Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 27

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 27 – I hardly slept a wink of sleep throughout the night. Yet as the alarm went off it, it cut out before I could even open my eyes. Fingertips gripped my wrist, and my eyes flew open at the sharp sting of fangs piercing my skin. My heart thumped in m y chest, and Tobias growled before euphoria rushed through m e as his magic caressed over me, stifling the scream I was sure was about to tear out of me.

His blood-red cat-like eyes watched my face, his finger placed on my lips in warning, and I wondered how long he had been i n here and why he was suddenly feeding on me again. My eyelids fluttered, and I was completely frozen with fear. I was prey against the predator using me as his personal juice box. H e licked my wrist before healing it, placing it on the bed, and walked out of the room when he was done. I stared after him, but he didn’t say so much as a word to me. Instead, just left the room.

I glanced over at the clock and groaned before rushing about the room and skipping the shower. I wanted to get to the mess hall before the others so I could grab something and slip out back to my room. It seemed like the safest option, and I knew I would be skipping lunch.

Retrieving my flats, I slipped them on while pulling my hood u p over my head. I felt unsteady on my feet from the blood loss and very shaky after rushing around. I was forced to clutch the

banister on the stairs, feeling slightly lightheaded as I descended. Tobias’s actions confused me. Why would he come and feed on me when he had three mates sharing a room with him that he would provide him with blood.

My heart twinged at the thought of them, and my mind wandered to Kalen as I peeked into the mess hall. Relief washed over me when I saw I was the first one here. I rushed over to the display of food and scooped up some bacon and two pieces of toast before voices at the other end reached my ears. I would have to see if I could change the alarm to a little earlier. With my few pieces of bacon and two slices of toast, I escaped when more voices could be heard. Looking around, I glanced at the door of the cell I was kept in and groaned. Eat in peace or try to make it back up to my room without being spotted. I chose the cells.

I pushed the door open, and the cold draft made me shiver before I sat down on the second step listening to the voices slowly filling the mess hall. My stomach growled hungrily, and the loss of blood didn’t help. I was starving, and those two slices of toast and bacon didn’t even touch the sides, but I was just grateful for anything in my stomach right now.

This morning, my first class was with Tobias and at the stupid obstacle course. I shake my head at the thought. No way would I ever complete that damn course. My mind wandered to Kalen again as I wondered if he was alright. I sighed, thinking about the men the fates decided to bond me to.

Even on the run, I never felt this lonely, and this time I was surrounded by people. Not good people but still people, I spent so long on my own and thought I was lonely then, but despite being alone, it never felt this cold and unwelcoming. I reminded myself of the aftereffects of the bond and the shadows, trying not to let it get to me.

Yet the ache to go to them, beg them for just a taste of their magic was still intense. Although, at least the agony of last night was over. It made me wonder how they power shared between each other. Being the Keeper, I only had to touch them, but why did I have a feeling it wasn’t that straightforward with them.

I didn’t even think it was possible but then again, I didn’t believe any elemental Fae other than myself existed. That was one thing I pondered while I had gotten dressed. The memory of power I had witnessed Darius use left only one conclusion. Darius was a dark elemental. Demonic- elemental Fae. I had never even heard of it before, but I knew in my gut I was right. Which explained why everyone feared him. But also, Kalen’s powers were odd too. I had only met one other person that could read aura the way he did.

We all saw auras to some degree, but they were essentially manifested energy we could get a feel for. Kalen though, could see them, clearly see them and even see the essence and soul that resided in it. That was a dangerous trait for him to have because it meant if I obtained power in any way. Kalen would notice straight away. He would also realize what I am, and now he was stable. I know he would ask questions and possibly tell

2 the others.

I waited for the siren to go off and then waited some more before I heard the hallways clear of voices before I quickly raced out to join the class. I was determined not to piss them off today because I wanted to see Kalen. I needed to know if he was alright because not knowing was driving me insane.


That dreaded fucking climbing wall, I have never despised anything as much as I did that damn wall as I stood staring up at it. Once again, the men all passed me, but I was alive and still kicking. Sore and every muscle ached when the siren blows, signally the recess break.

The others already had finished the course, and I started climbing the stupid wall when arms wrapped around my waist, and I screamed and thrashed.

“Shh, it’s me, stop,” Tobias growled below my ear, his hand clamped down on my mouth to stifle the scream of fright that threatened to deafen me. I thought it was Zac. Assumed he was the one that would be ensuring I completed the course.

Tobias removed his hand from my mouth, and I glanced at him behind me before he placed me on my feet. “Go eat and get to your next class,” he says, straightening his shirt.

“I can go? But the others can’t unless they finish it?”

“I fed off you, there is no way you will complete the course, and I know you are hungry, so go before I change my mind,” H. e didn’t have to tell me twice. I hated that damn wall. Nodding my head once, I walked off toward the castle when Tobias caught up with me quickly.

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