My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 297

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 297 – Elliot, Stop It…

Anastasia’s heart softened, and she sighed, “What do you want, then?” “Don’t you know what I want?” Elliot threw the question back to her again. It would be meaningless if he had to tell her step-by-step about wanting her to love him. Seeing that the conversation had come to a dead end, she suddenly thought of something before she stood up and said, “Thank you for taking care of us all this while, President Presgrave. It is late. We should get some rest. Good night.”

She was just about to walk past him when he, too, stood up from the sofa as he held her by the wrist. “Please don’t go. Don’t take Jared away from me,” he pleaded.

Upon hearing that, Anastasia stopped walking, her heart skipped a beat..

What is he talking about? she thought.

Why is he talking like I am abandoning him by leaving?

“President Presgrave… Please, let go of my hand.” She didn’t have the courage to turn to look at him.

“Anastasia,” he called out. “It is impolite to talk with your back facing others. Look me in the eyes and say it to my face.” After saying that, he turned her around by her shoulders and pinched her chin with his big palm as he forced her to look up.

She raised her head and looked straight into the man’s eyes. She noticed the anticipation and, surprisingly, a hint of fragility in his gaze. She could see her reflection between his long upper and lower lashes.

“Elliot, stop it…”

He could only let go of her in frustration. He had zero idea on how to keep her by his side.

After she was released, she took a step back, turned around, and went back to her room. She could still feel the pressure of his intense stare on her.

She still insisted on taking her son home tomorrow. She was going to return to work, and as for her son, she decided to enrol him in a private kindergarten with better security measures.

Neither Anastasia nor the man in the master bedroom had a good sleep that night.

She was in the midst of packing things the next morning when Elliot rapped his knuckles on the door before coming in. As soon as she finished packing up, she turned to him and requested, “I will have to trouble you to give us a ride.”

“It is about time Jared went to a different school,” he abruptly mentioned.

“I know. I will get in contact with a better school.”

“No need for that,” he immediately rejected her idea. “I have already gotten Jared a spot in a prestigious kindergarten after contacting them. He can start going to school tomorrow onward.”

“Is it near to Bourgeois?” she asked.

“It is close.”

“That is great. How about the school fees?” She wasn’t a wealthy woman, after all.

His eyebrows shot up at that. “You don’t have to worry about this. I will handle his school fees.”

“No, I can’t have you do that. I will pay you,” she quickly answered him. She didn’t want to owe him anything.Instead, he only unexpectedly said, “Money talks hurt relationships. He might become my son one day. It is my responsibility to raise him.”

She speechlessly stayed in the room for a while.

After she broke out of her reverie, she sat on the bed and immediately searched for all the prestigious kindergartens near Bourgeois. She only found one whose annual tuition fee was about 288,000 dollars.

She was slightly mind-blown when she saw the numbers. Why is this so expensive? she asked herself.

It was no wonder he didn’t want to tell her. He must have been worried that she couldn’t afford it. But in fact, it wasn’t an amount she could support with her meager salary.

She continued to search for another kindergarten around the neighborhood again, but she could only sigh in frustration when she found a few public ones that had a lottery system. There was no way she would enroll Jared in these shady schools.

At about 10:00PM, Elliot drove the mother-and-son duo home. They finally reached the area where Anastasia’s house was after an hour of driving. It was only after she pushed open the door to her house that she instantly felt a lot more relaxed.

She turned to Elliot and said, “President Presgrave, I won’t be sending you off if you have work to attend to.”

“I am not busy,” he briefly replied before he sat down on the sofa and kept Jared company.

Anastasia began to clean up then. She busily cleaned the room which was slightly bigger than 100 square meters, and soon the home looked like it was new.

Just as she straightened her back, someone beside her handed a glass of water. She began drinking it with a smile on her face when she saw that it was her son who brought it. “What a good boy my baby Jared is,” she cooed.

“Take a rest, Mommy!”

“Mommy isn’t tired.”

After she was done with the cleaning, she went to the supermarket downstairs to buy some food for the evening. It took her until the evening to be done with her grocery shopping, but Elliot was still there by the time she returned home. He seemed to have made himself comfortable at some point.

She personally cooked dinner at night, and Elliot only left after eating his share. Before he left, he informed her, “I will be picking Jared up for school tomorrow.”

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