Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 19

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 19 –  Someone placed an alarm in my room when I left. I thought a fire alarm was going off because it scared the crap out of me when it started blaring loudly. It took me a few seconds to realize the noise was coming from beside my head on the bedside table. Looking at the screen, it read, ‘breakfast, get up. No doubt it was Darius’s doing. I couldn’t even shut the damn thing off had to wait for it to shut itself off. My ears were ringing as I pushed open the bathroom door to pee. I also wanted to have a quick shower to wake up, as it was only 6 30 AM.

The moment the door opened, I realized that someone was in the bathroom by the steam. I froze when Tobias looked over at me before turning back to the mirror while he continued to shave. “Sorry,” I tell him backing out of the room. “What?” he asked as I went to close the door. I shake my head. “Aleera,” I paused. My eyes ran the length of him. He only had a towel draped low on his waist, and I could tell he had just gotten out of the shower.

“I will be out in a minute, but if you want to shower, I would remain if I were you. The moment I step out, someone else will come in,” Tobias says, not bothering to look over at me. I nod, stepping into the room and standing by the wall furthest from him.

“Did Darius give you some shoes?” I shake my head, and he nods, tilting his head to shave under his chin. I glanced at him before doing a double-take. His entire back was covered in thick burns, making me think of what Lycus said. I opened my mouth to ask but quickly closed it. However, the movement of my lips was not missed by Tobias. He glared at me through the mirror when the door opened up, and Kalen walked in.

I couldn’t help the smile that split onto my face when I saw him walk in. He didn’t notice me at first and instead kissed Tobias’s shoulder before plucking the razor from his fingers and going to sit between the sinks next to Tobias.

“You’re up,” Kalen says, excitedly moving toward me. Tobias growls, and Kalen sighed before moving back toward Tobias. H e sits between the two sinks before grabbing Tobias by the towel and moving him between his legs. Tobias places his hands on Kalen’s thighs. It was strange seeing Tobias be pulled around by Kalen and letting Kalen pull him around. Kalen turned Tobias chin up.

“Darius give you some shoes?” Kalen asked me as he started shaving Tobias’s face. Tobias growls so I don’t answer, and Kalen grips Tobias’s chin and turns his face toward his.” Darius said he would get her some,” Kalen tells him.

Tobias’s eyes soften, and I look away like I am intruding on some moment between them. I was beginning to realize that they all treated Kalen like he was made of glass; they were gentle with him. Even Darius was protective of him.

“I’ll speak with him,” Tobias tells him, and Kalen smiles before turning his face back up and continuing to shave him.

“What classes have you got?” Tobias’s eyes went to mine in the mirror, but I had no idea what classes or where they were.

“She has a theory with me,” Tobias answers. Kalen nods like w e just had an everyday conversation.

“Why not with Lycus?”

“Lycus refused the classes with her,” Tobias answered, and I swallowed.

“I will shower later,” I tell them about to leave the room. I felt somewhat awkward when Tobias hisses as Kalen jumped off the sink basin.

“Oh shit, sorry,” Kalen says.

“Aleera, the tissues,” Kalen said just as I was walking out. I stopped looking to where he was pointing at the windowsill above the toilet in the niche. I grabbed the box and walked over to him, and Kalen had sliced Tobias’s chin. He repeatedly apologized to him, and I plucked a tissue out, handing it to him. I place the box on the basin beside him and turn around.

“Don’t leave; I don’t know when Darius will let me see you again,” Kalen whines gripping my wrist. They have all warned me away from Kalen, and my eyes went to Tobias’s in the mirror, and he rolled his eyes.

“You can stay,”

“See, Tobias isn’t so bad, just a big blood-sucking teddy bear,” Kalen laughed. Odd way to describe someone, I thought to myself. I remained where I was, but I could tell by how tense Tobias was that he didn’t want me anywhere near him and was only tolerating me because of Kalen being here. I swallowed, wanting to leave but also not wanting to upset Kalen.

I found my eyes trailing over Tobias again. My brows furrowed at the thick burns, which had me wondering if they were from the fire, but if they were, why didn’t they heal? His power would have manifested by then. They were 18 at the time of the fire, and he could have healed himself, or Darius could have healed him. Kalen happily talked away; he seemed extraordinarily bubbly and upbeat this morning.

“Did you take your medication?” Kalen’s eyes darken, and he cuts off mid-sentence and glares at Tobias.

“Have you?” Tobias asked him. Kalen didn’t answer, and Tobias sighed.

“I hate taking them,”

“Go take them, Aleera needs to get ready, or she will miss breakfast,” Tobias tells him. Kalen went to argue when Tobias leaned forward and kissed him.

“You can see her later,” Tobias says, tapping Kalen’s legs.

“I can’t once Darius gets back,”

“I will take you to see her, but only if you take your medication,” Tobias tells him, and Kalen’s brows furrow, but h e nods before hopping off the sink basin. Kalen moved toward me, and I expected Tobias to stop him, but he didn’t as Kalen suddenly grabbed me, crushing me against his warm chest. He buried his face in my neck, and I sighed, hugging him back before he let go and walked back to his room.

“You like Kalen,” Tobias stated as I went to leave the bathroom. Was I supposed to answer that? I found it hard not t o like Kalen. I think anyone would find it hard to not like Kalen.

“Kalen, he can be erratic,” Tobias says.

“You mean fragile; I have noticed how you all are with him. What sort of medication is he on?” Tobias nods and chews his lip.

“You being here will either be good for him or destroy him,” I noticed he ignored my question about his medication.

“I won’t hurt him; I couldn’t even if I wanted to,” I tell Tobias.

“Do you want to?” Tobias growls, taking a step toward me. I shake my head, taking a step back.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. I have no magic that can hurt him, but I wouldn’t even if I did,” Tobias watches me for a second.

“You wouldn’t hurt him,” he mutters and nods before looking back at the mirror again.

“But would you leave again?” Was that a trick question? As if I would stay if given the opportunity to leave. Who would want this for life? I don’t answer, knowing he could tell if I lied anyway.

“You can shower, and don’t be late for class,” he says, walking out. I quickly raced over and locked the door.

I had the quickest shower in history before chucking on some jeans and shirt that I found sitting on the end of my bed. Yet n o shoes. I curse as I rip the brush through my hair, hoping I don’t have to do anything outdoors today. When I was done, I made my way downstairs to the mess hall; walking in, the chatter stopped instantly. All eyes turned to me, and I

line, but they refused to serve me, instead making me help myself.

Filling my plate, I looked for an empty spot. The only table was next to the toilet at the back. I walked over and sat down with a sigh, eating my food and trying to ignore their gazes watching me. I was on edge, and the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Thankfully though, the bell rang, and I waited for everyone to leave before following out after them. I was hoping to follow them to class, but they all went off in different directions, which had me wandering aimlessly, trying to figure out where to go, when I ran into Lycus in one of the halls. This place was a maze.

“Why aren’t you in class?” He snapped at me.

“I don’t know where to go?”

“Did you bother to ask?” Now, why would I after Zac’s warm greeting? I shook my head, and he growled. Lycus walks over t o me and grabs my arm.

“You’re lucky Darius isn’t back yet. He would fucking lose it if he found out you ditched again,”

“I wasn’t ditching. I don’t know where to go,” I snapped at him, ripping my arm from his grip. Lycus growls, watching me for a second.

“Fine, find your class yourself,” he says, walking off.

“Can’t you show me?” I ask him, but he ignores me and keeps walking. I had no idea which part of the castle or what floor I was on, but all doors were shut when the siren went off. Men flooded the halls barging past, and few called me a traitor, making me scrunch my face up in confusion. I tried to ask a few if they knew what class I had next when I saw Zac at the end of one of the corridors. I quickly turned to race down the next flight of steps.

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