Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 22

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 22 – Aleera

It was utter chaos. My birds’ screeching squawks ripped my heart to shreds as they began to fall, half of them torn to shreds when the man holding me under his spell was thrown into the castle wall. I collapsed on the ground, only to look up at the bloodshed surrounding me. I blinked, my eyes trying to track Tobias’s blurring movement as he fought to get to Darius, who was surrounded by the hooded figures.

His magic being the strongest, seemed to make him the biggest target. Turning my head, I saw an enormous wolf coming straight toward me, all claws and sharp gleaming teeth as it launched Tasting Darkness Chapter 22 and sharp gleaming teeth as it launched itself directly at me.

I closed my eyes, waiting to be torn to shreds when its fur brushed past my face as it jumped over the top of me; a feral snarl tore from deep within its chest.

I gasp, twisting to see its powerful jaws ripping the hooded figure I hadn’t noticed coming up behind me.

Blood sprays everywhere, coating me and the grass when I feel through the bond that it was Lycus.

Ryze screeches loudly, and I get to my feet, searching for him. Only to find him attacking a hooded man on the ground. He swats at Ryze; only then do I catch the crazed look on his face and the blood drenching his clothes when he turns slightly.

The man lifts his hand, and Ryze screeches as he is blasted with his magic.

My scream was deafening, and I fell deaf to everything around me when I felt my infinity mark burn as hot as Lava up my arms and spear through my heart when I realized the blood tainting the Vampiric- Fae was Kalen’s. Kalen’s body jerks on the ground as he sputters, coughing up blood and gasping for air.

Lycus howls as he, too, feels the pain beat into him.

I felt all their fear bleed into me as Lycus tore past me, tackling the figure while I ran toward Kalen, who lay bleeding on the ground. My legs gave out when I reached him. He was gasping for air, his throat torn out as he choked on his own blood, and I heard a roar behind me, yet I couldn’t tear my eyes from Kalen as he clutched my arms.

My hands frantically tried to stem the bleeding, trying to heal him, but my 8 magic was gone, and the vampire had not only sucked the power from his veins but his life’s blood from his body. I turned to see Lycus tearing the man apart, Darius fighting for his life, and I screamed.

“Tobias!” I screamed, knowing he was the only one who could heal him fast enough. Yet he was fighting to get to us but was surrounded. My fingers become slippery with the warmth of Kalen’s blood when I am jerked backward by my hair, and teeth sink into my neck.

I thrash, trying to escape the figure holding me down and tearing into my neck with razor-sharp teeth. Yet my mind had one thought: Kalen. We needed to help Kalen. The petrified look on his face seared into my mind would forever haunt me, yet nothing will haunt me more than the feeling of our bond breaking and with it so did I Every nart breaking, and with it, so did I.

Every part of me broke when the bond severed, and along with it a piece of me died with him.

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