Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 7

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 7 – ” Just remember , I gave you power , Aleera . I can always take it away . I allow you to be with us ! So take it or leave it . Our mates will listen if I tell them too . You may have the bond , but I had years of being their keeper . They are sired to me which is stronger than your incomplete bond . You are not the only keeper here . Just remember that ! ” Darius growled before letting me go . He then storms out of the basement . I glared at him as he stomped off up the steps . I should have known better . The media always portrayed him to be a monster .

And once again , he showed me they were right . Yet the stupid bond craved him . I push the intense feelings to apologize and beg at his feet for acceptance down . Instead , I let my anger over him fester . The longer I sat there , the more I hated them and myself . Well , no , not all of them . Not Kalen . I don’t think it is possible to ever hate Kalen . He was as much a victim in all this as I was . We all were in a way , but they weren’t the only ones that sacrificed everything . I tossed my entire life away to run from the very man who seemed hell bent on destroying me . When my grandmother died , and I was thrown into that school ,

I went on autopilot . Hide what I was from the world for so long , even I forgot who I was and what I was capable of . Everything that has happened , losing my parents , then my grandmother , my entire life turned upside down . It slowly broke the pieces off that I used to love .

Only then did I suddenly believe I could live without magic , slip into the human world and be happy . And at first , I was happy to let those pieces go , glad to give my magic up because it was the safest thing to do . Mum said to hide what I was , that no one could know . And I did just that , yet her words were more than words .

They became my life . And now I didn’t want to restrain myself any longer . I have been shackled for years . I didn’t fit in here with them . I didn’t fit anywhere . How could I , when I was the only one of my kind ? Never able to reveal what I am and who I used to think I would one day be before I lost everything ? I used to love magic , loved being a Harmony Fae . Until I was suddenly forced

to hide it from everyone without realizing my parents were already hiding me from the world . Dad used to say , at home I could be whatever I wanted , and I loved that . But to the rest of the world , I had to be Dark Fae and Dark Fae only . It was the same with my grandmother .

Home was a place of safety , where I was free until she was gone and I no longer had home at all . I no longer had a choice . My safe place was again gone , and I lost what that felt like . What having a home felt like . After I marked Kalen , I finally got a sense of that again . Only for Darius to rip it away this morning all over again .

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I thought we were past everything , and I was finally free to be who I actually was . It should have been a turning point , but now I wonder if it was just a ruse and Darius’s shock at what I was that made him do it . I was just some tool he could use to become stronger because that is what it felt like this morning , with the way he used me for my magic , only to toss me away like I was garbage afterward . It angered me . I wasn’t sure I could go back to hiding what I was .

I was sick of hiding , sick of being repressed ! They know what I am now . And if they think I will just wait around for them to decide if they want me , they were mistaken , I was sick of being shackled and chained by fear , by the judgement of what others would think . I realized that I had given up everything until there was nothing left of me . I spent all my energy running from them , giving them control , which is what I did .

By running from them , I ran from myself put myself in this situation . Thinking that running from them was me taking control of a problem I didn’t want to be in . I was wrong . and They held all the power , and Darius showed me that first chance he got this morning .

However , I did know that despite him hating me , he would protect me and keep me safe if I stayed because it benefited them to do so . As much as I wanted to run again , I also didn’t want to go back to that repressed version of myself . I no longer wanted to be a Dark Fae . I wanted to be able to be who I am without fear of it .

Yet even I knew how dangerous it was to be a Harmony Fae in this world . So if I left , I would be forced to suppress it all over again . Here , I was at least safe to find out what I was capable of . I don’t even fully understand what the true meaning of being a Harmony Fae was , and I suddenly wanted to find out .

And Darius wasn’t going to stop me from finding that power . The power I was born to harness . With a power that could even take the feared Demonic – Fae King down . With that thought in mind , I got up . Anger coursed through me as I opened up the portal to Tobias’s classroom .

I stepped into the room at the back , sitting behind everyone . I did miss school . I always loved learning about Fae history and loved the practical side that I always made excuses not to participate in . But now , now I had another motivator to get me to stay .

Here , I could learn freely with no repercussions because everyone here was aware of what I was . There was no need to hide it . And if that helps me get back at Darius , then so be it . He wanted to destroy me ? Play with my bond ? Toy with me ? And turn my mates against me ? Fine ! Two can play at that game . So let’s see who breaks who first.

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