Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 20

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 20 – Tobias Pov

I was furious that Lycus would do this. Why he would sneak off to see the man responsible for abandoning him and almost killing him and Kalen multiple times was beyond me. “Hurry up, Lycus! I swear if he followed you back here..” I don’t finish when Lycus comes out the doors. “He couldn’t have followed me, I portaled,” Lycus says, and I shake my head. “That doesn’t mean he didn’t follow you, “I tell him. Lycus glares at me while sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling on his socks and boots.

Ryze watches us from where he is perched on the windowsill.  I whistle at him, and Ryze lifts his head to look at me before he flies over. He might as well come since Aleera wasn’t here, and we were going to check the wards weren’t breached because Lycus decided to meet up with his piece of shit father. I grab my jacket, pulling it on. “How much?” I ask him, opening up the portal.

Lycus doesn’t answer, and I knew if he went to the pits, it was to fight, which brought in hefty numbers.

“Does it matter? I didn’t want to ask you for money,” he says as I pass through it. “Because it would have been a no. He can’t touch Kalen or us, so why do you continue to give into him?” I demand, stepping through the portal. Lycus follows, and I look around the forest. It appeared untouched, but we need to be sure he wasn’t followed, and that none of the wards were broken.

And Darius had nearly 30 wards placed that we now had to spend our day trekking through thick terrain to find and make sure they hadn’t been tripped or broken. The ones on the castle, Darius felt, these one’s around the perimeter, though we’re more of camouflage and deterrent.

They had a wicked kick, which was usually enough to stop anyone who may try to cross. “So answer me, how much did you make him?” I ask Lycus as I swat a fly that was buzzing around my head. I smack it, sending it flying into the ward, for it buzzes loudly and dies as it is electrocuted when Ryze jumps off my shoulder and snatches up a lizard.

Lycus pulls a face as Ryze chomps the poor critter, then slurps its tail in like it is eating a noodle. I chuckle, watching the marvelous bird before he puffs out his feathers. “30,” Lycus breathes, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“Better be thousand and not you risking your damn life for $30!” I growl, and he stops and glares at me. “As if I would agree to be punched in the damn head for $30!” Lycus snaps at me. Ryze hisses at him before looking at me, and I roll my eyes when he flaps his wings and jumps onto my shoulder.

“Better not have. Your pretty little head is worth so much more than that.” I chuckle while he glares at me. I scratch Ryze’s chest feathers. “Why would matter if I did? It’s my goo ケ xx Tasting Darkness book 2 Chapter 20 head,” Lycus growls. “You better not have, or I will beat your ass for free for your stupidity,” I snap at him.

“It was 30 thousand! Geez, what do you take me for?” Lycus says as we start walking. Ryze nips at my fingers when I stop petting him. And I flick his beak.

” You know you’re heavy, right? So be nice, ‘I snap at Aleera’s pet. Turning my attention back to Lycus, he checks another ward, hissing when he pokes the stake. 11 “Did you win?” I ask because I would beat ass for losing if he didn’t.

“What do you think?” he asks, bending down and checking the next stake in the ground. He touches it before pulling his hand back when it jolts him and sucking on his thumb and growling 7 Dod Tasting Darkness book 2 Chapter 20 on his thumb and growling. “Fucker! You’re touching the next one,” Lycus hisses.

“Nope, you’re the reason we are checking them in the first place. Therefore, you get to poke them,” I tell him. We made our way around the site, coming up where we were lined up with the training grounds. We could smell the smoke and the charged air where everyone was training. I could even hear them hollering as they taunted each other.

“Did he say anything afterward?” I ask Lycus, wanting to know if he agreed to meet up with the bastard again because if he did, I would be following to kill the prick. “He said that he would be in touch,” Lycus says, and I frown before shaking ワ Tasting Darkness book 2 Chapter 20 my head and cursing.

I knew why he did it before, but now he had Darius and me. We won’t let his father hurt them, so why? He did not need to do his father’s bidding? Did he believe we couldn’t keep Kalen safe from his father? I watch as Lycus bends down, checking the stake, when Ryze screeches, flapping his wings where he was perched on my shoulder. Ryze had insisted on hitching a ride because the bird was too lazy to fly. Instead, he wanted me to cart his heavy ass around. Lycus curses before standing and looking to where the next marker is and runs over to it

. “What is it?” I ask him and my eyes widen when I see him pick up the stake that shouldn’t be able to be pulled from the earth. He ran through the shrubs,  moving ferns and grabbing another, and the fear that raced through the bond was strong.

“Tobias, I… I’m…” his words cut off when Ryze screeches loudly, jumping from my shoulder and flying up and through the trees, just as screams ring out and shouting. “We have been breached!” I gasped in horror as my infinity mark burned when a portal opened up directly behind Lycus. “Lycus, behind you!” I screamed out to him, tossing my hands forward just as he ducked.

Lycus turns and pivots before he drives the stake in his hands straight through the hooded figure’s chest. The person crumpled to the ground, and I dropped my hands and raced to his side as Lycus bent down, ripping the hood back.”Power hunters!” Lycus gasped. “Aleera!” I gasped, looking in the castle’s direction before opening a portal.

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