My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 298

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 298 – Donated Five Million Dollars

“I still haven’t thought about whether or not to send Jared to that school,” Anastasia replied. “You don’t have to think about it,” Elliot said. “I have already decided for you.” He then left after closing the door behind him. She was thinking if she should just go ahead with the decision! She had gone through the teaching philosophy of that school, and it all seemed very good. She eventually fell asleep after debating over her dilemma the whole night. The next morning had already arrived by the time she opened her eyes. Elliot came and knocked on her door at 8:00PM sharp. She hadn’t really come up with an answer despite her sleepless night, and so Elliot took Jared by his hand and said, “Let’s go. I will take you to your new school.”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” She pulled her son back. “I have to think about it again. I will check out the other schools in the area today.”

Elliot tugged on the little guy’s other hand again. “WOuldn’t I have donated 5 million dollars in vain if Jared doesn’t go to school here?”

“What?” She could feel her brain short-circuit. “You donated 5 millions?!” She couldn’t believe that he actually made a donation just for his son to go to school!

As she was still frozen in shock, Elliot brought Jared to the elevator. She hurriedly followed after them into the elevator, and her head was still a mess when she looked at him and questioned him. “Did you really donate 5 million dollars?”

“Mhm,” he answered casually while fixing his cufflinks.

“Why didn’t you discuss it with me?” She was hysterical after hearing him confirm it. She couldn’t believe how wilful Elliot was.

“I don’t think any discussion is needed for this kind of trivial matter. I made the decision almost instantly.” The man’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.

Anastasia felt like a boulder was pressed against her chest that she couldn’t breathe. The 5-million donation suddenly felt like her responsibility. No, she thought. I can’t let his donation go to waste. She had found a private kindergarten about 20 minutes from her workplace, and it had a yearly fee of one hundred thousand dollars that she could still afford.

Her attitude suddenly did a 180, and she flashed a bright smile at him. “I will take Jared to school in a while, then! Why don’t you go back to the company, President Presgrave? I will have to have a good conversation with the teacher after Jared has arrived at his new school!”

Elliot had postponed a morning meeting just to send the young boy to school. He glumly replied, “I will go with you.”

“No, no,” she immediately refused. “Go ahead and get busy with your work.”

He was about to say something when he got off the elevator when his phone began to ring. After he reached for his phone and accepted the call, he spoke into it. “Hey… Okay. I will come over.”

“Alright, then. You can send Jared to Eden Kindergarten. Everything has been arranged. He can attend classes straightaway.”

Anastasia was overjoyed when she saw that there was finally business that Elliot couldn’t step away from, and she gleefully bid him farewell. “Okay. Thank you for being so kind. Goodbye.”

After she and her son watched Elliot’s car drive off, she took her son by his hand and said, “Jared, Mommy will take you to your new school. Let’s go!”

She then drove her son to the school she chose. Although it wasn’t top-notch, it was not bad at all. She approved of the security measures, too. ALso, the school seemed to be extra safe as it was situated beside a police station.

She was lucky that there just so happened to be a spot for Jared because of a child who dropped out.

Even though Jared was a transfer student who joined class halfway, he was not afraid to be in the new environment at all. It was already eleven 11AM by the time she went through all the admission procedures. Anastasia watched as her son was brought into class by a teacher, and she waved at him. “Jared, Mommy will pick you up this afternoon.”

The young boy waved goodbye happily before he went off to see his new classmates. Without missing a beat, Anastasia went to visit the top private kindergarten in the city center.

The teacher had been waiting for Jared to come to handle the admission, but it was Anastasia who ended up appearing. Anastasia assumed the position as Elliot’s assistant to find her way to the principal’s office, where she started discussing the donation. She wasn’t ashamed at all to ask for a refund since Jared didn’t end up studying here.

The principal was not happy about it at first, but as Anastasia kept insisting on the refund, the principal could only give her his signature with a sour face. It was only after an hour when Anastasia had gotten the bank card for the 5-million-dollar refund that she could finally leave feeling relieved.

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