Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 11

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 11 – Darius POV

My anger gets the better of me . I stole her magic , something I didn’t think I would do again . I didn’t want her powerless , yet I couldn’t have her digging around in my head . My anger will also be how I lose them if I am not careful . Instantly , I regretted it as I walked out of the classroom . The betrayal I felt from her stole my breath . My mate’s anger was scorching me through the bond . However , Tobias’s energy was curious as it washed through me , and I knew he would be following me . Opening a portal in front of me . I stepped through it before he could follow me .

Letting the suction of it zap me into new surroundings . It was cold down here . Far below the ground and directly beneath the castle were the bunkers . When my mother and sister lived down here , I swear it felt warmer . Now it felt as cold as the nagging at my soul , cold as the nagging guilt that plagued me . No one knew this place was here except my father when he was alive and the two guards that kept watch in the cells , and of course , my mates . Aleera is utterly unaware that she sat in the cell that was the only entrance into this place besides portaling . However , only those of blood could portal into this place .

The blood encryption that protected the place kept everyone out . Walking around and across the bunker , I sit on my sister’s old bed . It was only a single , and she had drawn a fake window on the wall . I remember that day so clearly . She was so excited when I brought the paints down to her and snuck them in against Dad’s orders .

The beating I copped for that was worth it just to see her face light up as she painted what she envisioned outside to look like . My father was a good father , but with my sister and that idiocy on my part , he lost it . If there was a closet full of skeletons , this place held mine , the bones and blood spilled by these hands , the souls destroyed and lives lost , this is where they are stored as a reminder of the kind of monster I truly am . An entire species of

Fae is eradicated because of me . No one had blood on their hands as I did . No one can say they have killed more people than the Dominic – Fae King . Was this my karma ? A punishment for my past ? Now I risked losing them all , the only four people I care about , and they would leave when they figured out what I had done .

So many secrets , and now they were unraveling . I tried to make it up to her and apologize , but mum never looked at me the same after that day . She never uttered a word to dad or anyone again . She slipped into herself and became a shell . Her life force was gone ,

and she was an empty vessel of my mother . I did that to her , and she took it to the grave rather than risk losing another of her children . Waving my hand in the air , I let my magic fizzle through my fingertips , casting the memory like a projection , and watch it repeatedly , wondering how I forgot , looking at any little detail I may have forgotten or overlooked .

Though , there was no denying it was my fault . The familiar echo of the sound of her laughter as she skipped around the vast bunker . She was so small , pale from not being in the sun , but full of life even though forced to live down here .

” Darius , Darius , look at me , ” Sarah squealed as I stepped into the bunker . She did a cartwheel running over to me . I clapped , watching her do another before she slammed into me , wrapping her tiny arms around my waist until I scooped her up . I had just gotten home from school and couldn’t wait to show mum the grade I got that day on my test .

I ran straight down here . I always brought my homework down in the afternoon , and mum would help , and I wanted to show her that despite her being underground , I was still doing ok . She hated being apart from us , but none of us could bear the thought of leaving my sister down here on her own after the second wave hit . My father couldn’t stay with her . He was too busy trying to find a cure . Setting her down on the ground , I placed

my bag on the coffee table and rummaged through it . Mum was making afternoon tea at the industrial – style bench and cutting sandwiches into the little hats , as my sister would call them . ” Mummy , mummy , can I have a drink ? ” Sarah asked , and my mother looked over at her and smiled warmly , a smile I never saw again after that day .

” In a minute , sweetie Darius is showing me something , ” my mother tells her , and she sticks her tongue out at me . I stick mine out back at her , and she rushes off . My mother stops what she is doing when I stop beside her and hand her my paper .

She beams happily and gives me praise , hugging and squeezing me tight , telling me how proud she is . Something dad never did since mum became trapped down here . ” That’s great , honey , ” she says , giving me a hug and kissing my head when we hear Sarah cough .

The room fell silent , and it felt like time had stopped along with my heart . We turned from the counter to look at her . The scream that left my mother was loud , visceral , guttural torment . That noise my mother made would forever haunt me . The sound of Sarah’s voice and the look on her face haunted my nightmares for years until I marked Kalen .

The blood drained out of me when I looked at her . My drink bottle fell from her hands as she coughed , blood sputtering out of her lips . The plague worked like acid , eating away at them so quickly no one stood a chance . No help was ever fast enough .

” I just wanted a drink , ” Sarah murmured as the orange cordial spilled on the floor , pouring liquid death all over the floor along with her life . ” Mummy ? ” she gasped as blood seeped from her tear ducts , ears , and nose .

Sarah collapsed and seized on the floor while my mother wailed , clutching her and all I could do was stand there in horror until my mother screamed at me to get help . But it was too late . They never survived . I had filled my bottle up from the tap upstairs before school . Tainted water . That error took her life and killed her .

When she stopped seizing , I knew as I stopped at the door to the cells . A noise so agonized and tortured I knew I didn’t just kill my sister ; I had killed my mother too . I flick my fingers , shutting it off , unable to see any more , unable to watch her shut down , unable to see the horrified look on my father’s face when he came down . How did Aleera survive and my sister didn’t ? Why didn’t I die that day with her , with mum ? I sat in the ruins of what killed my family . Staring at the place haunted me more than anything .

Time slipped by , and it wasn’t until I felt the tug of the bond that I found myself in my room . How many hours had passed ? I had no idea , but my mates were all asleep . Aleera was asleep on the edge of the bed beside Kalen .

Her head lay on his arm , and I brushed her hair back from behind her ear . Her bond tugged at mine , and I wanted to crawl in beside her , wanted to give in . Thank god she looked like her mother . I don’t think I could bear staring into the eyes of her father every damn day .

Even asleep , her bond tugged at mine , wanting my power , and mine wanted to give it to her , Ryze shakes his feathers out where he is perched on the headboard . Such wise birds , and I hated the way its beady eyes scrutinized me , though when be spoke , it shocked me .

” Solace in harmony , ” Ryze spoke . My brows furrow . ”

Alirra , solace in harmony , ” he says , mispronouncing her name . I glance down at her , and Ryze leans down , raking his tongue across her cheek , and his tongue glows red . But he was still juvenile . Yet his message was clear . He wanted me to give her power back . I stroke his head feathers , and he moves , sitting back up his tail , swishing around , and slapping Lycus in the face . Lycus swats it in his sleep , which seems to egg Ryze on because he continues to do it . Leaning down , I brush my lips against hers , my lips warm as I give it back , letting her bond take it when her eyes fly open . I stand back , and we stare at each other . She looked at me like she wasn’t

sure she was dreaming , her bond tugging at mine , wanting the connection back . When she sits up abruptly , she looks at our sleeping mates , and I quickly slip into the bathroom to escape back to her old room . ” Darius ? ” I heard her question herself and felt her confusion , but I didn’t stop needing to get away from her , get away before I broke and gave into her .

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