the wrong time to come in.

It was only when she felt a chill in her upper body that she realized what she had stupidly done out of shock.

However, just as she was about to lie back down, she slipped on the bubbles, leaving only her pair of hands struggling above the water.

“Anastasia.” This time, he couldn’t care less about anything else as he hurried over with long strides, and reached into the water to scoop out the struggling woman.

At that instant, she almost died from shame on the spot.

She was wet from head to toe, and even though there was foam on her hair and body, it probably didn’t do much in covering her up.

She was now like a newborn baby in his arms.

The only thing she could do now was cover her face with her palms.

She was almost crying when she begged, “Elliot, put me down.”

His deep eyes fell on her body then, and they seemed to darken with unexplainable emotion.

“How much longer are you going to look?!” She almost had a breakdown when she noticed that he was quietly looking at her.

When he finally put her back into the bathwater, she sat there with her body curled up as she started getting angry. “Get out,” she hissed.

He only pursed his thin lips to hold back a smile, but still, he gently told her, “Take you bath properly.”

After saying that, he strode out and closed the door behind him.

She was left to miserably cover her face all by herself in the room.

She could only hold in her grief from being seen with nothing on her by the man.

She then quickly washed the bubbles off her body and put on her clothes.

She eventually let out a relieved sigh when she came out and found that Elliot was nowhere to be seen.

He was actually accompanying Jared at the time.

However, unlike his usual self who was always smooth at playing the Rubik’s cube, he couldn’t even match the little guy’s speed because his mind was preoccupied with a body figure he had seen earlier.

“Mr. Presgrave, I won again,” Jared boasted as he proudly waved the Rubik’s cube around.

Elliot reached out and stroked his head, and he praised, “You are awesome, Jared. I admit defeat.”

The little guy seemed to have gotten a great sense of achievement after hearing his words.

Elliot turned to look at the time then. “I think it is about time we go down for dinner.”

As Elliot walked out with Jared’s little hand in his, Anastasia also coincidentally came out of the room.

She instantly felt so embarrassed that she wanted to burrow into the ground. It felt rather unnecessary for her even if she were to wrap a blanket around her body.

Even though she was wearing a sweater, the way he looked at her made her panic with the feeling that she was standing in front of him with nothing on.

Jared brought her back to reality when he suddenly turned to her and said, “Mommy, let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

“Mm! Okay, let’s go!” She then went down the stairs first, making the corners of Elliot’s lips curl upward.

That was definitely a scene he would never forget all his life. Even though all that had happened within a short minute, there was not a thing in sight that he didn’t properly appreciate.

On the other hand, Anastasia was desperate to hide herself in a hole if she could.

Her face was hot throughout dinnertime. She would also tense up all over whenever his eyes landed on her.

After dinner, Elliot took Jared for a walk. Instead of joining them, Anastasia sat in the side hall as she used her phone.

She also paid attention to the proceeding of Lawrence’s court case.

It seemed that it would be impossible for both Lawrence and his goons to get out of prison after the 2 murder cases they had committed.

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