Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 8

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 8 – Lycus POV

One thing I loved and also hated about the bond was feeling everyone’s emotions . I had marked her , and our bond was forged . Sure , she hadn’t marked all of us , but I knew she would feel us , so I kind of felt bad . I just stood there . However , I was shocked . Darius had finally come to accept her , and I knew he wanted to be with her . We all did . The guilt that washed through me at how we had treated her was stomach turning .

So when her feeling of embarrassment and rejection hit me , it was like Darius had rejected all of us . I just don’t understand what happened . ” What the fuck just happened ? ” I asked Kalen after I watched her leave in a rush without looking back . Darius had been in a mood for the last day or so since she had marked Kalen . He and Tobias had been constantly at each other’s throats , and the dramatics were really bothering me . But he might as well as just slapped her , teasing her bond out like that only to push her way stung even me .

Kalen makes a strangled noise as her pain rattles through us . ” I have no idea , ” Kalen says with a sigh . I watch as he runs a hand through his hair before tugging his shirt on . ” Where are you going ? ” I asked him . ” To find her , of course , ” he said , sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling his shoes on . ” Just give me a second . I’ll come with you , ” I tell him . 11 ” I don’t need a babysitter , Lycus , ” ” Ah , maybe I just want to help find her . She is my mate , too . I said nothing about babysitting you , ” ” I tell him .

” Kalen rubs his fingers over his infinity mark , trying to gauge where she is , we should be able to find her instantly with one touch , But when he rubbed his thumb over it , all we got was a cold feeling running up my arm as he brushed her name etched into his skin . My brows furrow and I look at Kalen . Kalen was the only that could hide from the bond .

He could manipulate it , which is precisely how he managed to kill himself repeatedly . Controlling auras came in handy but also a nuisance for us over the years when he would go missing because , with it , he manipulated our thoughts and emotional patterns . Keepers usually harness their mate’s magic , so it made me wonder if she was blocking us without knowing it . We searched the entire castle grounds when we suddenly got the first flicker of emotion back from her . It had moved us toward Tobias’s classroom . We spent hours looking for her , and I missed two of my classes by canceling them . Moving toward where Tobias was teaching , I stuck my head in the doorway .

Aleera sat at a desk at the back of the room , a pen in her hand , nibbling on the end as she concentrated . Tobias watched her curiously as he sat at his desk . Walking in , Kalen goes toward her while I make my way to Tobias . ” Care to explain what the fuck happened ? ” Tobias hissed in a hushed voice . ” Darius , who else ? How long has she been here for ? ” I asked him .
” About an hour . She hasn’t said a word , ” Tobias says . ” I didn’t even know she was in here until I finished casting and noticed her sitting at the back . She should be in Darius’s class , ” he says . ” She portaled ?

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” I ask , and he shrugs , glancing at her and biting his lip . I looked over at Kalen , who was whispering to her before he took her pen from her , scribbling something on the page she was working on . Her brows furrow as he explains something to her about wayward casts . ” I have a class to teach , so either sit in or get out , ” Tobias says , and I glance around to see the demons waiting for Tobias to continue . I wander to the back , pulling a chair out on her other side . I sit down in it heavily and my hand goes to her knee under the table . ” Are you okay ? ” I whisper to her . ” Never better , ” she says , watching as Tobias teaches , and I lean back in my chair and peek over at Kalen , who gives her a strange look but says nothing as he leans back .

” Did she say anything to you about where
she went ? ” I mouth to him , and he shakes his head , dropping his hand on the back of her chair and fiddling with her hair while she jotted stuff down in her notebook . ” Aleera ? ” Tobias calls to her , and her head snaps up to look at him . He waves her to come to the front of the class , and I sit up straighter , wanting to see what he would get her to do , especially since this was an advanced class ; she wasn’t even supposed to take this class .

Her bond flops giddily inside her as she moves closer to him when she suddenly stamps it down so abruptly that Tobias gives her a questioning look before he looks over at us . Turning , I looked at Kalen , who was observing her aura . Kalen tilts his head to the side and leans forward curiously , watching her . I slide into Aleera’s seat next to him .

” What is it ? ” I whispered , and I saw Tobias glance in our direction , so I knew he was listening ; I could also feel Tobias ‘ worry about why she was acting so strange , almost indifferent like nothing happened . ” She forced her bond back , ” he whispers , and I look at her , noticing how Tobias’s jaw clenched and his eyes flickered , Great , whatever is going on with her , we have Darius to thank .

Just when I thought we were getting somewhere . Now we were back to square one . Darius had some fucking answering to do . Tobias turns his attention back to her . He asks her to hold out her hand , and a devious smile plays on his lips .

She does looking up at him curiously with bright eyes , excitement filling her at using her magic . As if she was excited to use it , having been deprived for so long , to her , it felt freeing that she didn’t have to hide what she was . At least not here , well , until Darius walked into the room .

She looks over her shoulder at him , and her eyes flicker strangely , turning glassy before she swallows and turns her attention back to Tobias . Her embarrassment came back and zapped through the bond before it turns to anger .

She stamped it down , blocking us back out . Darius leaned on the doorframe with his arms folded staring at her . Everyone in the room watched him as his intimidating aura filled the room . He commanded attention without even trying , and right now , whatever was going on with him , he appeared to be angry with Aleera for ignoring his presence . But Aleera looked just as angry making me worry with the determined glint in her eyes .

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