Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 31

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 31 – I rubbed my arms against the cold night air that drifted through the castle doors as I came downstairs. It was freezing tonight, and I worried for the phoenix since he was almost completely featherless and hoped he would be warm enough for the night. Voices in the mess hall made me cringe as I approached it, but I needed to eat something; I was beginning t o feel quite shaky. I couldn’t survive off toast of a morning alone.

I kept my head low as I made my way into the line, wishing I still had my hoodie to obscure my face. The smell of the food made me ravenous, and my stomach growled hungrily. The man in front of me turned and looked down at me before snarling and looking away. Retrieving a tray and plate, I made my way down the line only whenever I stopped at one of the stations the person stationed there would close the lids, not allowing me to retrieve anything.

I rolled my eyes and went to lift the lid off of the last one, not really caring at this point what it was. Only the moment I did, the demon stationed there slammed the piping hot lid on top o fmy hand and I felt his magic make the lid vibrate as he used his magic to turn the steel red as he forged heat into it. I cried out and tried to jerk my hand free, but he growled and pressed harder. The steel lid burned my flesh, and I could feel the bubbling of my skin.

“Traitor,” He sneered at me while I held back the tears that threatened to spill. I would not let him see me cry. Gritting my teeth, I jerked my hand out, bringing the ladle with me full of what looked like stew, and tossed it as his face. He shrieked loudly but fuck him. If I had my magic, I would have scorched the bastard alive and watched him burn for the shit they keep doing to me. (This Novel Daily Latest Chapters provide it

I silently promised myself that I would get my revenge and when it came that time these men would know who they fucked with. I had no idea when that would be, today tomorrow. Years down the track. However, when I came for them, they wanna beg because I would burn this place to the ground with them trapped in it.

He clutched his eyes as the boiling hot liquid splashed on his face, and I examined my hand. Blisters bubbled on the back of my hand, and the outline from the pot melted my skin and tore my flesh away when I jerked my hand out. I turned away t o leave when someone grabbed me by the back of my neck. I screamed and tried to fight back, but he was behind me as he dragged me nearer to bubbling stew. I clutched the sides of the bench as he tried to force my face into the boiling bubble.


Those present laughed, and my hand slid into the pot, pain seared up my arm to my elbow. I hissed in pain, and I yanked i tout only for my face to press too close. The heat I could feel against my face when I threw my boiled hand back and connected with something that made him let go. A shocked collective gasp filled the room as I turned on my attacker and looked at him, clutching his manhood he had dropped to the ground. Good to know I hit somewhere painful. Though that was short-lived when I got a good look at his face.

“You’re dead bitch,” He choked out, and I looked in horror at the person I tossed the soup at. It was Deacon, one of Zac’s friends. I quickly ran from the room as I heard chairs screeching and didn’t bother looking back as I ran for the stairs. Fuck, I knew it wouldn’t end well. But what choice did I have? Once on the top floor, I knew I was safe, or as safe as I could be, in this dreadful place.

I had noticed no one other than my mates ever came up to the floor where my room was. Like it off-limits to the rest of the recruits, I was thankful for that for once. My hand and arm seared with burning pain, and I rushed to the bathroom and turned the faucet on. Placing my burnt limb under the cool liquid. My hand looked like bubble wrap; the skin was that blistered. Tears welled in my eyes, and I knew that was the last of my dinner outings. It looked like my only meal would be breakfast if I could get there early enough.

I would have to manage until I found an escape out of here, but what would I do with my phoenix? I needed to find a way t o get out of here and figured I would wait until he got better. If I carried him, it would slow me down, and if they caught me, they would surely kill him. So I needed to make sure he could fly on the off chance they did catch me. At least he could escape and be free.

When the pain subsided a little, I walked back into my room and flopped on my bed. I suppose I could try and sneak out tonight if they left my door unlocked. I could rummage through the bins for something for the phoenix to eat. He must be hungry. I knew I was, but I wasn’t at the point where I was going to start eating everyone’s leftovers, not that I hadn’t dumpster dived before. How did it get to this? My life become this nightmare? I knew logically because I called on them, but now I saw that for what it was, stupidity. But what o f Kalen. Could I really abandon him after knowing him? (This Novel Daily Latest Chapters provide it

I tried to light the stupid fire; the room was freezing, and whoever kept opening up that damn window needed a swift kick up their ass. I glared at it before going over to yank it shut, and I actually managed it this time. The window slammed with a loud thud. I cringed, hoping they didn’t come i n and think I was breaking the place up.

Turning back to the fireplace, I tried to get the coals to catch a piece of wood on fire. They could at least leave me a lighter. Seriously who uses a flint? I thought, picking it up and examining the ridiculous thing. I shook my head when the door opened, and Tobias stepped in. I jumped to my feet when I saw the hungry look on his face; his fangs protruded. And

he had me pinned against the dresser. A feral growl left his lips as he pressed his face in the crook of my neck.

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