My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 300

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 300 – The Most Beautiful Idiot in the World

A look of displeasure flashed across Aliona’s face. Is she doing this on purpose? she fumed as she looked at Anastasia. She really knows how to pick the worst timing. Of all the time she could have come, she just had to choose to show up now. Elliot’s comflicted gaze fell on the woman who had just barged in, and he was instantly overjoyed. Was she eavesdropping from outside? After Anastasia had regained her composure, she began to explain in a serious manner. “I apologize. I have just arrived. I will come back later if I have interrupted your conversation.”

She was about to turn around and leave after saying that when a male voice called out from behind. “Wait a minute.” Elliot then turned to the woman at his table and said, “Aliona, go and get familiarized with your office first.”

Aliona’s plan to invite him to dinner immediately failed because of Anastasia’s intervention. She pursed her l*ps and smiled as she replied, “Got it, Elliot. I am off, then.”

The two women looked at each other as Aliona walked past Anastasia. Despite feeling upset, Aliona managed to greet Anastasia politely. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello,” Anastasia replied in an equally polite voice.

As soon as the door behind her closed, she had no choice but to look up at the man sitting at the desk. However, when their eyes met, she lowered her head guiltily as she walked over to him. She then meekly put the bank card she had tightly held on to in front of him, “I am returning this.”

Eliot’s gaze followed along, and when he saw the card, he slightly frowned as he asked, “What is this?”

She cleared her throat then. “This is the 5-million donation I got back from Eden Kindergarten. Please take it!”

Elliot’s handsome face instantly fell.

He couldn’t believe that Anastasia would get a refund behind his back!

“Did you not send Jared to this school?” He stood up angrily, his big and tall frame towering over her.

Startled, she took a guilty step back and quickly explained, “I have my limitations. I can only give Jared the best education within my ability. I can’t depend on your help.”

He was so angry after hearing her words that his chest started to hurt. He reached out to fix the front of his top, and he let out a long breath. “Where did you send him?”

It somewhat seemed to her that he was the most agitated because her son could not receive the best education.

She was still grateful for his concern over her son’s well being, and so she comforted him. “President Presgrave, I know that you like Jared, but you really don’t have to worry. I sent him to another private school. It is also a pretty decent school. Please keep the card.”

As she turned around to leave after saying her fill, she heard a cold huff coming from behind. “What did you hear just now?” Elliot questioned her.

She stopped walking and shook her head. “I didn’t hear anything.”

“Her name is Aliona Dora. She is the daughter of my father’s best friend. She will be your colleague from today onward,” he explained casually.

Just as Anastasia had thought, she was the girl Felicia said was airborne here.

Turning her head, she praised, “Oh! Is that so? She is very beautiful!” She then looked at the man with thoughtful eyes.

He noticed her odd gaze, and he let out a frown as he asked, “What is it that you are trying to say?”

“Seems to me she likes you very much. She must have the intention to pursue you. You have to grab onto the opportunity, President Presgrave.” she jokingly replied.

“Be more confident. She is no prettier than you.” He rested both arms on the desk as he gazed at her with fiery eyes.

She was stunned for a few seconds, and she started talking down about herself. “How am I pretty? I am just normal. I can’t compare to her.”

“Haven’t you heard the saying that love makes everything beautiful, and that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder? Even if you were to turn into a idiot some day, you would still be the most beautiful idiot in the world to me,” he teasingly scolded her.

Enraged, she rolled her eyes at him. How dare he call me a idiot! He is the idiot, not me!

“I will go pick up Jared with you in the evening. I would also like to take a look at his new school.” The man had finally accepted her arrangement. It wasn’t the first time she had rejected his help, anyway.

Rejecting him was a trait that made Anastasia who she was. He was already used to it.

Elliot couldn’t help but find it strange how all the women who approached him, Aliona who he met today included, would do everything possible to get his attention. Anastasia somehow was the only exception.

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