Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 35

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 35 – “Reminds me of Darius. His is as black as coal,” Kalen chuckled. “Probably because she is full of my blood and my magic is tainting her, it should wear off in a few hours, but until then,” Darius said, coming over to me. He gripped my wrist and clamped something on it. It looked like a silver bangle, and I examined it. “Until my magic fades out of your system, you wear that,” Darius said, and I felt its effects almost instantly as he locked i tin place. It sent a shock wave of exhaustion through me like a mood tranquilizer.

“Come on, Darius, was that even necessary? She hadn’t even noticed she had magic,” Kalen growled. Fuck in my grogginess, I completely forgot though actually absorbing it from his blood in my system was a little harder than me absorbing directly from them by touch.

“Regardless, I won’t take the risk,”  “Exactly what do you expect me to do if I had magic? I have no idea where I even am,” “Open a portal and leave. That is what I expect,” I sighed if given a chance again, I would probably do that without questiRead Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 3 On Alaniniz.Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 3 On Alaniniz.on, but I had my phoenix here. Shit! My Pheonix! I sat upright, and Darius growled at me. Lycus sat silently watching us from the chair next to the fireplace.

I looked around for Tobias before my eyes landed on him sitting in the corner of the room. He must have felt my gaze on him because he lifted his head. My blood drenched his shirt, and once my gaze met his, I couldn’t pull it away, locked in a trance as the memory of the savage look on his face came back to haunt me. Tobias locked away as if he was almost regretful o f his actions. I was thankful when he did because I couldn’t bring myself to look away from him until Darius stepped in my line of vision.

“Kalen, go get her something to eat,” Darius told him and Kalen nodded getting up when I noticed I was actually in their bed. How it took so long for that to come to my mind confused me.

Kalen left and my stomach dropped when I found myself left with the three of them. I looked down at my clothes to see I was wearing only a shirt. Vague memories of being placed in the shower flooded my mind and I looked over at Lycus as I tugged the front of the shirt. I leaned down and sniffed it. Kalen scent was all over it.

“Darius dressed you,” Lycus answered the question that came t o my mind. I nodded no point crying over them seeing me naked it was already done; I was just glad I was unconscious for that experience.

However, Darius’s next words kind of shocked me, and I swallowed my tongue feeling thick in my mouth, and I wanted no part of it.

“Tobias will need to feed off you until he can control his bloodlust,” Darius said before glaring over his shoulder at Tobias on the floor in the corner, his arms over his knees and his head rested on them.


“It isn’t up for debate, and Lycus or I will be with him when he does until he can control the urge to kill you anyway,”

“Why can’t he feed off one of you?” I asked.

“He has been, but unfortunately, you are our keeper and now h e has tasted your blood, he will withdraw from it. It’s safer if h e learns to control it than going cold turkey,” Lycus said, also not looking happy about the situation. My eyes glanced over at Tobias, who was now clutching his hair, looking rather stressed out. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

Darius followed my line of vision before speaking to him. His tone scolding

“We asked you earlier if anything was up with you, and you lied,”

“I had it under control,” Tobias said.

“Well, could have fooled me. This wouldn’t have been an issue if you had told me you were struggling since trying to take the shadows from her; I could have cleansed your blood,” Darius snapped furiously.

“I thought I had control,” Tobias growled. Darius growled at him and I scooted to the edge of the bed before placing my feet on the ground.

“Where do you think you are going?” Darius said, his head whipping in my direction at my movement.

“I need to pee,” I said, pointing to the bathroom door. He nodded, and I got up; vertigo washed over me. I clutched the bedside table as I stumbled before noticing a photo. At first, I thought it was Tobias until I saw an almost identical man beside him in the picture. Was Tobias a twin?

They looked to be the same age, and I swear I had seen him before. I tried to rack my brain for where I had seen him before. My hand moved to pick it up when it was suddenly

gone and placed in the drawer. Looking up, I noticed Tobias was beside me, and he was the one that snatched it before I could touch it. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

He glared at me, and I looked away before he watched me stagger into the bathroom. An exasperated breath left me as I locked the door only to hear them lock it from their side too. I shook my head before quickly using the toilet. When I was finished, I washed my hands and twisted the doorknob’after I unlocked it, only to find it still locked. I sighed with relief.

Obviously, they decided I could remain in my room. The sound of their arguing stopped when they must have heard the door, but I turned on my heel and walked over to the one leading into my room. Just as I stepped inside, I listened to the lock click on my bedroom one leading to the hall.

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