Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 6

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 6 – My humiliation diminished after a while , and I felt stupid for running from Kalen and Lycus . I could feel them searching for me , yet I didn’t want to be near anyone . I suddenly missed being on my own . I was alone but comfortable in my own misery , yet I also didn’t want that anymore either . I craved interaction , touch , power , everything I lived without for so long . I desired not to have to look over my shoulder everywhere I went . I dreamed of not having to hide from the world . I craved being able to use my magic without guilt , without fear of what would happen if I did .

I wanted for so long to be free . And now , I had a taste of that freedom . And I wasn’t sure I could box it back up and run again . Run from them and myself . Being down here , the more I contemplated the chaos . Thought about what had become of my life , and wondered how the fuck I got here .

What was the one part of my life that determined it would get to this exact point ? Where did I go so detrimentally wrong that I ended up here , at this very moment ? I couldn’t entirely blame – them . We all played a part , but somewhere along the way , just one stupid night , I gave into the bond and what I thought it offered .

My bond had made me backflip on who they really were . Blinded by the bond , forgetting what they had done .

Yet I knew they had their reasons , and I had mine . So why was Darius still punishing me for it ? For once , I let myself believe I could be with them and that it would work out . Hearing the door open , I sat up , leaning against the wall as his heavy footsteps came down the stairs . I quickly wiped my face with the hem of my shirt before glaring at him as he stepped off the last step .

” Why are you down here ? ” Darius asked . ” Why are you down here ? ” I asked , wondering if he had come to humiliate me more . ” You’re upset , ” he states because that much was obvious . A quick swipe at my face with my shirt wouldn’t hide the puffiness of my eyes , or the blotchiness from crying like an idiot over this

insufferable man . ” You toyed with my bond , and you used me . How else am I supposed to feel ? ” 1 snap at him , and he arches an eyebrow at me . He wanders over to the cell I was sitting in . ” I didn’t use you . You’re our keeper . That is what you’re born for . Not my fault you got carried away , ” he growls , leaning on the steel bars . Wow ! My eyebrows felt like they escaped into my hairline at his words . So everything was just some game to him ?

I was just something he could hold on a pedestal or knock the legs out from under whenever he pleased ? My bond panged in my chest , and I couldn’t help myself as it reached out for his , but all I got was nothing , just indifference . I couldn’t even tell if he was just forcing his bond to me back or if he generally felt nothing for me . ” Look , I didn’t mean to upset you . You have the others . You don’t need to mark me . I don’t want you to mark me , Aleera . That is why I shoved you away . Not because I didn’t want you , just I can’t have you mark me . “

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Was this fucker mentally retarded ? Did he not just hear what he said ? ” You know what you said is the same thing , right ? ” I scoff , shaking my head . ” You don’t get that sort of control over me . The others may let you , but I need to keep a straight head . And I can’t do that if I let you mark me , ” H ” A straight head ? ” I ask . ” I have this place to run . I can’t be at your beck and call any time you bat your eyelashes at me ! I have to keep you safe from what’s out there ! I can’t do that if the urges of the bond blind me ! ” he snaps .

” But it was okay for you to mark me ? ” I asked , shaking my head . ” Yes , you won’t retain power without us marking you . ” What about me marking you ? What ? Am I supposed to be a keeper when you feel like using me ?

” ” You are a keeper . You still have access to my magic , and I yours . That is all that is needed . ” ” I just won’t have access to your bond ! ” I spit at him . ” I am not some toy for you to manipulate ! Darius sneers at me .

” And I am not your fucking toy either ! So fuck off , Darius ! You don’t want me ? Fine ! Not like I haven’t lived without you before anyway , ” I tell him . ” Excuse me ? ” he says , pushing off the steel door . He takes a step toward me before grabbing my face . ” You even think of leaving , I will drag you back kicking and screaming and make you wish you never crossed me .

You hurt them , Aleera . You will regret it ! ” Darius snarled , his fingers dug painfully into my cheeks and the look on his face told me he seriously would hurt me if I tried . I glare at him before gripping his wrist and letting my magic flow .

He hisses , ripping his hand away from me before grabbing my throat and slamming me back down on the bed . His anger was suffocating as he pinned me , yet his hand was only a warning on my throat . He wasn’t hurting me , just showing me he could and how easy it would be for him if he wanted too .

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