Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 40

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 40 – Darius POV

I was on a warpath as I hunted Kalen down. Lycus jumped as I entered the bedroom, not expecting my burning anger. My eyes went to Kalen, and so did Lycus, as I pinned him with my stare. Kalen rolled his eyes, and I wasn’t sure I liked this attitude he was developing with Aleera here. My steps were purposeful as I stalked toward him, where he sat. He didn’t move, and it was clear he expected my anger at what he had done but also didn’t care for it. Lycus moved quickly as I approached Kalen, stepping into my path before reaching him, and my chest smacked against his.

Lycus growled at me, and his eyes flickered to his beast.  “Move, Lycus,” I snarled while glaring at him. Lycus however, only pressed closer. The anger coursing through him matched mine as a growl rumbled from his chest. The threatening noise was a warning not to push him too hard, or he would bite. “You won’t touch him. You can try, but I won’t allow it,” Lycus sneered as he stood chest to chest with me.

“Have I ever hurt him?” I asked, but his gaze hardened like steel before he spoke.

“No, but when it comes to her, you can be erratic, and I don’t like what I am feeling from you,” Lycus told me, and his words shocked me. Did he not trust me with our mate? I would never hurt them, not purposely, and they should trust me, at least when it came to them. His words stung and shocked me. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“Chill, Lycus. He is just upset because I gave Aleera a tablet.” Lycus’ brows scrunched together as he glanced over his shoulder at our mate.

“You what?” Well, maybe I am not the only one that could be erratic. Now Kalen was keeping secrets from Lycus. It was apparent Lycus didn’t like that either. He turned toward our mate and folded his arms across his chest, and glared at him.

“She won’t try to run,” Kalen answered confidently, not even bothering to look at Lycus, who frowned. I hated to be the one t o tell him, but Aleera would run the first chance she got. I could see it clear as day, and he was a fool for believing otherwise.

“I deleted half the software; the only people she can contact is the old chat group we created, besides the castle portal, not that she has tried to open it yet,” Kalen answered.

“And you didn’t think to tell us?” Lycus growled at him.

“You would have said no,” Kalen answered, looking over at him before he leaned forward, reaching into the coffee table drawer and pulling his phone out.

“Yes, because we don’t want you talking to her. Remember what happened last time, Kalen. It isn’t worth the risk,” Lycus said, marching over to him and snatching the phone from his hand. Kalen sighed before standing up, and Lycus unlocked his phone. Standing behind Lycus, I peered over his shoulder when Kalen snatched the phone from his grip.

“Use your own,” Kalen snapped at us. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“I don’t like this Darius, tell him,” Lycus said, turning to me. I scoffed and looked at him.

“What, now are you on my side?” I asked him. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“I didn’t know he gave her a device,” Lycus said.

“I don’t want you talking to her without us. You stepped out of line this time, Kalen,” Lycus snapped at him..

“Lines should be stepped over, Lycus, so stop being a dick. I already uploaded and logged in off all your phones. You can monitor everything if you want,” Kalen answered. Lycus muttered under his breath before pulling his phone out and unlocking it.

“I want nothing to do with this. You monitor their conversations if she tries to talk to him,” I told Lycus.

“I still don’t like this,” Lycus muttered, opening the app when it suddenly dinged.

“Who is that? I swear if you are talking to other people, Kalen/ I will put you over my damn knee,” I snapped at him, seeing a n unusual thread pop up. Lycus clicked on it. “It’s Aleera. She opened up a new account,” Kalen sighed, and I eyed him. I know he was hoping she would open up her old one and realize it was him she spoke to for all those years.

“So this over your knee thing is still a possibility?” Kalen taunted with a devious smile on his lips. Lycus raised his eyes t o him with a smirk on his face. I clicked my tongue before moving toward Kalen, where he sat on the chair. I leaned over the back of it, and he looked up at me and smiled; his hand reached out for me.

“Maybe later,” I told him before pressing my lips to his. He gripped the back of my neck and ran his tongue across my lips. I growled at him, my cock twitching to life, making me want t o bend him over and fuck his tight ass. My groan made him smile against my lips, and I kissed him deeper, my tongue invading his mouth. All too quickly, I pulled away before I got carried away and made good on my desire to fuck him senseless. Kalen pouted, and I pecked his lips.

“Behave, I love you,” I told him, and he sighed as I stood up. Lycus watched us before adjusting the crotch of his pants, clearly turned on at watching us.

“Monitor them,” I told him, and he nodded as I approached him. “I still don’t like it,” Lycus said, looking over my shoulder at our mate. “I know, but I have to get to class,” I told him, kissing the side of his mouth.

“Watch him,” (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“Always,” Lycus mumbled against my lips before I walked out to give hell to my morning class. And it would be hell because I was in a mood, and Aleera would want to behave because I was bound to snap at some point.

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