My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 299

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 299 – Miss Tillman, What Are You Doing?

Anastasia had returned to Bourgeois after that. As she was having lunch with Felicia outside, the latter told her that Elliot hadn’t been to Bourgeois ever since Anastasia had been on leave. She then teasingly added, “It looks to me you are the only reason President Presgrave comes to the company!” Anastasia’s face immediately heated up. Felicia seemed to be someone who could see through everything. She also told Anastasia that a new designer had come over in the afternoon due to the expansion of the business. The person was a rather mysterious person whose gender Felicia didn’t know, and seemed to have had an airborne arrival at the company.

“For the designer to arrive in such a way, they definitely have some sort of relationship with President Presgrave,” Felicia speculated.

Hearing that, Anastasia couldn’t help but think to herself, Could it be a relative of the Presgrave family?

At 2:30PM, Anastasia went and greeted Lily, the assistant working in the general office. She reminded Lily to inform her as soon as Elliot reached the company.

She was sorting out the latest emails she had received when the landline rang, and she swiftly reached out to pick it up. “Hi,” she greeted briefly, in which Lily’s voice came from the other end of the call.

“Miss Tillman, President Presgrave has arrived.”

“Got it. Thank you.”

After she hung up the call, she took out the bank card with 5 million dollars from her bag. She couldn’t wait to give it to Elliot so that she could feel more at ease.

With the card in her hand, she walked in the direction of the elevator, where she then pressed the button to the eighth floor. She suddenly thought of what Felicia said about how Elliot had not been to Bourgeois this week. But he is here now, she mused. Could it be true that he is here because of me?

She had never believed that she had the ability to make Elliot give up the luxurious and spacious office of Presgrave Group’s headquarters, and transfer to a place like Bourgeois.

But it was for a fact that Elliot was here today.

As she passed by Lily’s office, she noticed that the assistant was not in her seat. She then walked directly to Elliot’s office, and when she saw the door that was hidden from plain sight, she was about to knock on it when she heard a coquettish laughter from behind the door. “I will definitely work hard and live up to your expectations, Elliot.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Elliot said fondly in his deep voice. “You can always ask for my help with work in the future.”

“Mhm! I know. I will try my best not to bother you. I am already very happy to be your subordinate.” The female voice was pleasant to listen to. For her to have such a sweet and melodious voice, she probably was a beauty as well.

Is this the airborne designer that Felicia was talking about? She seems like she knows Elliot personally. Anastasia’s hand froze mid-air as multiple thoughts began to swim through her mind.

The woman suddenly sounded bashful as she spoke expectantly. “Are you free tonight, Elliot? I want to treat you to a meal.”

Anastasia had suspected that it might be one of the Presgraves’ relative’s children, but when she heard her flirtatious tone, it was obvious that they were not related by blood. The woman probably fancied the man, too.

Elliot was a dreamboat, after all.

He neither rejected nor agreed. “Tonight? I will check if I have the time.”

“It is so amazing how you alone manage such a big company.” The woman’s voice was full of admiration.

Hearing that, Elliot let out a low laugh and replied, “It can be tiring sometimes.”

“Which is why I want to buy you something good for dinner tonight and help you relax. Aww come on, just say yes!” The woman inside the office was half-seducing and half-pleading. Her soft voice seemed useful at making men listen to her.

“Miss Tillman, what are you doing?” Lily suddenly asked in an emotionless voice.

Anastasia was completely surprised by Lily’s sudden appearance. She didn’t even notice that her upper body was already leaning over. In that instant, she lost her balance, and she abruptly slammed open the office door in front of her as she stumbled into Elliot’s office.

She panickedly raised her head, only to see Elliot sitting at the desk, and there was a young woman in a suit leaning over on his desk. She had her chin plopped in her palms as she put on a cute and kittenish appearance.

Not brave enough to look at the man’s face, Anastasia bowed her head and stammered as she apologized. “So—sorry to bother you. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Please, continue with what you were doing…”

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