Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 10

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 10 – The air between my hands fizzles and zaps , electricity zapping between both as the air warps and I cast the sphere . I swallowed , feeling how hard it was to maintain and hold on to . Tobias made it look easy like he did casts regularly , but as hard as it was , I could feel my magic thriving , wanting to see how far it could push itself . “ Do you know why Vampiric- Fae casts are so dangerous ? ” I murmur . ” You’re not vampiric , though , ” The demon laughs . ” You’re right . Because I am so much more , ” I tell them , and the sphere casting changed to flames , the forest Tobias created in my head now burning in my hands . ” But that isn’t what I asked ? ” I tell the man who mocked me . ” What are you teaching now , Aleera ? ” Darius taunts behind me . ” Yes , teaching you all who you’re fucking with , ” I tell them . Darius shakes his head at me .

” And to answer my own question , since you idiots don’t seem to know the answer , they compel your deepest fears and manipulate them into the cast , ” I answer , making the sphere bigger . I focus on everyone’s auras , pulling on Kalen’s magic across the room , their auras dark and shadowy , and I am shocked at how easy it was to pull on his magic since I had marked him . He gasps , and I glance at the aura tainting the demon men , each a distinct shadow of darkness with a different consistency . “

So my next question is , what do you fear most ? ” I chuckle , clenching my fingers into a fist before opening them . My magic flew out , the cast wrapping around them all like a dark cloud , and the chair screeched as I manipulated their auras , feeling for what they fear most . Watching as they scream and arms fly in the air .

One in the front was petrified of spiders , and he clawed at his clothes and tried to wipe them off . Screams rang out through the room as others ducked , fearing Phoenixes they thought were swooping . It was oddly satisfying watching them scream and fear

the images I had put their heads . They laughed , and now they screamed . I chuckle at the coldness of the magic meddling with them and spewing out of me , magnifying , latching onto their biggest fears . All of them suddenly plunged into their worst nightmare , and I smirked , feeling the angry ripple when the one covered in spiders set himself on fire with his magic , the flames flying at the roof when Darius grabbed me and shook me . ” Drop it ! ” he snaps at me and shakes me .

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And I see Darius go to absorb my magic and drop it before he does . He glares at me , and the screams die out . ” Are you trying to burn this fucking place to the ground ? ” he snarled at me . I glanced at the Demons , who were all shaken . I smirked , my eyes flickering .

” Do you think this is funny ? ” Darius said while his grip on my arms tightened as he shook me . ” Fucking hilarious , as hilarious as they found me falling on my ass , ” I sneered back at him , and he growled , and I noticed out of the corner of my eye .

Tobias was helping some off the ground . Darius growls and looks at Tobias , but the moment he turns his gaze away , my magic erupts again as I clamp my hands on his face . ” What is your greatest fear , Darius ? What makes you : shake in your fucking boots ? “

I spit at him as he gasped , and he became stuck in the cast . The sphere takes shape as I latch onto his fear , manipulating it and making him relive it . I see a room . It looked sterile , with lots of science equipment and steel tables . He is a little boy , maybe only six years old , and he runs over to a man tugging on the back of his white lab coat .

My breath lodged in my throat when the man turned around . I don’t know who I expected to see , but it definitely wasn’t him . The man turns , and I am suddenly staring down my own father .

I blink , watching the cast when Darius roars , his grip tightening on my arms , and I try to push the cast wanting to see more and hold it over him when the room inside the cast catches on fire when Darius manipulates it himself and I am shoved back . My ass and lower back hit Tobias’s

desk , and I stared at him wide – eyed as he stalked toward me . His face was furious as he snarled , and I flinched as he smashed me with his magic , sucking the oxygen out of the air and choking me . ” You want to play , little Fae , then let’s see what you fear ! ” he snarls , reaching for me . His hands lock on the side of my face . I don’t fight him .

I knew what I feared , and I have faced my fears head – on . He forces the cast to latch onto me . Only when it does what I fear is reflected at him , too . He staggers back when what he sees is his own reflection . The night he killed my parents was the first thing he saw . What I fear ,

I have always feared was him . The cast warps , and we are suddenly back in the basement where he broke my hand and leg , yet I don’t scream when it snaps it this time . I keep my head , reminding myself it isn’t real . However , Darius is not expecting to star in my biggest fears , his magic drops , and he takes a step back from me .

” What is it , Darius ? I face my fear daily . Not as weak as you thought , huh ? Because I’m still fucking standing ! ” I tell him . He blinks at me in shock , which soon turns to rage when he grabs me again . ” Let’s see how much bravado you have without magic then , “

he snarls before stealing my magic so quickly I stagger , sucking in air and gasping for breath when he takes every drop , leaving me with nothing , leaving me hollow as he siphoned me . ” Darius ! ” Lycus growls , rushing toward us , but he freezes when Darius turns his glare on him .

” Give her power back to her , and she will be back in the fucking cells where she belongs . ” He yells at our mates before turning his attention back to me . ” If you think you can push me and win , Aleera ? You can’t . You’re smart to fear me . I am the monster you portray me to be , and pull that shit again against me , and you will relive your biggest fears . ” He snaps before turning on his heel and walking out .

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