Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 42

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 42 – Lycus and Kalen stayed for a while, and whatever Lycus was angry about, even bothered Kalen as he repeatedly asked what was wrong. Lycus only growled before eventually storming out, saying he had to take care of something.It was now dark, and I wondered how long they would let Kalen stay. What I was most surprised about was the fact Lycus had left me alone with him. That never happened; Kalen was always chaperoned around me, but whatever pissed him off must have made him forget that I wasn’t alone with him.

“I wonder how long until he realizes?” Kalen murmured, and I looked at him. “Realizes what?” “That he left me alone with you, Darius will be furious,” Kalen answers, and I nod, hoping I won’t cop the brunt of that fury. With a sigh, I stood up, and Kalen looked at me. “Where are you going?” “To shower, and you should go before we both get in trouble,” I told him, and he nodded and stood. “It will get easier,” Kalen says, and I look back at him.

“It’s only because they don’t trust you,” Kalen answers. “And they’re too stubborn to see their own flaws,” he added. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“What’s done is done; it changes nothing. He still killed my parents. No matter what he believed or his intentions, it would have ended up this way,” I told Kalen and instantly regretted i t when his face fell.

“Would you have run if you knew me before?” he asked, and m y brows furrowed at his words as I thought them over.

“No, I would have asked you to run with me,” I told him. “But I also know you wouldn’t leave Lycus,” he nodded and went to say something before stopping himself. I walked into the bathroom and stripped my clothes off when he said nothing. M y shirt stunk from sweat, and goosebumps rose on my arms as I waited for the water temperature to go up.

The cramping had gone now that I had eaten, and I was feeling a little better.

Halfway through my shower, when I was washing my hair out, I felt a draft and near jumped out of my skin when I felt someone bump into my back. A shriek left my lips as I spun, trying to cover myself. Kalen chuckled while I backed away from him, looking nervously at the door leading into his room. When I saw it was shut, I let out a breath.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said while stepping closer. His eyes dropped to my breasts I had covered with my arm.

“Kalen,” I squeaked, feeling rather exposed. I liked Kalen, but that didn’t mean I wanted him to invade my shower. My face heated, and he smirked before dipping his face under the shower spray, and I moved closer to the wall. He reached for the soap before washing his face, and my eyes trailed down his bronze-colored skin. He was muscular but not as bulky as the others. My face heated when I followed his V-line and pressed my lips in a line, and tried not to giggle, not because he was small, but because I had never seen one up close or had seen one to compare size.

I knew it was stupid, yet I snorted, and he rubbed a hand down his face before looking at me. “Something funny?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at me.

He raised his eyebrows at me, and I giggled like an idiot. “I don’t know if it is a good thing you are laughing or if I should feel insulted,” he sniggers. I tried to stop, yet they were so strange-looking and veiny. Like I wasn’t a total idiot. I had seen sex scenes on TV before, but never in person, and so close I could touch it, not that I would.

“Geez, anyone would think you had never seen one before,”h e laughed, and my giggling cut off abruptly. Oh my God, how embarrassing. Here I am giggling like some schoolgirl because I was 24 and had never seen a dick before. Kalen stopped laughing and stared at me.

“Wait, please tell me you have?” I shake my head, and his eyes widen before he suddenly covers himself with his hand. “Well, this got awkward fast,” he said, looking away.

“Have you really never seen a dick before?” he asked.

“The girls had separate bathrooms,” I told him. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“But you’re 24,” I shrug.

“Wait, are you a virgin?” I could feel my blush all the way from my head to my toes. I was never embarrassed about my virginity, but how he said it made me feel inexperienced and naive. Well, technically, that would make me inexperienced, but it still didn’t stop my embarrassment. I moved from one foot to the other awkwardly while he stared at me.

“Can you not stare?” My voice is barely audible.

“Sorry, I am just in shock. The others are convinced you ran off with some man.”

“I told you I didn’t,” he nods, and I realize none of them believed me, even after Tobias confirmed I wasn’t lying as if I could somehow get away with it. He went to say something when the door suddenly burst open, and a frantic Lycus and Darius walked in. I shrieked, ripping Kalen toward me, using him as a shield in front of me. Could this get any more embarrassing? I heard their collective sigh of relief.

“Everything alright?” Kalen asked. Neither of them said anything for a few seconds. And I was too embarrassed to peak around to see their faces. One of them cleared their throat, and I heard a growl.

“You weren’t in the room,” I heard Darius say.

“Yeah, because I was in the shower,” Kalen said.

“I can see that,” Darius said, and Lycus growled.

“Just showering, nothing else going on Lycus, no need to be jealous,” Kalen snapped at him, which only made him growl louder before he stormed out.

“Come on, out. You know better,”

“Fuck, why are you being a dick and acting like I am cheating? She is our mate too,” Kalen snapped, and I looked up at his shoulders, and they tensed.

“You know why, now out,” Darius snapped.

“Well, at least leave so she can put a towel on,”

“I have already seen her naked, and I wasn’t impressed,” he retorted, and I could hear the anger in his voice. My face heated embarrassed, and I know his words shouldn’t have hurt, but they still stung. It was one thing hearing the whispers in school about my burns, but another when you repulsed your own mates. Kalen snarled, and the air chilled significantly, making goosebumps rise on my arms, and the tension in the room rose significantly.


“Either you’re blind or jealous because I have seen how every man watches her, including you. Do you think I haven’t

invaded your dreams, Darius? Because they say a lot about how you feel about her,” Kalen snapped at him. Darius growled at him while I chewed my lipwanting to escape the situation.

“Out now,” Darius snapped at him. (This Novel daily new chapters provide it

“Should we pretend you don’t sneak into her room and watch her while she sleeps?” Kalen said, and I gasped at his words.

“Kalen, one more word, and I will put her in the fucking cells,” Darius snarled before punching the tiled wall.

“And I said get out,” Kalen snapped, and I touched his side. He looked down at me, and I shook my head. He was playing with fire, and the only one that would get burned was me. I knew better. It was sweet he was defending me or whatever he was doing, but it was only going to make things worse for me.

“No, I am sick of him being a prick,” Kalen said, and he turned back to Darius. The shower screen opened, and tears burned m y eyes, and I knew Darius was about to rip him out.

I didn’t want them to fight, and I certainly didn’t want to get caught up in it. So I bit down on my shame and pushed past Kalen and Darius and grabbed my towel. I didn’t bother looking at either of them, just walked back to my room so I could die of shame without their watching eyes.

I quickly got dressed and heard them arguing, and for once, I locked my own doors, not wanting to be near any of them.

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