Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 2

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 2 – Darius Pov

All night I was awake . I couldn’t sleep . I had completely forgotten about the true meaning of keeper . She would know our darkest secrets , even the ones not even my mates knew , and some I kept were unforgivable . I was too ashamed to tell them , too afraid they would run from me if they knew the sort of monster I truly was . I could feel her so easily through the bond , feel her fear as she lived through what Kalen endured . Feel her burning anger at what they did to him . I wondered what she would think of my past , how much she would turn against me once the truth was out .

We all had secrets , but none of them kept the secrets I did . None of them had done what I did . They all thought they were monsters . I was the biggest monster of all . Hearing the door push open , I see Lycus walk in . His wolf sniffed the air before coming over to the bed . He climbed up , laying across Kalen and me . I stroke his fur , and he purrs , resting his head on Kalen’s lower back , his tail swishing back and forth in the air happily . Tobias flicked his wrist toward the door closing it before turning his attention back to me . Tobias watched me . I could feel his eyes on me , feel his burning curiosity . I knew he was also worried about Aleera knowing his past , knowing about his brother . At the same time , he wanted answers too .

Some part of him wanted her to know what she took from him . He may act like he has forgiven her , but I know he hasn’t . I could feel it festering inside him , yet the bond was irresistible , and he was done fighting it . We all had lost something because of her , maybe not directly because of her , but what would happen when they learned everything started with what I did . All of it was my fault . Everything that happened was my fault . I never should have gone looking for her . If I had known whose daughter she was , I would have waited until she came of age before seeking her out . I was not expecting her father to answer that door . What were the chances that I would be bonded to my father’s greatest enemy’s daughter ? Aleera was his best

kept secret , but knowing what I know now . I was certain he was the one that unleashed the plague . Hearing a commotion downstairs , Kalen jumped , sitting upright . I grip Lycus’s fur as he growls and stands glaring at the door . Tobias gets up . ” For crying out loud . What now ? ” Tobias growls , stalking toward the closet . Shaking my head , I push Lycus back so I can get up before kissing Kalen when he rolls off me . Getting up , I walk to the dresser . ” Wait here , ” I tell Lycus and Kalen .

I grab a tank top , pulling it on before walking out of the room and down the corridor . Tobias cursing as the racket grew louder as the recruits freaked out about something downstairs . ” What time is it ? ” I asked Tobias . He pulls his phone out of his pocket . ” 5 am , ” he growls , shaking his head . We walked down the stairs to the next level . The recruits were freaking out about something , and I could see them all looking out the windows . Some even rushed back up the stairs to their rooms .

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” What the fuck is going on ? ” I boomed , leaning over the banister and looking at the ground floor . They all froze , looking up at us , and Tobias cursed while a few pointed out the windows . All of them are too stunned to speak , and Tobias growls . ” Back to your rooms ! ” Tobias snapped , his voice echoing like a thunderclap , and they took off .

Waiting for the stampede of men to scatter , we descended down to the next level . Grabbing one of the stragglers , I yanked him toward me . ” What is going on ? ” I snarled at him , and his mouth opened and closed like a fish as he shook . I shoved him away , looking up to see haunted peering faces staring back at us .

” You call yourselves an army ? ” I bellowed angrily . Tobias turned toward the double doors . Some ran . Others shrieked when someone on the top level spoke up . ” I wouldn’t go out , ” he said , and Tobias froze , looking at me and I , him . He looked out the windows , and I moved to the wide double doors and glanced out but saw nothing .

” Fucking bunch of pussy’s , ” Tobias snapped . He shoves the doors open and stalks outside , and so do I. ” I swear if this is a fucking prank , I am opening veins , ” Tobias snapped as we stepped outside . Looking around , we saw nothing . Shaking my head , we started walking toward the huge obstacle course to find what they were scared of

. ” You have been quiet tonight , ” Tobias states , nudging me . 11 ” Just thinking , ” ” You’re worried about her finding out her parents are alive , ” Tobias says , and I sigh . That wasn’t what I was worried about . ” You might as well tell me . We will find out anyway ,

” Tobias says as we stop at the edge of the obstacle course . ” What the fuck is that ? ” Tobias says , looking at the climbing wall . He points , and I follow his finger to notice something torn apart and bloody perched on top of the wall . Sniffing the air , it was definitely blood . I growl , stalking toward it to see better , yet the closer we got , the more unidentifiable it became . ” You going to answer ? ” Tobias asked as we climbed the hill toward the center of the obstacle course .

” What if I did kill someone ? ” I ask , and Tobias stops . He looks at me , and I look toward the forest , unable to meet his gaze . ” I think she would understand you killing your father , Darius , ” ” Not him , ” I admit . Tobias seems taken aback , and his shock hits me through the bond .

I swallow , and he steps closer before grabbing my arm and shaking me . ” What did you do ? ” he snarls . ” I killed him , ” I tell Tobias . Though I had a reason , it was also a reason for her to hate me when she found out . ” Who ? ” ” Her father , ” I tell him . Tobias lets me go and tilts his head to the side . ” No , I was there . I would have seen you do it ? ” but he also knew I wasn’t lying was just hoping I was .

” It was when I went back in , ” I tell him . ” Darius ! ” ” So you fucking killed them ? ” Tobias snapped . ” No , her mother got away , and she is lucky she did because I would have killed her too , but , ” I tried to explain . ” You killed her father ? ” he asks again and I nod .

” Fuck Darius ! How could you keep this from me ? ” ” She already assumed I killed them , and I didn’t think . He was a fucking elder , ” I let out a breath . ” He is also guilty for unleashing the fucking plague . You could have told me ! ” Tobias forever , my defender . I swallowed guiltily , I never killed him for what he did to Aleera but what he said to me .

” Fuck ! Darius , she would be pissed knowing they were alive , but to find out you actually did kill them , ” ” ” Her father , her mother is still alive , ” I tell him , and he clutches his hair and gurses . ” Anything else I need to fucking know ? ” he asks and I press my lips in a line . ” There is more , isn’t there ? ” ” You’re unbelievable , ” he says , storming off toward the obstacle course . Tobias climbs the climbing wall , grabbing whatever it is and ripping it off , letting it fall to the ground in a heap . ” We agreed on no secrets , Darius ! What else ? ” He snaps before jumping from the top and landing beside me

. ” Darius ! ” ” Shut up , ” I snap , squatting next to the torn apart creature or what was left of it . Tobias growls and walks off , and I see him pick up something on the other side of the wall before tossing it at my feet . It was a cow head . I take a step back . ” It’s a cow , ” Tobias says , and I look at the climbing wall . ” Now , how did a cow get up there ? ” I ask , and Tobias growls . ” How else ? It is a fucking prank . I am going to kill them , ” Tobias says , storming

off back toward the castle in a burning rage . I didn’t know who he was madder at , me or the recruits . Climbing the hill again , I get to the peak , and Tobias was further ahead when color caught my eye , making me peer up at the roof . My feet stop in horror as I gasped . I look at Tobias , unaware of what is right above him . Opening a portal ,

I appear beside him and grab his arm . ” What ? ” he snaps , and I point to the roof . Tobias looks up and takes a step back . ” Fuck me ! ” he gasps , and I look around at the trees and tap his shoulder . Tobias turns , his eyes also going to the trees . How we missed it , I did not know . ” That’s impossible .

They are almost extinct , ” he whispers . ” Apparently not . They were just waiting for their master , ” I tell him , turning back to peer up at the roof . ” There are hundreds of them ! ” Tobias shrieks . ” Explains the dead cow , ” I tell him , nearly choking on my spit .

” What do you think they want ? ” Tobias asked . ” Geez , I don’t know , Tobias , go ask one ? What do you think they want ? ” I snap at him . ” Aleera ! ” We both say simultaneously . ” She has a fucking army of them , ” Tobias murmurs .

” Well , you better hope you don’t have too many secrets because she unleashes those things , you’re fucked , ” Tobias says , storming off toward the castle doors . @ 11 ” And I ain’t feeding them , ” he calls over his shoulder .

I looked up at the roof , and I could not see a single tile . Hundreds of phoenix’s all perched like a sea of flaming color , every inch of the roof was obscured by them . But if this was after obtaining her power and marking one of us , what would she bring when she owned all of us ? But more importantly , if they could sense her , who else could ?

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