Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 3

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 3 – Aleera Pov

I spent most of the next day drifting in and out of sleep , wasn’t I supposed to shred until I had claimed all of them . That it is how it usually worked so when I woke up to find the process over I was a little confused , though relieved . It ook me a few seconds to recognize what woke me , it was whispers . My eyes felt heavy as I opened them , blinking rapidly as I fought the urge to yawn and rub my eyes . Lycus was pressed against my back , his arm draped over my waist and his face buried in my hair . Kalen is asleep , facing me , his face slack looking rather peaceful .

I wanted to trace his facial features gosh this man was beautiful . However the whispers I could hear were coming from near the fireplace and I couldn’t help but listen . Tobias and Darius appeared to be arguing . I tried to listen , catching the end of their conversation . ” You could ruin everything , everything Darius , I can’t believe you would do that , ” Tobias hissed . ” I am not a necessary piece . We can still maintain power . We have for years , and she seems fine , ” Darius growled . My brows pinch together , wondering what they are talking about . ” And when she wants to ? Then what ? How will you explain that to her fucking bond , to her ? You are a right prick sometimes , you don’t need to control everything , ” Tobias snarled .

” Me controlling everything is what has kept us alive . As I said , we can work it out , we can- ” his words stop abruptly , and I hear their footsteps and quickly shut eyes , pretending to be asleep . Tobias touched my arm , and I knew he was checking to see if I was awake and I knew they both felt the stir of the bond . His hand was cool , soothing as tingles rushed over me . ” Darius ! ” Tobias snarled , his hand moving off me , and I opened my eyes to see Darius walking toward the door . He throws the door open and walks out in his blazing fury . ” We aren’t finished talking , ” Tobias calls after him , his voice rising above the hushed whispers .

” Conversation is over . My choice is final , I hear Darius say before he is gone . ” Fuck ! ” Tobias curses before shutting the door . He turns around , his eyes meeting mine , and he sighs , he rubs his face before scratching his chin and looking back the door . ” I thought I felt you wake , ” he murmurs , moving toward the bed . ” Why is Darius angry ? ” I asked . ” Darius is just being Darius . He will come around , ” Tobias answers . ” Come around to what ? ” ” Doesn’t matter ; I will sort it , ” Tobias says , leaning over Kalen . He grips my chin , brushing his thumb across my swollen lips , his eyes flicker with hunger before he dips his head and his lips brush against mine softly . ” How do you feel ? ” he mumbles against my lips . ” Just tired , shouldn’t the shredding have lasted longer ? ” I ask and he smirks . ” Did you want it too ? If you want me to

fuck you , just asks , ” he chuckles , and my face heats . That is so not what I meant . I shake my head , and he smiles seductively , pecking my lips before standing back up . ” We figured it might be something to do with being a harmony Fae . ” Tobias says looking away from me and I got the feeling it was something else , I could feel the lie he just told which only confused me . ” You have a lot of power running through your veins ; I would say you need rest , so you don’t burn out .

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” It kind of made sense . Most Fae creatures hold one or two elements ; I held all elements plus more . Maybe I was reading to much into it . ” I have work to do , but will you be alright here ? I have a class to teach , ” he says . I nod before he wanders off toward the bathroom and gets ready .

I snuggle back down between my mates , tugging the blanket back around us , only for Lycus to kick it back off and roll into me . I sigh accepting his body heat since he would only kick the blanket off again . It was amazing how hot he ran , Darius 1 expected it yet were – fae seemed to be just as warm or maybe it wasbecause he harnessed fire .

Hours later , I woke and felt wide awake . The bed was empty , and I stretched out like a cat and yawned . It must be around midday because the sun was at its highest from what I could see out the window . Yet the room was quiet . Sitting up , I move to the bathroom and quickly use the toilet before hopping in the shower .

My body ached , yet the power in my veins made me giggle . I had never felt stronger . I rummaged through the closet when I finished showering and found some jeans . Yet none of my shirts were here , so I know Kalen must have gone to put a load of washing on because the hamper was also gone . Grabbing a button – down shirt from the hanger . I slip it on and roll the sleeves to my elbows .

I could wear it as a dress , yet I couldn’t care less what I looked like as 11 pulled my hair up in a ponytail . I checked the phone that sat on the bedside table to see what day it was and to check the time . Two days had passed without me noticing , I checked my schedule to see what class I had . Darius’s class was nearly over yet that is where I should be .

Slipping my shoes on , I headed down to the field , walking past Tobias’s open classroom door . He turned to look at me as I passed the door and heading for the last stairwell leading outside . I was near to the ground floor when his strong arms wrapped around my waist , tugging me back against him . ” And where are you off to , and in my shirt ? ” he purred , kissing down my neck . I lean back against him .

” I had no clothes , and I am going to class , ” I answered turning my head and looking up at him over my shoulder . ” You should rest . Darius won’t mind , ” Tobias mutters against my neck . His fangs slip out and graze my flesh . Heat pools in my belly , and I tilt my head to the side , offering him my neck .

He moves my hair to one side and runs his nose across my skin to the back of my ear . ” Hmm , I like it when you are willing , ” he growls before he sinks his fang into me , his tongue lapped and sucked at my skin . Lifting my hand , I run my fingers through his hair while he feeds on me .

My eyes flutter shut as he drains some of my magic before pulling his fangs from my neck . He ran his tongue over his bite mark , holding me against him while I waited for the room to stop spinning . ” You can skip Darius’s class and come to mine , ” he growls , nipping at my ear . ” Anyone would think you don’t want me near him ? ” I question . ” Maybe I want you to myself , ” he laughs in his arms . I searched while turning his face . He seemed worried about something yet never voiced it .

” What is it ? ” I ask him , but he shakes his head and smirks . ” Nothing , get to class , or I may give you detention , ” he chuckles . I raised an eyebrow at him , since when was detention a thing here , though I wouldn’t mind by the sly look on his face . ” Is that so ? ” I laugh .

” Hm , I wouldn’t mind punishing that ass while your bent over my desk , ” he purrs . Tobias squeezes my ass and groans . I push on his chest at his playfulness when one of his recruits sticks his head out the classroom door . Tobias sighs , looking over his shoulder .

” I gotta go teach , ” he says , pecking my lips and letting me go . I shake my head and turn to the doors . Stepping outside , the day was a little chilly , the sun hiding behind the clouds as I walked around trying to find the class .

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