Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 5

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 5 – ” What’s going on ? ” I asked Darins . He looks up at me , nipping at my neck , and I shudder . ” Nothing you need to worry about , ” he mumbles against my skin . My bond ignites as he grips my hips , rolling me against him . ” Something is wrong . You two have been fighting all week , ” I tell him . ” Just leave it , ” Darius says , his eyes darkening . Yet I know Lycus and Kalen were struggling with their bonds , too , with Darius sleeping in the other room , Kalen’s sleep walking was out of control . Pain wasn’t accurate enough word to describe it , with Darius in the other room it was almost like missing a limb .

They didn’t know how to function without him He was an attachment of them , and over the last couple of days , And since I haven’t marked three of them , I noticed how much they gravitate toward him , picking up on his moods , they reacted to him , and I wondered if it was because for so long he acted as their keeper . Darius growls , nipping at my neck before gripping my chin . He tilts my face down to his and kisses me , and arousal flares through to life like burning embers in a breeze setting everything ablaze..

I could feel his magic rolling over me , consuming me , and my bond reacted to it , taking over as I kissed him back with the same burning desire . Lycus steps out of the bathroom . It was so odd feeling them . I could pinpoint each one , tell who was who and if they were close and where they were at all times , completely aware of them , so I knew when he stopped behind me . I pull my lips from Darius and look up at Lycus , whose eyes are pitch black .

He smiled , dipping his head down , capturing my lips , and I felt Darius tug at the front of my towel , pulling it apart before his lips were burning my skin as he nipped and licked my nipple . I gasped as heat rushed through me , almost like he was awakening the urge to shred . Lycus pulled away , looking at me oddly , and I tried to shake the overwhelming feeling rolling through me before turning my gaze to Darius . He growls , his grip tightening , and I realize it

wasn’t the urge to shred at all but him needing magic like he was drained . Power – hungry , his lips traveled back up to my neck as he kissed and licked his way back to my lips . I kissed him back , letting him take what he needed , letting him recharge off me and my eyes fluttered shut as his tongue invaded my mouth . His kiss was domineering and hungry , tasting every inch as he pulled on my magic , I gave into him , letting him take what he craved .

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My bond wanting more , needing it so I kiss him back before nipping at his chin , and he sighs . Darius rests his head on the back of the couch .

I kiss the marks on his neck , and he shudders , his hand moving to my hair as he fists it . My mouth waters at his addictive scent before running my tongue across his skin . My bond has overtaken every sense as I pressed closer to him , letting his heat into me .

My teeth press against his seep skin , my blunt teeth breaking his flesh when he tenses , yanking my head back by my hair , pain rippled across my scalp , making me cry out . I clutch his hand in

my hair . His demonic eyes gleamed back at me while mine filled with tears . Darius stands abruptly and drops me on the couch .

He breathes heavily , and Lyeus shoves him with a growl . ” Darius , what the fuck ! ” Lycus snarls while I rub the back of my head where he had pulled my hairs from my scalp . My bond recoils , rejection smashes against me , and my face heats with embarrassment . I want to run from the room as he glares down at me . What did I do ? He was fine a few seconds ago .

Realization dawns on me . Of course , he needed power . That is all it was , he didn’t want me just what I had to offer . Power was everything to Darius .

I thought we were past all this , but clearly , I was wrong . I felt used as he powered off me only to toss me aside when I wanted more . I swallow , looking away and he storms out of the room , not even bothering to answer Lycus .

The door slams making me cringe and shame creeps into me . Why does he do that ? He does it every time I try with him , constantly pulling only for him to shove me away .

Lycus reaches for me , but I jerk my hand away when he tries to grab it before tugging my towel up covering myself . I rushed past Kalen , who moved toward me and into the closet to get changed . I shut the door , slipping some clothes on . I felt stupid , stupid for believing he was capable of being my mate . ” Aleera ? ” Kalen says , knocking on the door , I pull some clothes on quickly . Opening the door , Lycus and Kalen stood there staring at me . I push past them , heading for the door . ” Aleera ? ”

” I have to get to class , ” I tell them , not bothering to stop . I just wanted a way from them , so I went to my safe place . Funny , how I call it that . It was the worst place in the castle . The cells , yet the dark , desolate place , and the solitude allowed me to hide and regather as I sat in the old cell .

Questioning everything , wondering what was bad about me that Darius couldn’t just put the past behind us and accept me .

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