Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 9

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 9 – Aleera POV

Tobias asked me to step forward , and I did . My bond became excited , and I stamped it down , forcing it back . I knew they felt it , but when I felt Darius’s presence moving closer , I didn’t want him to feel my reaction to my mates . H So it was no surprise when I felt him stop behind me . ” Hold your hands out , ” Tobias whispers , then his eyes dart over my shoulder . I glance back at Darius . He leans against the door frame , watching us , but I turn my attention back to Tobias and focus on the casting he was about to show me . Tobias holds his hands out above mine , and I watch the air between his hands ripple and thicken . A picture forms and my magic wants to latch on to him , and it does .

He transfers the strange sphere into my hands , and it hovers above my palms . He pokes it with his finger , and it ripples , taking the form of the rainforest . ” Why are casts dangerous ? ” he asks , looking out at the class , yet he looks back at me for the answer . Vampiric – Fae primarily did casts because my kind no longer existed or was rare . It took compulsion and could temporarily blind an opponent , yet it also took a lot of concentration to maintain . ” They are dangerous because they act as virtual reality , and people can be trapped within them until the cast holder releases them , ” I tell him , and he nods . One demon in the class raises their hand , and Tobias nods to him . ” Why are we learning this , though ? Only vampiric and Elemental can yield it , “

the demon asks , and Tobias asks . ” You think a vampiric will care if you can yield it if they are planning to use it against you ? ” he asked , and as Tobias said , the man dropped his head . It was a stupid question to ask . ” So , how does one break out of the spell of a cast ? ” Tobias asked before the sphere was suddenly wrapped around my face , blinding me to the rest of the classroom .

Forest scenery surrounded me , and I could vividly see and hear , even smell , everything . The classroom completely disappeared , and I stumbled forward . I could even hear the crickets chirping , the sound of the soft breeze , and feel it like it was real , the air thick and moist , and the ground smelled of moist soil .

Yet Toblas’s voice I could also hear faintly , his voice becoming more distant until he touched me , making me jump , thinking something fell from the trees and landed on me . My hand moves to his hand on my shoulder . ” Focus on my voice , Aleera , ” he says , yet the cast I am stuck in feels real , so I instinctively look up when birds take off out of the canopying trees above . ” You need to remember it’s a cast . Remember your true surroundings , no matter how much fear or what is going on around you . It isn’t real . You just need to focus on where you were before , paint that picture in your head , and implant it .

This will force fake reality away to bring you back to your true surroundings , ” I try , but I find myself stuck as everything becomes overwhelming . ” Where are you , Aleera ? ” Tobias asks . ” Rainforest , ” I murmured , turning when I heard leaves rustle behind me .

” Where were you before Aleera , focus ? ” his voice says , and I look for him but can’t see anything but forest . My pulse races when I see a giant tiger step out from the foliage . I stagger , taking a step back , only to trip over my feet . It charges at me , and I put my hands up to shield myself when the cast is dropped , and I find Tobias grabbing me and hauling me to my feet . Everyone in the class laughed , and Darius even chuckled at me . Embarrassment coursed through me .

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” This is why you should have been in my class instead of running hiding in an advanced defense class , ” Darius says , making me glare at him as I catch my breath . ” You did well . Ignore them . It was your first go , ” Tobias whispers , yet as I went back to my desk , everyone tried to stifle their giggles , and Darius clicked his tongue . ” Do it again , ” I snap , gritting my teeth . I hadn’t wielded magic like that before it

was banned in the schools , yet I could feel how he did it and knew I could mimic it if I could just touch it again . ” You don’t have to , ” Tobias says , his lips brushing my cheek . The demon holler and whistles at his gesture , and I glare at them . ” Do it again , ” I tell him , turning to face him . I refuse to let them think I don’t belong here or that I can’t do this .

Tobias’s eyes search my face before he síghs , looking past me to Darius . I look at him , too , and he waves arrogantly , thinking I would fail again . I could feel his amusement at my anger which only served to anger me more .

When Tobias sets the cast in my hand this time , however , my magic locks onto his , but instead of letting him manipulate it when he flicks his fingers , I grasp onto it tightly . He raises an eyebrow at me . ” Aleera ! ” he hisses , wondering what I am doing , but I hold on firmly and feel for the compulsion he was using in it before crushing and stamping it out .

His magic fizzled in my hands . I feel how it

disintegrates his cast , dying out as I destroy it . The demons laughed . ” What’s a matter , Aleera , scared , burned it out before entering it ? ” one chuckles . ” That was my intention , ” I tell the demon . He scoffs , throwing his head back . Lycus snarls at him , and he jumps when my mate stands behind him .

” Stop playing around and get either to my class where you should be or back to your seat , ” Darius snaps at me , and Tobias nudges me , but I refuse to move . ” I can do one better , ” I smirk , feeling my magic sing in my blood , morph and twist as it writhes through me , cold and chilling while also warm tingling as I blend both sides of my magic , melding them into one .

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